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Cherokee County, Alabama Bible Records

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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Bass, Berry, Cobb, Creel, Crutchfield, Edie, Garrett, Gregory, Higdon, Lucas, Mallory, Mayfield, McDaniel, Perry, Pumphrey, Shuttlesworth, Terry, Thomas, White, Wiles

GARRETT / WILES               *GARRETT Family Name Search

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Cyril Leonard GARRETT - Feb 16, 1896.

Mary Wiles - Oct 5 1904.

William WILES Feb 5th 1911.

Henry GARRETT - Nov 8th 19??.

Fanny WILES  - May 1918.

Elizabeth Ann WILES - June 22 1918.


Cyril Leonard GARRETT


There is also a family record page for Children's Names and a page for Marriages.  The photos provided were too small to make out except for first child's name listed above.  Purchaser of this Bible used Ebay ID - catmeow12.


McDANIEL / MAYFIELD      *McDANIEL Family Name Search

1832 Family  Bible                *Mayfield Family Name Search


Berryman McDANIEL was maried the 18th day of October 1817 to Sara his wife.

Louisah was maried the 28th day of August 1834 (to Nathan PUMPHREY in AL).

Jordan McDANIEL was maried the 21st day of June 1840 (to Mary SHUTTLESWORTH in AL).

Maryan McDANIEL was maried the 9th day of December 1841 (to Napolean MALLORY).

David McDANIEL was maried the 20h day of November 1844 (to Tabitha MAYFIELD in AR).

Spencer McDANIEL was maried the 30th day of January 1845 (to Sarah COBB).

Benjamin McDANIEL was marred the 20th Day of August 1848 (to Nancy TERRY, daughter of his stepmother).

Sarah Elizabeth was maried the -- day of December 1848 (to Medicus BASS).

Susan Jane was maried the -- dayof December 1850 (to Elbert LUCAS).

Fransis was maried the 10 day of December 1853 (to Daniel GREGORY).

Anjaline Ma was bornd the 10th day of September 1854 (daughter of Fransis).

E. (lisha) B. and Sarah Ann (CREEL) MAYFIELD was married the 18th June 1846.


A.(ndrew) J. McDANIEL and S,(arah) B. (PERRY) McDANIEL was married the 5th December 1880.

M.(athew) R. CRUTCHFIELD and G.(erisha) J. E. McDANIEL was married 5th day May 1881.

Crry (Carry) Loo McDANIEL was bornd the 24th day of Oct 1881 (Andrew's child).

Jesey (Jesse) Wood McDANIEL was borned Oct the 15th 1883 (Andrew's child & my Grandfather).

E.(lisha) B.(ennett) MAYFIELD was born De.the 4th 1820.
Sarah Ann (Creel) MAYFIELD was born the 23rd Feb 1828.
William Archibald MAYFIELD son of E.B. and Sarah A. MAYFIELD was born the 17th May 1847.

(Jerusha's children below)
Luvicy V.(irginia) CRUTCHFIELD was borned Dc 8, 1883.
Tabitha Elender CRUTCHFIELD was bornd 2day Dc 1885.

Thomas David CRUCHFIELD was born February th15, 1887.
Mary Elizabeth CRUTCHFIELD was bornd October 1th 1887.
Samuel Ritchson CRUTCHFIELD was bornd September 19th 1890.

Berryman Mcdaniel was born the 16th day of December 1788.
Sarah McDANIEL was born the 30 day of June 1797.
Louisar was born the 28th day of October 1818.
Jourdan McDANIEL was born the 18th day of January 1820.
Spencer McDANIEL was born the 4th day of May 1821.
David McDANIEL was born the 22th day of February 1823.
Melvina McDANIEL was born the 2nd day of February 1825.
Sary E. McDANIEL was bornd the 12 day of February 1829.
Benjamin McDANIEL was born the 21th day of April 1831.
Susan J. W. McDiel was born the 29th day of November 1833.
Martha A. McDanel was born the 8th day of February 1837.
Francis (girl) McDANIEL was born the 24th day of September 1839.
Beryman McDANIEL yong son was bornd the 4 day of February 1842.

