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Master Index of all Surnames in Bibles

Cherokee County, Alabama Bible Records

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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Atterberry, Ault, Baker, Binkley, Bruggeman, Byrne, Cunningham, Dixon, Eppinger, Erickson, Goliday, Goodwill, Gray, Hall, Holstrom, Horning, Huff, Johnson, Martinson, McNary, Morris, Moser, Nelson, Page, Phillips, Powell, Robinson, Silvius, Silvus, Smith, Swain, Taylor, Thompson, Vinal, Weisharr, Wilson, Young

HORNING                           *HORNING Family Name Search

Canadian Family Bible


This certifies that Harmanus Smith HORNING and Eliza Jane BINKLEY were solemnly united by me in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony at Menford on the Seventh day of January in the your of our Lord 1863 ????? in the Ordinance of God and the Laws of the Land.


Harmanus Smith HORNING Born Feb 7th 1841.

Eliza Jane BINKLEY Born Feb 6th 1837.

William Eby was born Oct 21st 1867.

Mary Celinda was born Dec ?? 1871.

Bert Franklin was born Sept 7th 1878.

Ada Elizabeth was born Feb 27th 1878.


William Eby Died January 3rd 1868.

Bert Franklin died April 21st 1878.

Mary Celinda Died August 2nd 1882.

Ada Elizabeth Died February 12th 1888.

Harmanus S. HORNING died December 3rd 1889.  Aged 49 years, 9 months and 26 days.

Eliza Jane HORNING died August 11th 1897.  Aged 60 years, 6 months and 5 days.

Footnote:  This is sad.  Every one of their children listed in this Bible died as children.  Bible was found in Ontario, Canada.


1881 Canadian Census Records Show:

Ancaster, Wentworth South, Ontario, District 147, Sub-District E, Division 2, Page Number 64, Household Number 299.

Harmon HORNING, married, German, age 41, born Ontario, Farmer, Methodist Canada.

Eliza J. HORNING, German, age 44, born Ontario, Methodist Canada.

Mary C. HORNING, German, age 9, born Ontario, Methodist Canada.

Ada E. HORNING, German, age 3, born Ontario, Methodist Canada.

NOTE:  There are several HORNING families in this vicinity.


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NELSON                 *NELSON Family Name Search

Family Bible



Born Sep 13 1848.

Wife Betsey NELSON

Born July 22 1861.

Married Feb 22 1883.


Died Nov 14 1915.


Died Feb 13 1928.


Carl August - March 3 1884.

Anna Amalia - March 3 1884.

Esther Elisabeth - Sep 13 1885.

John Albert - April 1 1886.

Hulda Adina - April 25 1888.

Alma Mary - May 24 1889.

Nels Palmer - April 6 1891.

Edith Lovisa - Feb 20 1893.

Fred Aster - April 14 1895.

Mabel Vicktoria - Feb 25 1897.

Mildred Alvera - July 18 1898.

Wilham Victor - Feb 25 1897.

Mable & Wilhem are twins.


(the spouse's name are written really tiny so very difficult to make out in the photos)



Anna Amalia



Esther Elizabeth - Nov 24 1906.


Jennerette GOODWILL ??

John Albert - Jan 1 1920.


A. M. S?????

Alma Mary - Nov 26 1913.



Nels Palmer - Oct 18th 1913.



Mildred Alvera - Aug 15 1920.


PAGE                      *PAGE Family Name Search

Family Bible


One page reads: 


Married at Madison Indiana December 22nd 1835 by Revd G. TAYLOR

Coffin Otis PAGE & Eveline Burgess ROBINSON


Married at Madison, Indiana April 28th 1857 by Rev. W. W. ATTERBERRY Thomas A. CUNNINGHAM & Mary I. PAGE.


Married at Madison Indiana February 14th 1882 by Dr. Samuel WILSON, Legrand Franklin POWELL and Nellie CUNNINGHAM.


Page is cut off here in photo.

One page reads: 


Coffin O. PAGE born July 17 1812.

Eveline R. ROBINSON born January 7 1817.

