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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Brown, Bussard, Cawrse, Chase, Christie, Conaghty, Crippen, Crosier, Davidson, Ellis, Fay, Gordon, Heath, Howard, Hurlake, Jarvis, Jones, Lathrop, McDonald, McKenna, Picket, Seaver, Taft, Tooker

BROWN Family Bible     *BROWN Family Name Search


Jonas BROWN and Catherine CROSIER joined the Nuptial Bonds of Life December 24th A.D. 1812.


Seller lists name and year of births but did not list full dates which are in the Bible.

Jonas BROWN born 1792.

Catherine CROSIER born 1790.

Lyman BROWN BORN 1813.

William Milton BROWN born 1815.

Charles BROWN born 1818.

Mary Ann BROWN born 1820.

Willard Hunt BROWN born 1822.

Harriet Adaline BROWN born 1824.

Lucy Manerva BROWN born 1837.

Jonas Lyman BROWN born 1829.

Jane Maria BROWN born 1837.  


Seller states there are about 10 deaths listed in the records which seller did not show on ebay.

BUSSARD Family Bible    *BUSSARD Family Name Search

Published 1855

William BUSSARD was born November the 13 in the year of our Lord 1832.

*there are 2 more entries here but the writing from the previous page has bled on this page and can't make it out.

One of the entries is for a Daniel BUSSARD.

Mary Catharine BUSSARD was born September the 20 in the year of our lord 1856.

Martin BUSSARD was born February the 20 in the year of our lord 1858.

Marquis BUSSARD was born February 26th in the year of our lord 1860.

Margaret Ann BUSSARD was born November the 23 in the year of our lord 1861.

*there is 1 more entry here but the writing from the previous page has bled on this page and can't make it out.  It looks like it says Daniel BUSSARD died ??????.

Caroline BUSSARD Died April the 28th 1875.

Footnotes: The Bible was located in Cleveland, OH at time of transcription.

CAWRSE Family Bible      *CAWRSE Family Name Search

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George CAWRSE  March 30th 1802.

Mary Ann TOOKER  April 29th 1807.


George CAWRSE  May 13th 1830.

William CAWRSE  June 1st 1833.

Footnotes: The seller of this Bible stated there were more family pages which included entries until 1878.

CRIPPEN Family Bible      *CRIPPEN Family Name Search

Many family records were included in this Bible but seller only showed close up of two entries:

Silas CRIPPEN Born in the year 1759 July 29th.

Elizabeth CRIPPEN Born in the year 1759 July 19th.

FAY Family Bible      *FAY Family Name Search

Published 1820.


Rufus F. FAY Born Brimfield Aug. 18 1786.

Rachel TAFT Born Thompson Jan. 12 1786.

Their Children

All born in Monson, MA.

Hamilton Born March 25 1810.

Lonida Born April 5rd 1812.

Rufus F. J. Born Feb 9th 1814.

Martha B. Born May 9th 1816.

Sarah T. Born March 15 1818.

William Born Feb 10 1820.

Eli N. Born May 19 1822.

Elthina A. Born Sept 22 1824.

Franklin Born April 24 1827 or 1829.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Monson, Hampden Co, MA, Page 352C.

Eli M. FAY, age 55, born MA, farmer, parents born MA.

Georgianna FAY, wife, age 57, born MA, father born MA, mother born VT.

Josephine L. FAY, dau, age 29, born MN, father born MA, mother born VT.

William E. FAY, son, age 15, born MA, farms, father born MA, mother born VT.

Anna PICKET, other, age 17, born MA, Servant, parents born MA.

James HURLAKE, other, age 22, Laborer, born MA, parents born IRE.


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HAY Family Bible      *HAY Family Name Search

Joseph born Dec 20, 1892 in Italy.

Laura HAY born Sept 19 1892 in California.

Richard born Aug 3, 1924.

Marie born January 8, 1926.

Joseph Jr. born May 23, 1931.

Footnotes: There is only one surname shown and I cannot tell if that is the family name or just Laura's maiden name.

HEATH Family Bible     *HEATH Family Name Search

This Certifies That on the Sixth day of July in the year of our Lord 1896.

Mr. James A. HEATH of Woodstock and Miss Jennie C. CLARK of Woodstock were by me united in Marriage at Woodstock Maine.

Signed: Alden CHASE

Justice of the Peace.


There are more family record pages in this Bible but page photos shown by seller cannot be read.

JONES Family Bible     *JONES Family Name Search

Handwritten on blank pages in front and back of Bible:

First page reads:

1844 Parson died 19th January 1844.


1845 William Henry was born the 26th July 1845.


Eliza JONES died March 14th 1861.


John JONES died July 3rd 1864.


William Henry JONES married to Jeanette DAVIDSON 1874.


Mabel Agnes JONES born August 5th 1875.


Jeanette JONES (nee DAVIDSON) died Oct 28th 1876.


James McAdam CHRISTIE June 10th 1908.


Isabel Margaret CHRISTIE born July 29th 1909 at Prince Rupert B.C.


Emily JONES married to James GORDON Jan 7th 1880.


James GORDON died 22nd July 1898.

Second page reads:

Patrick was born the 4th of February in the year of our Lord 1830.


Mabel Agnes JONES was married the 10 June 1908 to James McAdam CHRISTIE.


Isabel Margaret CHRISTIE was born July 29th 1909.


Helen Gordon CHRISTIE was born 25th March 1911.


Bottom of this page is cut off in photo but surname HOWARD is there.


  1881 Canadian Census records show:

Guelph, Wellington South, Ontario, page 52, Household 255.

George HOWARD, English, age 45, born ENG, Merchant.

Elizabeth HOWARD, Irish, age 39, born Ontario.

Adelia HOWARD, English, age 23, born Ontario.

William JONES, Irish, age 35, born Ontario, Merchant.

Mabel JONES, Irish, age 5, born Ontario.


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McKENNA Family Bible     *McKENNA Family Name Search


J. G. and Kitty ELLIS - Dec. 16, 1913.

George Muller and Laura McKENNA - April 17, 1923.

Earl JARVIS and Marion McKENNA - Feb 14, 1925.

Charles McKENNA and Vera MOORE - Oct. 2, 1923.

Thomas CONAGHTY and Jeanette McKENNA - July 14, 1928.


Clarence - Feb 2, 1900.

Shirley Chase - Feb 16, 1903.

Ethel CHASE - May 19, 1916.

Hattie ELLIS - Feb 11, 1861.

J. G. ELLIS - March 6, 1863.

Mother - April 17, 1878.

Laura McKENNA - April 1, 1900.

Marion McKENNA - June 22, 1905.

John McKENNA - May 6, 1910.

Jeanette Adelaide McKENNA - Feb 22, 1907.

Frank McKENNA - April 7.

Charles McKENNA - April.

Earl Warren JARVIS Jr. - Oct 12, 1925.


Mrs. Ada CHASE died March 12, 1922.

Mother died Dec. 2, 1900..

Ma - Feb 21, 1934.

SEAVER 1860 Bible     *SEAVER Family Name Search

Handwritten on fly leaf:

Given to Martin LATHROP by Sarah M. SEAVER in Santa Clara, Cal. 1862.

Engagement broken, Bible returned.  then given to Garett A. SEAVER, then Miriam.  She gave it to Gertrude B. McDONALD, daughter of Sarah M. McDONALD (nee SEAVER) (1893)

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