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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Allebach, Alling, Blackmer, Brown, Chandell, Chatterton, Clark, Clemer, Cowden, Creveling, Cronk, Crowel, Davidson, Foughty, Frome, Gordon, Hughey, Kelk, Lackey, Martin, McKeeby, Monroe, Myer, Odell, Robinson, Rosenberger, Shay, Souder, Tefft, Turtle, Vedder, Wallace, Warman, Webb, Whiting

ALLEBACH Family Bible    *ALLEBACH Family Name Search

(German - Pub. 1842)

David M. ALLEBACH and Susana CLEMER are married  on the 12th Day of November A D 1843.

Susanna ALLEBACH wife of David M. ALLEBACH Died on March the 31st 1884 at 11 o'clock A.M. Aged 62 yrs 8 mos, days.

David M. ALLEBACH Died April 12th 1887 at 12 o'clock p.m. Aged 69 years, 23 days

Mary ALLEBACH SOUDER died Dec 25 1906.

Jacob C. or G. ALLEBACH died Sept 17 1909 aged 58 years 9 mos 16 days.

Catherine ALLEBACH ROSENBERGER died Jan 8th 1930.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Hatfield, Montgomery Co, PA, Page 151D

David ALLABACH, age 62, born PA, retired farmer, parents born PA.

Susanna, wife, age 58, born PA.

Jacob, son, age 29, born PA.

Pauline, D-I-L, age 20, born PA.

*More Allebach families listed near this family on this census including the ROSENBERGER family.


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BLACKMER Family Bible  *BLACKMER Family Name Search


Seth M. BLACKMER & Catherine H. CHANDELL married June 20th 1850.

Seth M. BLACKMER & Hannah H. CHANDELL married June 24 1857.


S. M. BLACKMER, June 20 1840.


H. H. CHANDELL, Feb 12, 1840.

Lucy M. BLACKMER, Aug 18 1858.

Jane V. ?? BLACKMER, Feb 8, 1860.

Freddie E. BLACKMER, Sept 8 1861.

George E. BLACKMER, Sept 5 1863.

Willard E. BLACKMER, March 14 1867.

Ethel G. BLACKMER, June 7 1868.

Edith A. BLACKMER, July 23 1869.


C. H. BLACKMER died Oct 1 1853.


BROWN Family Bible   *BROWN Family Name Search

(pub. 1770 London)

Handwritten on inside cover page.

Betsey CHATTERTON was married to Mr. Stephen BROWN on Sunday Evening 13th September 1801 by The Rev. Abraham ALLING of Hamden.

Dearing Phipps BROWN Son of Stephen & Betsey BROWN was born at New Haven the 16th July 1802.

And departed this life on the ? day of Sept. 18??.

Eliza Ann BROWN was born the 13 May 1804.

Benjamin BROWN was married the third time to Elizabeth MONROE, June 30th 1805.

My wife Elizabeth was born at Branford, Feb. 15 1752.

Footnotes:  Seller stated the Brown Family resided in Connecticut between 1752 and 1805.


DAVIDSON Family Bible   *DAVIDSON Family Name Search

(pub. 1871)

Written in gold on front cover: 


from my husband

One page reads:

Mary LACKEY was born Nov. 4th 1783.

John LACKEY was born Dec. 1st 1804.

Thomas A. LACKEY was born Dec. 31st 1807.

William LACKEY was born ??????

James LACKEY was born Nov. 11 or 17 1821.

Mary A. LACKEY was born March 4th 1824.

There are several more handwritten pages.  I can't make out much of it from the photos shown on Ebay but here is what I can gather: 


Robert L. COWDEN and Lenora L. ????? June 21 1894.

James ???? COWDEN born Feb 16 1898 and Marsha BRADLEY Nov 22 1916.

Robert Frances COWDEN and Ruth WILCOX March 25 1941.


Robert Lewis COWDEN born Sept 8 1871.

Lenora Luella COWDEN born Nov. 27 1871.


James DAVIDSON departed this life Feb 12th 1849.

Margaret DAVIDSON Sept 16th 1847.

Wm. LACKEY Sept 12 1847.

Anna DAVIDSON died July 22 1937.

Mary D. COWDEN died July 31 1937.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Coitsville, Mahoning Co, OH, page 92B

Robert DAVIDSON, age 73, born OH, farming, father born IRE, mother born PA.

Katherine DAVIDSON, wife, age 66, born PA, parents born PA.

Annie DAVIDSON, dau, age 39, born OH.

Jessee DAVIDSON, gdau, age 10, born OH, at school, father born PA, mother born OH.

Robbie COWDEN, gson, age 8, born OH, at school, father born PA, mother born OH.

Henry GORDON, other, age 35, born RUS, farm laborer, parents born RUS.


