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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Allen, Mrs, Alles, Bajern, Charles Baker, Biles, Burns, Carter, Cavender, Coolidge, Dana, Dr. Davidson, Ferry, Howell, Knauss, Mayo, Menefee, Starrett, Stone, Walker, Whiting

ALLES German Family Bible    *ALLES Family Name Search

Published 1882.

The Bible itself was published in 1882 and is in German. It's not in good shape at all but the real value is the family history entered into the Bible. It lists the births and deaths of this ALLES family from 1818 to 1889. Apparently, it was given as a gift to "Mrs. ALLES" from a Mrs. ALLEN Christmas 1882. 

Here are some of the names in the Bible:
John Alles b. 1818 d 1889
Mary Alles b. 1844
Eliza Alles b. 1846
Rachael Ann Alles b. 1849


There are several German names as well that seem to be connected to John. One of the last names is BAJERN. It'll take someone who reads German to decipher these entries but I suspect they are marriage dates early on.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

There are some John ALLES families in Raritan, Hunterdon County, New Jersey on page 147D but I am not at all sure these are the same people as listed in the Bible above.


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DANA Family Bible    *DANA Family Name Search

George Neal DANA Died August 4th 1869.

Francis William DANA Senior Died December 18th 1899.

Win Locke DANA Died September 1 1917.

Francis W. DANA Jr. Died January 16 1919.


This is a partial listing.  There are more entries but seller did not list all.  Other surname mentioned is MAYO.

Seller stated:  "Notation on front board says "FLOOD MAR 25th 1913". The only recorded major flood I could find on that date was in the Ohio/Indiana region. Apparently this Bible was retrieved out of the flood damage by a family member determined to keep this Bible for future generations."


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Everett, Middlesex Co, MA, Page 177A

Francis W. DANA, age 49, born MA, Teamster, parents born MA.

Olive DANA, wife, age 36, born NH, parents born NH.

Susan H. DANA, dau, age 15, born MA, at school.

Frank W. DANA, son, age 13, born MA, at school.

Mary E. DANA, dau, age 9, born MA, at school.

Nellic C. DANA, dau, age 6, born MA, at school.

Esther D. DANA, dau, age 1, born MA.

Fanny H. DANA, niece, age 18, born MA, assistant.


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HOWELL Family Bible    *HOWELL Family Name Search

Ebenezer HOWELL was the original owner of this Bible. It was handed down to son Daniel HOWELL, and later to E.B. (Ephraim) B. HOWELL, whom is now deceased.

Ebenezer HOWELL, Sen. was born April 3, 1769
Hannah BILES, born September 25, 1773
Elizabeth HOWELL, born January 27, 1796
Rachel HOWELL, born January 24, 1792
Ebenezer & Stephen B. HOWELL were born August 16, 1799
Phebe HOWELL, born November 25, 1801
William HOWELL, born October 4, 1803
John HOWELL, born January 31, 1806
Martha HOWELL, born October 21, 1811
Ephraim HOWELL, son of Daniel & Hannah HOWELL was born May 10, 1816
Nancy & Hannah HOWELL, daughters of Daniel & Hannah HOWELL were born October 5, 1818
Hannah HOWELL, daughter of Daniel & Eley HOWELL was born January 5, 1831
Daniel HOWELL, son of Daniel & Eley HOWELL was born August 19, 1832
Mary F. HOWELL, daughter of Daniel & Eley HOWELL
Samuel C. HOWELL, son of Daniel & Eley HOWELL was born October 2, 1836
Eunice HOWELL, daughter of Daniel & Eley was born September 7, 1838


Ebenezer HOWELL and Hanah BILES were married March 25, 1795
Daniel HOWELL and Hannah HOWELL were married December 3, 1814
Daniel HOWELL and Eley CAVENDER were married April 4, 1830

Ebenezer HOWELL departed this life October 28, 1813
John HOWELL departed this life November 19, 1813
Hannah HOWELL daughter of Daniel & Hannah departed this life August 8, 1819
Hannah HOWELL, Wife of Daniel HOWELL, departed this life Jun 12, 1828
Eley HOWELL, wife of Daniel HOWELL, departed this life December 31, 1840
Daniel HOWELL, Sen. departed this life July 10, 1852 (born January 4, 1781)

KNAUSS Family Bible     *KNAUSS Family Name Search

Handwritten inside front cover:

Daniel Knauss, Grandfather (maternal), entered into service Nov.7, 1862 Lieutenant Co. B-176 Pa. Infantry, Discharged Aug 18-1863 same Co., same served 9 months 12 days, Died September 11, 1915 Age 95 years.