Mary Iann PAGE born Oct 27 1836 at Madison Indiana.

Anna PAGE born Sept 12 1838.

Page is cut off here in photo.

One page reads: 


Anna PAGE died 21 May 1850 at Madison Ind., age Eleven years, eight months and nine days.


Coffin O. PAGE died 22 July 1857 at Madison Indiana.

Page is cut off here in photo.


Charles CUNNINGHAM died at Madison, Indiana.

Charles Otis PAGE died at Wichita Kansas.

Frank CUNNINGHAM, died at Wichita Kansas.

Frank L. POWELL died at Gulfport Mississippi.

Eveline Burgess ROBINSON PAGE died at Madison Indiana.

James Andrew CUNNINGHAM died at Louisville, KY

Annie PAGE died at Wichita Kansas.

Footnotes:  Names shown above without dates were stated by seller but photos of the actual death pages were not shown.  The dates are most likely on those pages.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

3rd Ward, Madison, Jefferson Co, IN, Page 137C

Evaline PAGE, age 60, born MD, Keeping House, parents born MD.

Otis C. PAGE, other, age 28, born IN, Hardware Merchant, parents born MD.

Anna PAGE, age 25, born IN, at home, parents born MD.


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SILVUS                            *SILVUS Family Name Search

1830 Family Bible

Inside front cover and written in blue ink reads:

William SILVUS, 1845.

Written in childlike pencil below it is written: 

Maggie L. SILVUS.

Handwritten on a sheet of note paper and included inside the Bible reads:

The Family Record

William SILVUS was born January the 29 1817.

Phebe Ann SILVUS was born September the 26 1820.

Sophia SILVUS was born June the 17 1841.

Josiah SILVUS was born August the 22nd 1846.

Uriah SILVUS was born May the 10 1847.

Jeremiah SILVUS was born June the 23 1849.

Zachariah SILVUS was born August 29 1851.

Samuel SILVUS was born December 20 1856.

The Death Record

Zachariah SILVUS died June 10 1852.

Samuel Harvey SILVUS died November 6 1869.

William SILVUS died April the 7 1873.

Josiah SILVUS died March the 26 1882.

Phebe Ann SILVUS died Jan the 12 1887, aged 67 years.

Sophia SILVUS died May 2 (rest of this page is cut off in photo).


Same family below but names in the 1879 Bible are spelled SILVIUS.

SILVIUS                 *SILVIUS Family Name Search

1879 Family Bible



William SILVIUS and Phebe Ann HUFF were married June the 10th 1840.

Josiah SILVIUS and Amanda SMITH were married June 1867.

Uriah SILVIUS and Ada O. GRAY were married October the 26th 1871.

Jeremiah SILVIUS and Hannah S. GOLIDAY were married March the 2 1870.

Grace O. SILVIUS and J. Ben BAKER were married April 12 1903.

Maggie G. SILVIUS and John H. PHILLIPS were married March 11, 1913.


Zachariah SILVIUS died June the 10th 1852.

Samuel Henry SILVIUS died November the 6th 1869.

William SILVIUS died April the 7th 1873.

Josiah SILVIUS died March the 26th 1882.

Edith SILVIUS died August the (blank) 1884.

Ada O. SILVIUS died January the 17th 1887.

Phoebe Ann SILVIUS died Jan the 12 1888.

Jeremiah SILVIUS died March 29 1904.

Sophia SILVIUS died May 27 1912.

Alvie William SILVIUS died January 1 1918.


Same family above but names in the 1830 Bible are spelled SILVUS.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Marksville, Page Co, VA, Page 368A

Uriah SILVIOUS, age 33, born VA, Plasterer, parents born VA.

Ada O. SILVIOUS, age 28, born VA, Keeps House, parents born VA.

Julia I. SILVIOUS, dau, age 5, born VA, parents born VA.

Mary L. O. SILVIOUS, dau, age 3, born VA, parents born VA.

Bessie O. SILVIOUS, dau, age 1, born VA, parents born VA.


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SWAIN                    *SWAIN Family Name Search

Family Bible

Handwritten on blank flyleaf:

Property of Edward & Edna SWAIN.

