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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Atkinson, Bellington, Bigford, Bloom, Blum, Briggs, Brown, Chamberlain, Evans, Franklin, Green, Graybill, Harman, Harper, Hornberger, Hutchinson, Kennedy, Luch, Maltby, McCarthy, Moore, Moyer, Murphy, Rosensteel, Russell, Smith, Snyder, Souls, Thomas, Turley, WalkerWestwood, Wilson, Wright, Yarnell

1834 Family Bible

Inside the front of the Bible: 

Samantha WESTWOOD died November 1?, 1844.

Jane THOMAS died May 20th, 1865, aged 61.

Eliza HARPER died Feb. 4th, 1887, aged 74.

ATKINSON / YARNELL      *Atkinson Family Name Search

Family Bible                          *Yarnell Family Name Search

W. H. ATKINSON and Alice A. YARNELL were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at M. Holly Burlington, NJ. on the Fourth day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Six conformably in the Ordinance of God, and Laws of the State.

Footnotes:  Seller states "there are 3 filled pages of  CHAMBERLAIN / YARNELL that travel through Monmouth, Burlington Counties in NJ and to Boston, Rhode Island, Germantown and back to NJ.  Also included were two tintype photos of men.  Other names connected with this family are: BROWN, HUTCHINSON & EVANS.

BIGFORD Family Bible     *Bigford Family Name Search

In front of Bible handwritten in brown ink:

Millard F. BIGFORD from Monroe County, NY.

One page reads:


Henry BIGFORD to Phebe K. SMITH married Feb. 18, 1846 by Rev. S. A. BELLINGTON

Millard BIGFORD to Anna KEANE July 5, 1870 by Rev. D. ?????.


Ida BIGFORD died Mar. 29, 1856 or 1850.

One page reads: 

Henry BIGFORD born Aug 18, 1821.

Phebe R. BIGFORD born Dec. 22, 1826.

Millard F. BIGFORD born June 1, 1849.

Homer BIGFORD born April 2, 1851.

Mary R. BIGFORD born Sep. 6, 1852.

Ida BIGFORD born July 12, 1856.

Adell BIGFORD born Aug. 18, 1857

Alice BIGFORD born Oct 25, 1858.

Viola BIGFORD born Apr. 28, 1860

(more entries on this page but can't make them out.)

One page reads simply names: 



Millard F. BIGFORD







Footnotes:  Bible was printed in 1860.  Millard and Anna BIGFORD are on the 1880 census for Shelby, Orleans Co, NY.  Henry and Phebe BIGFORD are on the 1880 census for Wheatland, Monroe Co, NY.

BRIGGS Family Bible     *Briggs Family Name Search


1831 Family Bible contains 1 1/2 pages of records of the Briggs family.  


Anna daughter of Benaron and Adelia, died Jan 23 1860, age 2 years, 3 months and 1 day.


Benaron Briggs, son of Noah and Elisabeth Briggs, born January 19th 1819.

Footnotes:  Seller says there are about 10 more names listed with records but did not include this data on Ebay.  Bible was purchased in central Illinois about 1978.

FRANKLIN Family Bible      *Franklin Family Name Search


Family Record Marriages

George Pernell FRANKLIN and Eliza Jane KENNEDY FRANKLIN was married January The 17 AD 1849.

George Washington Evan, son of George Franklin and Jane his wife was born on Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock the 30 of August AD 1853.

Eliza Jane, daughter (rest is cut off).

Maria Louisa, daughter of George Franklin and Jane his wife was borned on Thursday at 9 o'clock the 21 of October  (rest is cut off).

Adelia Andasia, daughter (rest is cut off).

Footnotes:  Seller did not include photos of all records and what was shown was cut off.  Seller states George Pernell Franklin was born in 1806 and he and Eliza Jane had 6 children of which two of the daughters died at a young age.

HORNBERGER     *Hornberger Family Name Search

Family Bible

Imprinted in gold on brown leather Bible cover reads: 


One page reads:

This is to certify that 


and Sallie ???? GRAYBILL

were united by me in the bonds of Holy Matrimony on the sixteenth day (rest of page is cut off!).

One page reads:

H. S. HORNBERGER was born Oct. 20, 1868.

Sallie A. HORNBERGER was born Nov. 25, 1876.

Our daughter Phebe Ellen was born April 17, 1896.

Our son Henry was born Oct. 27, 1878.

Our daughter Mabel was born Mar. 24, 1900.

Footnotes:  1802 Bible also contained an 8x10 photo of an older man named John SNYDER.

MALTBY Family Bible     *Maltby Family Name Search


Zacheus MALTBY - August 19 1774.

Reumah MALTBY -his wife - May 22 1777.

Their children were:

Ezra MALTBY 1st son - Apl 1st 1798.

Mercy MALTBY 1st Daughter Feb. 22 1800.

*more names but photo doesn't show them.

Another page: 

Byron MALTBY - March 14th 1838.

William MALTBY - Dec. 5th 1839.

