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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Atherton, Barnes, Butterfield, Coldiron, Cook, John H., Douglass, Rev., Dustin, Fry, Herd, Hoffman, Hornsby, Jackman, Magers, Miller, Moore, Pattinson, Richards, Caroline, Rogers, Spaulding, Stone, Streeter, Strong, Tibbets, Wass, Watsencon

1868 Family Bible

Located in Nashville, TN



Caroline RICHARDS Was Born the 30 of July in the year of 1832.

Departed on the 2 of February 1873.


Matilda WATSENCON Was Born the 20 of October in the year 1868 A D.

Charls Weber FRY Was born the 27 of December in the year 1870 A D.


Matilda WATSENCON Departed this life the 20 of December in the year of 1868. Dyed two Months and 6 Days old"

Footnotes:  There are no other entries. But there is an old, yellowed newspaper clipping of a poem about a dead child that was between the pages of this Bible.

COLDIRON Family Bible       *COLDIRON Family Name Search


William COLDIRON, born 3/3/1860, married 1880, died 2-20-1949.

Mary HORNSBY born 4/7/1853, married 1880, died 1884.

Ema J. MOORE born June 8 1866, married 1886, died 1942.

Rachel COLDIRON born Jan 16, 1881, married 1887, died Dec 7 1961.

Dara COLDIRON born Aug 1882.

Albert COLDIRON born Oct 10 1883, died Jan 13 1950.


There are many more entries, but can't read most of them from photos.  They seem to be from Gerrard County.

COOK  Family Bible       *COOK Family Name Search


This is a partial listing of names and dates contained in this Bible as stated by seller.  Seller supplied years only but full dates are listed in the Bible record:

John COOK married Susan MAGERS 1810.

John COOK married Hannah HOFFMAN 1822.

John COOK married Catherine MILLER 1848, Greencastle, Franklin County PA.


All COOK surname:

John (father) 1786.

Hannah (mother) 1798.

Matilda 1812.

Adam 1814,

James 1816.

Sarah A. 1819

John H. 1823.

Hannah M. 1823.

John H. 1825.

Maria E. 1829.

George P, 1830.

Levi T. 1832.

Ephraim H. 1834.

Eliza R. 1837.

Washington 1839.

William A. 1844.

Charles W. 1849.

Newton Sebert 1851.

Henry E. 1852.

Anna Bell 1854.

Ada Blanche 1855.

John William 1857.

Cora Bell 1859.

John William 1861.

Frederick 1862.

Frank Ephraim 1864.

Eva Kate 1867.

There are 15 deaths recorded but seller only gives the following: 

Adam COOK (grandfather) died 1820.

Mary COOK (grandmother) DIED 1843.

Eliza Rebecca COOK died 1862 Shelbyville, Shelby County, Illinois.

Footnotes:  Seller stated there are two obituaries glued in the top of the death page.  One is for Ada Blanche COOK died 1876 Hagerstown, MD.

Your editor thinks the births above are children of at least two different families.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD, page 63B

John H. COOK, age 55, born PA, *Dealer in Agl Imp., father born PA, mother born MD.

Catharine COOK, wife, age 54, born PA, keeping house, parents born PA.

John W. COOK, son, age 19, born MD, Clerk in Store, parent born PA.

Frederick C. COOK, age 17, born MD, at school, parents born PA.

Frank E. COOK, son, age 15, born MD, at home, parents born PA.

Eva Kate COOK, dau, age 13, born MD, at home, parents born PA.

* abbreviated for Dealer in Agricultural Implements


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1856 HERD Family      *HERD Family Name Search

Canadian Bible


Presented to Henry Wilson HERD and Mary PATTINSON on their Marriage day by their loving parents.

John & Margaret PATTINSON

April 18th 1874.

ROGERS   Family Bible       *ROGERS Family Name Search



Enoch ROGERS born May 5 1774.

Nancy ROGERS born March 25 1777.

Richard TIBBETS born Nov. 22 1775.

Sally TIBBETS born Dec 10 1772.

Daniel ROGERS born Aug 23 1796.

Polly A. ROGERS born Dec 21 1798.

Phebe ROGERS born Dec 5 1800.

Hester ROGERS born Feb 27 1824.

Daniel Allen ROGERS born Sept 16 1828.

Sarah Abigail ROGERS born Sept 11 1833.

Daniel Allen DUSTIN born June 28 1854.

Edwin Lewis ROGERS born Oct 7 1856.

Daniel Allen DUSTIN born March 27 1858.

Phebe Amanda ROGERS born April 1 1859.

Charles Robert ROGERS born Aug 5 1882.


