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Search for ancestors and locate your family surnames in some of the best and largest free genealogy databases online.  Start with the Genealogy Search Engines and Contents menu which is found on each page so you can't get lost.  Or browse the free genealogy resources found throughout this page.
U.S. Genealogy Searches for each state  will search vast amounts of genealogy data on the worldwide web just by entering a surname, revealing many types of records and genealogy data from various genealogy databases and other genealogical resources.  UNIQUE TO OUR SITE

Obituary Search Portal

Surname Search Portal

One of our unique pages is Genealogical Prison Records, where you just might find a black sheep ancestor in your family or you can search for current prison inmates, current county jail inmates & current arrest reports.  On the other side of the law, you may browse Past Sheriffs of the US, Police Officers of the Past, and the Fallen Officers Memorial Page

US State Vital Records search pages have been completed.  These will help you locate both current and historical vital records in the United States.

Find Family Bible Records

One popular section of the site is our Bible Records Transcriptions and Images.  These Family Bibles are completely indexed by surname and there over 500 pages of transcriptions and scanned images which we are adding to on a regular basis.  Find a trusted joker123 agent at register to get the joker123 user id. Bible records are a great primary source for genealogy research and you will find many different surnames listed in many of these Bibles which include old photos, obituaries and other artifacts. 

Also see: Cherokee County, Alabama Bible Records


NEW Bible Records, Transcriptions, & Images we have added to genea1ogy:

Blackburn, Brown, Brown / Carter, Buffington, Burnett, Cannon, Carpenter, Chalfant, Chambers, Clark, Clement, Cooper, Cope, Daniel, Davis, Deeter, Edge, Dillard, Franklin, Gardner, Garrett, Glover, Graves, Greenlaw, Hammond, Hanks, Harbour, Holmes, Honeywell, Hopper, Johnson / Mansker, Jones, Kellogg, King, Loposa, Lawrence, Lowerre, Mack, Mansker / Johnson, Mathis, Minor, Mitchell, Morrison, Mowery, Neely, Norton, Norton, Ottstadt, Park, Peck, Pine, Reeves, Reid, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, Rollins, Ross, Roten, Sawyer, Scott, Smelser, Smith (Daniel), Smith (James E.), Stewart, Stout, Thompson, Warren, Ward, Westhoven, Whalen, Calvin Williams, Williams, Womack, Wood, Zimmerman


For all surnames found in our Bible records

SEE:  Bible Records Master Index    Surnames A-B, C-E, F-H, I-L, M-P, Q-V, W-Y

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Our Free Genealogy Search Engines by State

U.S. Genealogy Search              US Vital Records Search

Free Genealogy Searches and Directories
*  Family Finder Search

Search 1 billion names in genealogy data sets and databases including the 1900 census.  This free genealogy search can reveal an enormous amount of resources to check in your research.

* Phone Directories

Free search of nation-wide telephone books Search for your surnames to locate new & lost relatives who may have that vital piece of genealogy data to help you get past your brick wall.

* Genforum Surname Message Boards

Read genealogy queries and share information with others!

*  Ancestry World Tree

Search over 400 million names free!  Be sure to try the advanced search engines for your search terms to get more valid results for your surnames.  There is a plethora of genealogy data in these user submitted family trees and it is easy to make connections with others who are researching your family.

* 472,837 Marriage Records at RootsWeb!

Free search of a vast repository of early marriages.

* RootsWeb

The papa of all FREE genealogy sites.  Search the databases at RootsWeb to find oodles of free genealogy records stored on their site.

* Genealogy at The National Archives (NARA

Learn what the National Archives has to offer and how to access their genealogical records.

* Surname Helper

Free genealogy search engine which searches assorted genealogy pages.  Indexed by surname.

* Census Finder - Free Census Records Online

A growing directory of over 29,000 links to free census records online for the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.  Includes links to obscure records such as Indian censuses, city directories and early tax lists.

* Surname Community

Join relatives around the world in this free genealogy community who are sharing information and learning about their ancestors.

*  RootsWeb Surname List Database

The RSL, a free mega genealogy search engine for surnames & researchers.

* Social Security Death Index

Includes tips on searching & using this huge database of U.S. death records.

* Genealogy Search at EBAY!

Browse Old Family Bibles - Search for old Bibles being auctioned.  You might be surprised at how many old family Bibles end up here.

Browse Genealogy at EBAY - Search for genealogy books, publications and materials being auctioned.

* Peoplesmart People Search

This Instant People Search allows you to search many different types of records and gives you some great information free, however it is fee based if you want to obtain all of the information.  It can be a helpful tool in obtaining death records, marriage records, divorce records, addresses of people, background checks and criminal records checks.


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