The family genealogy pages are missing from the Bible! 

WALKER Family Bible      *WALKER Family Name Search

Published 1890                   *BURNS Family Name Search

Presented to

Eudora J. WALKER

By Her husband Chas B. WALKER January 1st 1893. ??.


of Brownsburg

and Eudora J. BURNS 

of Brownsburg

Were United in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony

At Brownsburg on the 8th day of November in the year of our Lord 1885.

In Presence of 

Dr. A. W. DAVIDSON & Wife

Signed R. A. G?T???ET.


Charles B. WALKER Born March 16th 1853.

Eudora J. WALKER Born January 26 1862.

Robert Charles WALKER Born to Chas & Dora Feb. 20 1887.


Robert C. WALKER born Apr. 15th 1826.  Died Apr. 6th 1893.  Aged 67.

John T. BURNS born July 9th 1833.  Died Jan 22nd 1885.  Aged 51.

P. A. BURNS born May 11th 1837.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Brownsburg, Hendricks Co, IN, Page 666C.

John T. BURNS, age 47, born KY, Attorney, parents born KY.

Parthenia A. BURNS, wife, age 43, born IN, father born OH, mother born KY.

Eudora J. BURNS, dau, age 18, born IN, at school.

Louie C. BURNS, dau, age 16, born IN, at school.

Walter L. BURNS, son, age 14, born IN, at school.

*also in Hendricks County are Robert C. WALKER on page 419A and Charles Walker living with Samuel MENEFEE on page 550D.


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WHITING Family Bible     *WHITING Family Name Search

Located in Vermont

"This family Bible belonged to Dexter WHITING, who was born in New Boston, N.H., Aug. 9, 1803, was married there to Mary STONE on April 24, 1828. / He removed with his brothers Harris and Calvin to Johnson, Vt, and was a farmer and tanner there and one of the leading men of the town, holding many town offices. He was one of the principal supporters and for many years a Deacon of the First Congregational Church. He gave liberally to public objects and among other things gave a tower clock to the town. He died at Johnson Oct. 2, 1889, aged 86 years. His wife, to whom he had been married more than 61 years, survived him less than three months."

Entry made by Charles Whiting BAKER, a grand-nephew of Dexter WHITING, Oct. 13, 1916.

Seller did not post legible photos on Ebay but was kind enough to transcribe them and they are presented here:

Here is the information on the "Births" facing pages; first page first, in two column format reading down. 

Isaiah STONE b. Westford, MA 7-28-1760. 

Geary WHITING b. Francestown NH 10-29-1775.  

Judith COOLIDGE b. Ashburnham MA 9-23-1762 

Gabby (Dabby?) STARRETT b. Francestown NH 10-22-1778 

their children 

Isaiah STONE b. Dummerston VT 8-15-1785 

Julia b. New Boston NH 8-11-1799 

Sally STONE b. Dummerston VT 9-23-1787 

Roxanna b. New Boston NH 3-11-1801 

Flavel b. Dummerston 8-25-1791 

Dexter b. New Boston 9-9-1803 

John b. Jamacai (Jamaica?), VT 9-14-1791 

Harris b. 11-23-1805 

Betsey b. Piermont, NH 9-17-1794 

Louiza L. b. 4-15-1808 

Ebenezer b. Bradford VT 6-13-1797 

Calvin b. 4-2-1810 

Lucy b. Bradford, VT 6-11-1799 

Emily b. 9-24-1812 

Thomas J. b. New Boston 10-20-1804 

Mary b. 7-17-1815 

Mary STONE b. New Boston 10-6-1806 

Hannah b. New Boston Abbie b. 10-8-1820

The next page shows the descendants of Dexter and Mary WHITING -- Geary, Mary, Sarah, Julia Ann, Abbie; 

Children of Dexter and Evelyn WHITING --Marion Francis WHITING, Edwin George WHITING, George Bruce WHITING (died 8-4-1913) "Bradley A. CARTER 5-4-1844 adopted March 29, 1845, name changed to George Bruce WHITING" Lucy A FERRY 9-13-1856.


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