Jane MALTBY - Nov. 23rd 1841.

Wilber MALTBY - Oct 13th 1843.

*more names but photo doesn't show them.

Newspaper article included: 


The following from the Oswego P??? of October 24th, will be of interest to some of our readers.

Archie L. GREEN, formerly of Cortland, and Miss Anna B. HARMAN were married at 8 o'clock this morning, at the home of the bride's parents, corner of East Seventh and Utica streets, by Rev. Frank RUSSELL, and left for Utica at 8:30, where they will make their future home, and where the groom has secured a desirable position.  The marriage ceremony was performed in the presence of the bride's parents and a few relatives.  There was not reception, but at the train the bridal party was greeted by a large number of friends, who wished them a long and pleasant journey through life.  The bride is a very pretty young lady, well educated, and has a large number of friends in this city, as well as has the groom.  Although he has been with us but a short time he has left a large number of friends here.

Footnotes:  Several more newspaper articles were included but not shown.

MOORE / BLOOM     *Moore Family Name Search

Family Bible              *Bloom Family Name Search

Bible contains at least 1 page of records

Is not in English so difficult to make out.

Jesse Moore married Sarah Bloom in 1837.

Jesse was born 1811 & died 1889. 

Sarah was born 1817 and died 1903. 

Samual or Lamual Blum Nov 22, 1849

Charles David Moore Jan. 5, 1851.

There is also the mention of a Charles David Moore.  Included with the Bible is a needlepoint name tag / book marker with his name on it.

Footnotes:  Bible is ca 1837 and is Danish or German.

Records also look like they contain Moss surname.

MOYER / WILSON      *Moyer Family Name Search

Family Bible                *Wilson Family Name Search

Contains many photos along with a marriage record stating: 

This certifies the rite of holy matrimony was celebrated between

Joseph MOYER of Farmersville, Ohio

and Miss Alice Ann WILSON of Germantown, Ohio

on Aug. 20, 1875 at Germantown, Ohio

by Rev. Hence at the Lutheran Parsonage.

Footnotes:  Bible published 1866 by United Brethren Publishing House.

MURPHY Family Bible      *Murphy Family Name Search


On the family record page: 

Matthew Murphy born Febry 20 1863, married June 18th ?? 1887, died April 1st, 1933.

Mary E. McCarthy born Nov. 27th 1862, died November 26, 1937.


Margaret Murphy,  born July 3rd 1878, married June 17, 1897, died Mar 22 or 23, 1899.

Helen J. Murphy born Nov. 7th 1889.

Joseph M. Murphy born Dec ?? 1892.

(can't read name) born June 2nd 1895.

Maria A. Murphy born October 7th 1896, married October 5th 1906.

John M. Murphy born May 16 1898, married Dec. 1925, died May 31 or 11, 1932.

Matthew Murphy born Apr 22 1899, died Apr. 23, 1899.

Eugene Murphy born Aug ?? 1901, married Oct 14 1932.

Footnotes:  Catholic Bible published 1865.  Contained the original marriage certificate for Matthew and Mary Murphy from St. James Rectory in Newark, NJ.

TURLEY Family Bible      *Turley Family Name Search

Seller did not show pages or state facts in completion.  

Seller stated:

James M. TURLEY of Tennessee and Jennie SOULS of Indiana were married in 1851 near Austin, Texas.  They had 16 children, some of the names are: Mary, Nancy, Thomas, Josephine, T. Bell, Augusta, Eliza, Effie and others.

Footnotes:  There were 13 photos (some tin-types) in the back of this Bible.  The first birth date entered in the Bible is 1816 and it lists all of the death dates.  Also included in the records are the birth of grand children.

WALKER Family Bible      *Walker Family Name Search


Thomas Franklin WALKER October 25, 1896.

Mary Elizabeth WALKER February 26, 1898.

Baby WALKER December 18, 1908.

Annie Wilson WALKER August 21, 1915.

Mr. D. Ross WALKER June 8, 1812.

Mrs. Ella Jane WALKER Oct. 15, 1870.

Footnotes:  There is more data contained in this Bible.  Seller only shows part of one page. 

In the sellers words; "Included is a newspaper article of Isaac WALKER, aged 79, a Civil War veteran and R. R. ROSENSTEEL, a veteran of World War I, are descendants of a fighting family, the first member of the family to fight for the United States was Archibald LUCH, a grand uncle of Mrs. WALKER, who fought in the Revolutionary War.  James and Isaac WALKER, Uncles of Mr. WALKER participated in the War of 1812."

WRIGHT Family Bible      *Wright Family Name Search


Luther T. Wright May 16th, 1816.

Charles S. Wright Jan. 1841.

Almeda F. Wright April 10th, 1843.

Arabella J. Wright April 27th, 1847.

Eliza A. Wright March 31st, 1850.

Footnotes:  Holy Bible published in 1877.  There is more data in this Bible but seller didn't show it.  1850 Plymouth Massachusetts census records show wife is Eliza and they live next door to Zadock Wright.

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