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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Barnes, Barney, Baron, Becker, Benson, Breeding, Carpenter, Collins, Conzoneri, DollierDuffus, Easton, Fuller, Greco, Hall, Harper, Hay, Hickman, Hicks, Horner, Hunter, HyneyKearns, Kimball, McClelan, McClelland, Moore, Nash, O'Brien, Page, Riley, Ritenour, Rossiter, Sanders, Saunders, Saul, Simmons, Slacke, Tanner, Thomas, Thomas, Mary, Thompson, Vice, WeaverWebster, Winters

1834 UK Bible       *THOMAS Family Name Search


In front of Bible on a fly leaf page: 

Savannah (or Susannah) THOMAS died December 15th 1866.

Jane THOMAS died May 20th, 1865, aged 61.

Eliza HARPER died Feb. 4th, 1887, aged 74 years.

*This seems to be the only entries in this Bible.

BARNES Family Bible    *BARNES Family Name Search

(pub. 1879)

See later Bible of this same family below.

This certifies that Franklin BARNES and Emily E. PAYNE were united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Gibson on the First day of January in the year of our Lord 1842. (can't make out rest from photo).

Another page reads: 


B. F. BARNES to Nancy M. HALL  Oct. 2 1864.

Serlinda L. BARNES to Wm. W. BENSON May 29th 1866.

Hubbard H. BARNES to Helen C. or G. HALL.

Kindel DeForest BARNES to Etta BARNEY ??.

Marriages of Grandchildren.

Nellie M. BENSON to Russell J. RILEY ?? Dec. 24th, 1887.

Clara M. BENSON to Fred R. W. Leland?? Dec. 25th, 1897.

The following entries in different handwriting and difficult to read:

Jay O. BARNES to ??????????.

Lula M. BARNES to ????????.

Orandah ?? C. BARNES to Charles ?????.

Jessie or Jennie E. BARNES ?????????.

BARNES Family Bible       *BARNES Family Name Search

(pub. 1898)

See 1879 Bible of this family above.



Jessie Ella BARNES


Jay Odell BARNES Feb. 27, 18??.

Orandah Carolynn BARNS Sept. ?

Glenn Deforest BARNES ??.

Wayne Joseph BARNES

Charles BARNES May 4.


Richard Deforest BARNES Nov. 18, ????.

Jay William BARNES 

Ruth Adele RILEY Jul 26, ????.

Vance Gage BARNES.

Patrice Ella BARNES Oct 29 1917.

Beulah Glenora RILEY ????? 1918.

Kendall Frank BARNES Feb 5 1921.

Ella BARNES Feb 28 1925.

DUFFUS Family Bible     *DUFFUS Family Name Search

Written on inside cover: 


Seller states: Saverio Greco's birth is recorded in the family pages as Feb. 20, 1904.


Born Jan 11, 1869 at top of page??  I think this is supposed to be birth date for Charles Joseph whose death is listed next.

Charles Joseph DUFFUS Father of Madelaine - July 24, 1909 age 41 yrs, 7 months and 13 days.

Frances DUFFUS VICE - died September 7, 1923 - mother of Madelaine.

Charles J. DUFFUS - half brother of Madelaine - died.

Footnotes:  This was only page shown in photos.  Other names mentioned are SANDERS / SAUNDERS, and CONZONERI.  Places mentioned are Chicago, IL; Lindsey; Ontario, Canada; Essen, Germany; and Palermo, Sicily.

EASTON Bible      *EASTON Family Name Search

(pub. 1868)

Presented to my son Edward EASTON on the occasion of his marriage January 25th 1876 in the hope, that in all his future life, he may be guided by its pure precepts, obey its commands, be cheered by its promises, believe its pure and wholesome doctrines and serve its divine Author.

Charles P. EASTON

Albany N.Y. Jany 25th 1876.

HAY Family Bible         *HAY Family Name Search

(19th Century Bible)

One page filled in: 


Alfred HAY Born December 2, 1853.

Margaret HAY Born March 26th, 1857.

Mary HAY Born 17th October 1859.

Robert HAY Born September 9th, 1863.

Ann HAY Born August 15th, 1865.

Fred HAY Born April 21st, 1868.

William HAY Born November 27th, 1871.

HYNEY Family Bible      *HYNEY Family Name Search

(Pub. 1832)


George HYNEY

July 20th 1787

Margaret HORNING

May 6th 1792

George HYNEY Jun.

August 28th 1811

Sylvester HYNEY

November 3rd 1819

Richard HYNEY

October 2nd 1822

John Henry HYNEY

April 18th 1825

James Spencer HYNEY

June 4th 1829

Julia Ann HYNEY

July 22nd 1831.

MOORE / HUNTER      *MOORE Family Name Search

Family Bible                  *HUNTER Family Name Search

No actual photos of pages but seller stated: 


Madison MOORE and Eliza HUNTER, September 1874.

Willard CARPENTER and Mary HUNTER, November 1891.

Wilber HUNTER and Mary THOMAS, 1902.

James HUNTER and Elizabeth BARON, September 28, 1868.


Lola MOORE, William MOORE 1885.

Bernard MOORE, 1889.

Madison MOORE, 1913.

Wilber HUNTER 1935.

Eliza MOORE 1941.

NASH / FULLER      *NASH Family Name Search

Family Bible             *FULLER Family Name Search

One page has an inscription dated 1793.  A Gift to Jacob NASH, b. 1766, m. Susanna, from his mother, Molly Justine.

