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Family Bible Find-a-Home

Helping you find old lost family Bibles.

We will be posting old Family Bibles that are lost here.  If you have an old Family Bible and would like to see it returned to it's family, let us know and we will post it here.  This is a new free offering from Ancestor Hunt.  The only thing we ask in return is to be allowed to place scanned images of the family records contained in the Bibles online for the benefit of all genealogists.   We want to see these Bibles get into the hands of the descendants of the families.  Keep in mind, this is not a place to sell Bibles.  We have already been instrumental in finding the families of several Family Bibles.... this is quite satisfying and hope to help more.

If you have one to list or see a Bible that belongs to you: Contact Brenda
Butler Sometime around 1990 (give or take a few years) a family Bible belonging to my Mother in Law was left in a house in Arlington Heights, IL, on W. Sigwalt Street. After her death and then my sister in law's death, the house has changed owners a few times and is no longer there, but I find it hard to believe that a Bible would've been thrown in the trash so I'm hoping someone will turn it in.

The JEHUA BUTLER family births, all in Brookville, IN, were recorded along with some marriages. The marriages included MARTHA MAE BUTLER marrying (1897) JOHN C SHAW and their son, SHARON J SHAW marrying (1932) KATHRYNE KAISER (my mother in law). There were also many clippings as well as a small photo album. I would be so grateful to find this Bible and have the info made public.

Thank you,
Ruth Shaw

E-mail: ruth410s"at"

To email Ruth, replace the "at" with @ in the above email address.

Constant / Lavely Bible William Lavely & Lavinia Constant family of Sangamon, Illinois.

See the Constant / Lavely Bible records transcription for more details.

Bible is in possession of Teri Roberts.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Dillard Bible Frank Halton Dillard family of Texas and Potter County, Arkansas.

See the Bible records transcription for more details.

Bible is in possession of Rita Arnold.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Homan Bible Jacob Homman family of Indiana.  See the Bible records transcription for more details.

Bible is in possession of John Homman.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Latimer Bible Surnames: Cowell, Dugan, Finn, Moor, White.  Found 1984 in an alley in San Diego, California. 

1880 census records show them in Cleveland, Ohio.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Lowe Bible

NOTE: This Bible has been reunited with it's family!  See the transcription of the Lowe Bible records submitted by Ed McClelland.

I have in my possession a very old Bible & would like to find the family. The family name is Lowe. Earliest recorded date in the Bible is Washington Lowe, born Feb.4th 1805/married to Rosanna Williams, born July 31st 1804. Both died in Tennessee. The last known family member to me was Sudie B. Rose who died many years ago in Houston, Texas. She was an ancestor of the Lowe family & lived in Houston although I believe the family was from Tennessee.
Nicholson / Gibbs Bible Bible was found in a stockroom at J.C. Penny in the Castleton Mall, Indianapolis, IN.  It had probably been there since the summer of 2005.  The Bible is in the hands of Lorraine Doty at The Graveyard Guardians, Inc. 

Surnames: Gibbs, Nicholson, Sullivan, Whitehouse.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Mayo Bible This old Bible was found in the home of my Grandmother
after her death. I do not know anything further about
it, except I would like for it to be put in the hands
of the appropriate family member.  Surnames: Mayo, Byers, Smith, Wilson.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

McBride I have a bible that was among several boxes of books my husband retrieved from a recycling dumpster in Lizton, Indiana. The cover has the owner's name, Alexander Charles McBride, and the inscription inside reads, " Presented to Alexander Charles McBride by A.C. McBride ("Grand Pa"), Dec. 25, 1943."

There also were two photographs of an older couple inside.

I hope to be able to return this bible to the family. The many books pulled from the dumpster lead me to believe that a family member discarded the owner's book collection after his death.
Contact Susan Daniel

E-mail: sued820"at"

To e-mail Susan, replace the "at" with @ in the above e-mail addy.

Niles / Ferris I have an old family Bible that I would like to see reunited with the family it belongs to. It lists a marriage of Luther Niles to Miss Chloe Gray on March 5, 1818. Some Niles births are listed from the late 1700's into the late 1800's.The writing is very faded, but it looks like the other names in it are from a Ferris family. Dates are from the early to mid 1800's. Let me know if you can connect up with anyone on this. My name is Donnette Salczenko, and I live in Florence, Wisconsin.

My email is: donnette"at" if you need to contact me.

To send email to donnette, replace the "at" with @.