There are many 14 deaths listed on this page but I can only make out the following from the photo:

Daniel Allen DUSTIN died April 13 1856.  Aged 2 Yrs.

Daniel ROGERS died Oct 30th 1867.  Aged 71 years, 2 months & 7 days.

Edwin Lewis ROGERS died May 2 1898.  Aged 68 years, 6 months & ? days. 

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Columbia, Coos County, NH, Page 61A

Daniel H. DUSTIN, age 56, born NH, Farmer, parents born NH.

Hestor A. DUSTIN, wife, age 56, born NH, parents born NH.

Daniel A. DUSTIN, son, age 22, born NH, Farm Laborer, parents born NH.

Next page of census shows a Mary A. TIBBETTS family.


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STONE   Family Bible       *STONE Family Name Search


Eber STONE born June 17 1797 at Waterford, Rainer, Died Oct 22 1874.

Nancy ATHERTON born Oct 6 1795 at Boston, Mass, Died May 9 1874.

Eber STONE & Nancy ATHERTON married May 16 1823 by Rev. John A. DOUGLASS.


Seller states there are births, deaths and marriages ranging between 1797-1891 for this family on pages not shown in photos.  Localities include Bridgton, ME, Worcester, Boston and South Hanson, MA, Annapolis, MD, and Johannesburg, Africa.  Marriages include surnames ARCHER, BIRD, DANLEY, DARLING, MERRILL, WATT and WILKINS.

STREETER Family Bible       *STREETER Family Name Search



Daniel STREETER married Pamelia BARNES Oct 18th 1825.

Sophia P. STREETER married James M. STRONG Dec 1st 1846.

William W. STREETER married S. Jane JACKMAN March 22nd 1862.

Sarah K. STREETER, married Clement G. SPAULDING June 2nd 1862.


Daniel STREETER, Rindge, N.H. August 16th 1778.

Pamelia BARNES, Springfield Vt., June 22nd 1805.

Sophia STREETER, Dec. 28th 1826.

Daniel B. STREETER, June 13th 1828.

Wm. W. STREETER, Nov. 7 1829. 

Sarah K. STREETER Sept 3rd 1842.

Wm. A. STREETER, son of William STREETER, born June 6 1865.


Daniel B. STREETER died July 31st 1829.

Sophia P. STREETER died March 31 1864.

Sarah K. SPAULDING died  March 19, 1890 aged 47 years, 7 months.

Her husband, 

Clement SPAULDING, died Feb 18 1892, Aged 56 years, 8 months.

Daniel STREETER died Sept 11 1888, aged 90 years, 1 month.

Wm. W. STREETER - gives no date.

His Wife, 

Sarah Jane STREETER died Mar 14, 1894, Aged 47 years.

Wm. A. STREETER Sept 25 1904, Aged 39 yrs, 2 months, 19 days.


Seller states there are a few more records listed in this Bible.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Pomfret, Windsor County, Vermont, Page 198B

Daniel STREETER, age 81, born NH, father born VT, mother born MA.

Pamelia STREETER, age 74, born VT, father born LI, mother born VT.

Clement SPAULDING, age 39, born NH, Farmer, father born NH, mother born VT.

Sarah SPAULDING, age 37, keeping house, born VT, father born NH, mother born VT.

John DENSMORE, age 16, Farm Laborer, born VT, parents born VT.

*There are other STREETERs and SPAULDINGs in the same area.


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WASS / BUTTERFIELD     *WASS Family Name Search

Family Bible (Pub. 1804)   *BUTTERFIELD Family Name Search


Printed at the University Press, Oxford for the British and Foreign Bible Society Instituted in London in the Year 1804 and sold to Subscribers at the Society's House, Earl Street, Blackfriars, London.

Inscription on fly leaf dated 1855 reads:

A present from your father William WASS January the 30.

Hannah WASS born January the 30 in the year of our Lord 1834.  This was given to Hannah by her father William on her 21st birthday.  Hannah departed this life the 19th of January 1883.

Inscription inside back cover reads: 

William WASS departed this life April or March ?? 19th 1856, aged 63 years. 

Mrs. BUTTERFIELD departed this life September 30th 1880, Ainderby Heights.

George BUTTERFIELD was born April 7th 1823.


  1881 British Census records show:

Ainderby Steeple, Ainderby Steeple, York, England, Piece 4870, Folio 104, Page 8.

George BUTTERFIELD, head, age 57, born Leyburn, York, England, Gardner.

Hanna WASS, servant, age 47, born Sutton Under Whitestone Cliffe, York, England, Housekeeper.


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