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Jumpstart your genealogy research with these Alaska genealogy search engines.  All are free to search and will help you find ancestors and locate other genealogists who are researching your family tree or surnames, allowing you to share your genealogy data.  Study results closely as it takes a master detective to be accomplished at genealogy sleuthing. 


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Search the Alaska RootsWeb Surname List

This database contains over 1 million surnames submitted by genealogists from all over the world.  We have set the location for Alaska but it can be changed to search other states.  More about the RSL

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Search Alaska Cemetery Records Database

Database contains over 800,000 user contributed cemetery records.

Cemetery Records Database

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Other Sites for Cemetery Records

Alaska Cemeteries at

Find A Grave

Search Alaska Message Boards

This is a great tool to help you locate others researching your surnames and sometimes even the same family branch or ancestor!  View and post queries on the Alaska genealogy message boards and you just might find a gold mine of new genealogy information and maybe even a new cousin or two.

Alaska Genealogy Message Boards at Ancestry

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Alaska - Family History & Genealogy Message Boards

Other Message Boards and Surname Searches

Alaska Genealogy Forum

Surname Community Search

Search 400 Million Names at World Tree

Search Names in Family Trees at WorldConnect

Search USGenWeb Alaska Archives Project

Search through thousands of genealogy records which include Bible records, biographies, cemeteries, census data, church records, court records, deeds, histories & history books, newspapers, obituaries, photographs, early maps, vital records, will books and other genealogical information which have been stored on RootsWeb.

The USGenWeb Alaska Archives Project

          Go to the Alaska Archives Search Page

               File Submission Guidelines

               Record Submission Forms


Search the Alaska American Local History Network

This site contains various small databases of early census records, marriage records and some other Alaska genealogy records.

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