Christmas 1932.

From John & Modesta BRUGGEMAN.

Handwritten on blank page before the Family Record Page:

Husband - Edward Fithian SWAIN

Born - November 28 1897 - Middletown, Ohio.

Son of Harry F. SWAIN and Mary E. BYRNE SWAIN.

Wife Edna Catherine HALL.

Born - January 26, 1903 - Middletown, Ohio.

Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth WEISHARR HALL.

Married on September 1925.

In Holy Trinity Church Middletown, Ohio.

By Rev. James F. McNARY


Husband Edward Fithian SWAIN

Born on November 28 1897 in Middletown, Ohio.

Son of Harry SWAIN and Edna C. HALL.


Born Jan 26, 1903 Middletown, Ohio.

Father - Dec. 1873, Middletown, Ohio. (This entry written as if an afterthought, presumably the father of Mary E. BYRNE SWAIN).

Mother - Jan 11, 1873. (This entry written as if an afterthought, presumably the mother of Mary E. BYRNE SWAIN).

Daughter of Edward and Elizabeth HALL.

Married on Sept 30 1925 in Holy Trinity Church, Middletown, Ohio.


Mary E. BYRNE SWAIN - Mother & Grandmother Died February 5 1933.

Edward HALL Died Nov 21 1912 Father & Grandfather.

Dorothy Ann MORRIS - Age 7 Died Apr. 1934.

Frank H. SWAIN Died Feb 14th 1942 @ 3:15 A. M. Father & Grandfather.

Elizabeth (HALL) YOUNG Died Jan 20 1948.

Edward Fithian SWAIN - Father & Grandfather Died December 1 1964 at ?:?? A.M.

Page is cut off here is in photo, could be more entries.

Newspaper clipping inside Bible:

Ashley Nichole has her first birthday (cute photo was included).

Ashley Nichole JOHNSON celebrated her first birthday Aug. 18.

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. JOHNSON of Sweetwater.  Grandparents are Robbie JOHNSON and Norma DIXON, all of Sweeter and K. D. MOSER, Madisonville. 

Footnote:  There were 3 obituaries clipped from newspapers but were illegible in the photos provided by seller.

NOTE It seems as if the information on the FAMILY RECORD page was changed or corrected ?? on the handwritten page preceding it above.


THOMPSON / AULT          *THOMPSON Family Name Search

Family Bible                        *AULT Family Name Search



Mrs. Eunice EPPINGER - THOMSON Died July 2 1910 - Date of Marriage Nov. 25 1909.


Mrs. Criss THOMPSON Died April 19??.

Mrs. Wm. THOMPSON Died Oct. 24 1914.  Born Feb 10th 1856.

Paul Uriah AULT - Born Nov 4 1914.  Died Nov. 24 1914.

James Daniel AULT Died Jan 28 1917.

Grover AULT Died Feb 13th 1917.

Wm. THOMPSON Born Aug. 10th 1858.  Died Sept 24 1921.

William John THOMPSON Born Dec 24 1884.  Died Feb 20 1935.

Footnote:  Seller states: Includes several pressed dried flowers, notes and paper clippings.  Both spellings of "THOMPSON" were seen in the Bible as shown in the above transcription.


VINAL                 *VINAL Family Name Search

Family Bible


James Bingham VINAL born January 7th 1824.

Mary Thomas VINAL born March 3rd 1826.

Sarah Ellms VINAL born May 31 1828.

Hannah Crehore VINAL born January 7 1830.

Thomas May VINAL born September 25 1837.

Henry Glover VINAL born March 10 1839.

Cordelia Turner VINAL born July 23 1842.

Anna Eldorah VINAL born July 30th 1844.


Seller states:  Antique family Bible dated 1832 with 4 pages of written family history. The names I found listed are Vinal, Litchfield and Delano. I also found a bunch of inserts that appear to be school awards for the same family during the years listed which appear to run from the 1820's to the 1880's


1880 United States Federal Census Records show several of these family members in Plymouth County, MA.


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