(children of Jerusha below)
Levica Virginia CRUTCHFIELD was born December 8th 1883.
Infant son of M.R. and J.J. Eveline CRUTCHFIELD June 10th age still(born?).
M.(athew) R. CRUTCHFIELD was bornd Oct 7, 1857.


Submitted by Mildred Lowrie.  

See her site at: The McDaniel Descendants of Berryman McDaniel


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Union, Saline, Arkansas, Page 329A

Benjamin McDANIEAL, widower, age 50, born AL, farmer, father born VA, mother born KY.

Robbert J. MCDANIEAL, son, age 15, born AR, work on farm, father born AL, mother born AR.

John B. McDANIEAL, son, age 5, born AR, father born AL, mother born AR.

James WILLIAMS, s-i-l, age 20, born GA, work on farm, father born NC, mother born GA.

Sophronia J. WILLIAMS, dau, age 19, born AR, father born AL, mother born AR.


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THOMAS                           *THOMAS Family Name Search

1859 Family Bible           *THOMAS Surname Genealogy Forum


See the actual images from this Bible!



~Daniel THOMAS and Lenora M. A. T. EDIE~

~at St. Ann's Church, Richmond~

~1st July 1861~


Daniel THOMAS., 26th November 1835 at Melbourne, C. E.

Lenora M. A. T. EDIES, 15th July 1844 at Eaton, C. E.

Charles Napier THOMAS 13th April 1862 at Melbourne, C. E.

Baptised at Richmond C. E. by Revd. M. Balfour 6th July 1862.

Francis Hagen THOMAS 24th April 1864 at Sherbrooke C. E.

Baptised at Sherbrooke by Revd. C. P. REID Aug 1864.

George Wood THOMAS 25TH April 1866 at Sherbrooke C. E.

Baptised at Sherbrooke by Revd. C. P. REID June 1866.

Laura Lenora THOMAS 20th Aug 1877 at Sherbrooke P. G. 

Baptised at Sherbrooke by Revd. C. P. REID Nov. 1877.


This Bible found in Comox, British Columbia, Canada.  Ebay seller has Ebay ID of samidavidson.


1881 Census records show:

North Ward, Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

District 55, Sub-district A, page 22, household 107.

Danile THOMAS, age 44, born Quebec, Notary.

Nora THOMAS, age 35, born Quebec.

Charles N. THOMAS, age 19, born Quebec, Police.

Francis H. THOMAS, age 17, born Quebec.

Nora THOMAS, age 3, born Quebec.


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WHITE                           *WHITE Family Name Search

1857 Family Bible       *WHITE Surname Genealogy Forum



E. P. WHITE and ?. C. HIGDON married Sept 1836.

E. P. WHITE and Susanah BERRY married June 1845.


John Joe WHITE born 1840.

Martha Ann WHITE born Oct 1842.

Thomas Lakel WHITE born Aug 1845.

Elizabeth Jane WHITE born May 1847.

Winfieto Scot WHITE born Oct 1848.

Sarah Louisa WHITE born June 1850.

William Fillmore WHITE born Dec 1857.

James Green WHITE born Jan 1854.

Gideon Jackson WHITE born Nov 1855.

Nancy Clementana WHITE born Dec 1857.

Mary Caroline WHITE born Oct 1859.

Delila Adaline WHITE born Dec 1867.

Susan Hannah WHITE born Feb 1864.

Columbus WHITE born Aug 1865.

Charley Green WHITE born Nov 1873.

Ezikiel P. WHITE born April 1817.

Nancy C. WHITE born Sept 1817.

Susanah WHITE born April 1825.

Mame Elizabeth WHITE born Dec 1887.

Phelma Bernice WHITE born Jan 1897.

Floyd WHITE born Sept 17, no year.

Ivy Francis born 1901.


Nancy WHITE died at 2 years of age.

E. P. WHITE died at 51 years of age.

S. H. BARRYMORE died at age 30.

Sarah WHITE died at 89 years of age.


This Bible found in an estate sale a few years ago in Morrison, Colorado.  Seller used Ebay ID of sdcashin.


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