Pickles, Stevenson, Greer An Oklahoma genealogist contacted us with a found Bible that she wishes to return to the family. It was found in an abandoned house here in Oklahoma, but most of the information is about families in or near Pittsburgh, PA. The Bible is large, about 6 inches thick and also has some obituary clippings tucked inside. The family names are Pickles, Stevenson and Greer. The oldest person listed is Harrison Pickles b. 5 June 1850 d. 1911. A quick census search finds him and wife Melissa Jane in the 1880 US Census of Beaver County, PA. Also found him in other census through 1910. Bible names his four children with birth/death info. Bible appears to have belonged to his daughter Clara Emma Pickles Stevenson.

Billie Fogarty, President
Oklahoma Genealogical Society

Contact Brenda if this family Bible belongs to you.

Roberson / Robinson / West I have the family bible of Elisha Wright Roberson/Robinson and his wife Margaret (Maggie) Jane West of Lenoir Co., NC. Their children were: Laler (Lala) Roberson, Nellie Roberson, Mary Isabelle, Liddy Novella, Della Mariah, Richard, Rendel, and Wesley Roberson. I can be reached at mi.tony1"at" . I would like to find a descendant who wants the bible and a small box of family photos taken from the home of Laler Roberson Bunch upon her death for safe keeping.

To e-mail Tony, replace the "at" with @ in the above e-mail address.

Rothwell Bible I have a Bible that is so old it is falling apart and I have to keep it in a freezer bag. It is "The Inspirational Bible"
The only writing in it is the Presented to: Lillian Rothwell - November 2-1944 - by someone who's name I cannot make out, it looks like Ottis but I cannot say that is definite. I do not want any money from the family, just the fact in knowing that it is back where it belongs, all I would ask is that they pay for the shipping. I bought this from a family yard sale after a death on
8-22-1998, I know this for a fact because I wrote it on the bag I keep the Bible in.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Sears / Newell Bible Twenty years ago, while in Natchitoches, Louisiana, My husband and I purchased a Holman's Edition Catholic Family Bible. It has the inscription from mother, dating back to 1883. Contained inside the Bible are family pictures and a marriage license, any assistance or suggestions you could give us in locating their family would be greatly appreciated.

Marriage License:
Chauncey H. Sears wed Georgia T. Newell, in Fall River, Mass. On June 14, 1883, signed William T. Worth, Providence, R.I.

I have numerous pictures, the only one with a name on it is Clara Mar Sears age 5yr.5mon

Nancy Menhennett

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Shade Bible
I found a old Bible in our shed we have had since my father past away.
I do not think it has any thing to do with our family for my dad was one
who brought stuff from auctions and kept, I believe this Bible is where
it came from.
I am sending the records I found in the Bible which I put back in the same
pages they were found. There was also some dried flowers and may have
been more but never went though all pages.
It would be interesting if someone in that family would claim it.
Please let me know. Thank You
Beverly Miller, California

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.

Shell / Richtmeyer / Bellinger / Enders Bible I have come across an old german bible published in 1813. on the very back page there a list of family birth dates and dates of death. The surnames are:  shell, richtmeyer, bellinger, enders. This buble has been in my failys possession for 25+ years, and I feel it should be returned to itís rightful owner , whoever that maybe.
The Bible is in the hands of Cathy Tichow.

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.


Warden / Chapman Bible I have access to a Warden/Chapman family Bible that the owner wants to give to a family member for postage. Believed to have belonged to a Ernest and Pearl Chapman from Bedford Ohio. Listed below are some of the entries written in the Bible.
Births: all Chapmans: Willie 1877, Ernest 1882, Ella, Delia, Amy, Bert, Hattie. Worden births: Floyd Leslie 1878, Mildren Ethel 1904, Leland 1906, Myrtes Catherine 1908.
Hattie E. Chapman to Floyd L. Worden
Willie Judson Chapman to Hellen Larbordiere
Ella May Chapman to Charles Barnes
Myrtes Catherine Worden to George Ambeau

There are also deaths listed. ALL listings entered in the Bible have exact dates!

If family descendant, please contact
Bedford Historical Society/Museum
P.O. Box 46282
Bedford, Ohio 44146
440-232-0796 contact: Janet Caldwell
or email me under the title "WORDEN/CHAPMAN FAMILY BIBLE"
Contact Helen:


Wright Family Bible Surnames: Wright, Collier, Morris.  Family lived in Binghamton, NY. 

Contact Brenda if this belongs to you.


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