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KELK Small 1839 UK Bible    *KELK Family Name Search

Presented to Ann KELK by her mother July 5th 1853.

Various pages at front of the book are:

Andrew TURTLE died April 17th 1898.

May ROBINSON given to her by her Grand?????? A????.

Ann KELK born April 22nd 1851.  died 1929 (approx.)

Elizabeth Clough KELK born January 21st 1874.

Elizabeth WALLACE of Normanton.


Seller states there is a newspaper clipping on the inside cover with handwritten date of March 1877.

It reads: 

On the 4th inst, at the Congregation Church, Retford, Mr. Andrew TURTLE to Miss Ann KELK.

MARTIN Family Bible    *MARTIN Family Name Search

(pub. 1870)


G. M. MARTIN and E. A. WEBB Married November 14th 1867.


George M. MARTIN  was Born September 2nd 1889.

Eliza Anna WEBB was Born December 8th 1893.

Metta May MARTIN Born June 3rd 1868.

Mattie WEBB MARTIN born April 8th 1???.


Melta May MARTIN Died January 7th 1872.

Eliza Anna MARTIN Died December 6th 1909.

Footnotes:  There is a newspaper clipping included which can be read partially in the photos.


Pioneer Settler Passed Away Last Tuesday

The hearts of many Hampton people were saddened yesterday morning when it was learned that Mrs. John FOUGHTY had passed away the previous day.  Death took place about ?? o'clock at her home in Hampton and was caused by a (rest is cut off in photo.)

SHAY Family Bible   *SHAY Family Name Search

(pub. 1852)

One page reads:


John SHAY & Sarah WHITING were married Jan 18th 1813.

James SHAY & ARMINDA McKEEBY were married Dec 12th 1850.

One page reads:


James SHAY was born Nov. 5th 1826.

Arminda McKEEBY was born May 28th 1828.

Issue of James & Arminda SHAY

William H. SHAY was born Sept 9th 1851.

John SHAY Jr. was born Feb. 3rd 1853.

Frances L. SHAY was born Nov. 17th 1854.

Sarah E. SHAY was born August 20th 1856.

Anna Mary SHAY was born June 23rd 1859.

Edson F. & Edgar J. born Sep 27 1861.

Ray CRONK was born Nov 21 1887.


John SHAY Jr. Departed this life April 26th 1853.

Edson F. SHAY Died May 28 1862.

Edgar J. SHAY Died June 7 1862.

Anna CRONK Died Nov 28 1887.

One page reads:


John SHAY was born Dec 9th 1793.

Sarah WHITING was born Feb 16th 1793.

Their Issue

Jesse SHAY was born Oct 10th 1813.

David SHAY was born April 12th 1815.

Thomas SHAY was born Jan 6th 1816.

Anna SHAY was born April 25 1818.

Phebe SHAY was born Aug 4th 1822.

Ephraim SHAY was born Nov. 30th 1824.

James SHAY was born Nov 5th 1826.

Elizabeth SHAY was born Dec 17th 1828.


David SHAY Departed this life May 15th 1823.

Thomas SHAY departed this life Jan 16th 1817.


Seller stated: A few clippings in the front of the Bible, while not obviously related to this family, mention Jessup, Dimock, Bridgewater, Harmony, Elk Lake and Pierceville, in Pennsylvania.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Dimock, Susquehanna Co, PA, page 122D.

James SHAY, age 53, born NJ, farmer, parents born NJ.

Arminda SHAY, wife, age 52, born NJ, parents born NJ.

Anna SHAY, dau, age 21, born PA, parents born NJ.


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VEDDER Family Bible  *VEDDER Family Name Search


John T. VEDDER was borne September the 8 1818.

Rachel VEDDER was borne January the 1 1827.

Adaliza VEDDER was borne June the 15 1849.

Alley VEDDER was bone January the 19 1852.

Rachel Ann VEDDER was borne July the 12 1854.

Mary Ellen VEDDER was borne Apr. 27 1857.


John T. VEDDER and Rachel MYER was Married  by Rev. O Tainter March the 2 1848.


George H. HUGHEY and Adliza VEDDER was Married Jan the 15 1867.


George J. TEFFT and Alley VEDDER was Married May the 20 1874.


George S. CLARK and Rachel VEDDER was Married Sept the 20 1874.


D. M. CROWEL and M. Ellen VEDDER was Married June the 21 1876.


Eugene Grant HUGHEY and Julia C. ODELL was married Aug 5 1896.

WARMAN Family Bible   *WARMAN Family Name Search

Thomas WARMAN was married to Elisabeth FROME Feb. 23rd 1832.

Thomas WARMAN was married to Mary Ann CREVELING Oct 14th 1856.

George D. WARMAN died December 5th 1867.

Thomas WARMAN died Feb 6th 1899.

Footnotes:  There seem to be more entries not shown in photos provided by seller.


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