One page reads:

Electy Daughter of Jacob & Susanna NASH was born in October the 6 1792.

Cinthia NASH was born May 14th 1795.

Chester J. W. NASH was born April 24th 1797.

Major D. NASH was born April 30th 1801 (?not sure of year).

Clifton John H. NASH Died 22 April 1801 (?not sure of year).

Ephraim NASH was born January 9th 1802.

Next page reads:

Chester M. FULLER was born April 27th 1823.

Elvira A. FULLER was born November 1st 1834.

Eckford M. FULLER was born April 1st 1825.


The above is a transcript of only two pages which were shown in photos.  Susannah's maiden name was WEBSTER and this family seems to have lived in Goshen, Hampshire, MA.  In a preliminary study of information about this family found online, there are a lot of mistakes being made, if this Family Bible data is correct.

Seller stated: 

There are about 10 pages of writing.  Pages were kept to the 1830's, going to the Fuller family towards the 20's. Also, misc. notes to boards etc. I think the family was in the old country at least through the 1790's or so, just from the phrasing.

PAGE Family Bible      *PAGE Family Name Search

(pub. 1874)

This is to certify that Lewis PAGE of Dumbarton, New Hampshire and Almira S. KIMBALL of Goffstown, New Hampshire were by me united together in Holy Matrimony on the twenty fifth day of October in the Year of our Lord One, Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty five.

In Presence of Elias RICHARDSON

Pastor Congregational Church.

Footnote:  Seller stated: It looks like all other family pages were torn from the Bible.

SIMMONS             *SIMMONS Family Name Search

Family Bible


Nathan SIMMONS was born November 15 or 18 1823 or 1825.

Ruth A. McCLELAN was born September 6th 1829.

Samuel Bradley SIMMONS was born November 11th 1847.

Jane Isabel SIMMONS was born February 24th 1848.

Frances Reed SIMMONS was born December 2nd 1850.

Nathaniel Douglas SIMMONS was born January 1st 1853.

Miss Eva O'BRIEN born Aug. 9th 1855.  (Not sure if Eva is a Simmons or last name is O'Brien.)


Seller stated there are 9 pages of family records.  This is just 1 of them.

1880 United States Federal Census Records show: 

Nathan and Ruth Ann SIMMONS are found in Jelloway, Knox Co, OH.  Listed as niece and nephew are McCLELLAND Children.  Most likely children of one of Ruth's brothers.


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TANNER / SLACKE      *TANNER Family Name Search

1879 London Bible       *SLACKE Family Name Search

Bookplate on the front endpage noting that the Bible was handed to Joan Barbara TANNER on the death date of Eleanor TANNER SLACKE, who died in 1915, aged 52.

Memorial Card: 

In Loving Memory of Eleanor Slacke, who passed to her rest on Monday, Feb 16 or 15, 1915, aged 52.  R.I.P.  Buried in Uffculms Cemetery on Feb. 18th.

Memorial Card: 

In Loving Memory of George Arthur Slacke, who passed to his rest, on Friday, Nov. 17th, 1919?. Aged 64.  R.I.P.  Buried in Uffculms Cemetery on Nov. 21st.

Memorial Card: 

In Loving Memory of Elizabeth TANNER, who passed to her rest on Saturday, January 7th, 1893.

Handwritten page reads:

Mr. HORNER died Aug. 1911 at Yamhill, Waltho, ??? 87.

???? Arthur SLACKE M. B. E. L. Eng. my beloved husband died very suddenly of "Angina Pectoris" after 6 months illness on Friday a1-p.m. ?? 8 November ?, 1911.  Was buried on Tuesday at Uffculms Cemetery Nov. 21, 1911.

Rev. D. C. ROSSITER died Oct. 30, 1910 Vicar of Samp. Percell.

Ernest HORNER, 44, Dec. 1911.

*Many other entries but photo only showed these.

Seller stated: The Book was given to 'Eleanor Tanner' when she was 16 in 1879.
Presumably she was starting her career as a teacher.
She makes notes throughout her life of all the Births, Deaths and illnesses within the family.
There are Memorial cards noting the death of her Mother, Father (who was the Vicar) and of her Husband, 'George Arthur Slacke'.  There is more data than is shown here.

THOMPSON                   *THOMPSON Family Name Search

Family Bible

Description says this Bible contains 12 antique photos along with birth, death and marriages of THOMPSON, BECKER, DOLLIER, HICKS, & BREEDING which begin in 1843.  The only page shown in photos reads:



July 21st, 1825.

James THOMPSON and Phebe Ann HICKS

December 29th, 1850.

Footnote: This family found at the LDS family search site.  Shows Phebe born about 1806 of Johnson Co, IN along with 3 of their children: Mary Emily b. about 1851, Charles Fremont b. about 1853 and Lydia Harriet b. about 1855, all in Johnson, IN.

WEAVER Family Bible      *WEAVER Family Name Search

(pub. 1892)

This Certifies That The Rite of Holy Matrimony Was Celebrated Between Mr. Jerry WEAVER of Portland, Ind. and Miss Sarah Jane HICKMAN o f West Milton, O. on Dec. 9th 1880 at Dayton, O. by Rev. David WINTERS.  Witness: Mrs. David WINTERS.

Footnote:  This was the only family history page shown.  Seller states there are more and other names mentioned are: Hazel RITENOUR, Chester KEARNS, and Marvin SAUL.

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