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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Barker, Beacher, Bilbe, Blair, Brooks, Buckalew, Carpenter, Clark, Davis, Folger, Green, Hagy, Hall, Higgins, Kenady, Martin, Miller, Noris, Pendleton, Pitts, Read, Rexford, Saunders, Shipman, Smith, Stith, Teague, Thompson, Tiney, Elizabeth Tiney, Tingly, Trell, Wheeler, Wiley, Yelk

BARKER Family      *BARKER Family Name Search

Bible Pages in Box

Stephen B. BARKER was born April 1 1828.

Catherine S. BARKER was born April 23rd 1833.

Lafayette BARKER was born July 28th 1852.

Jefferson BARKER was born August 27th 1854.

Ida Jenna BARKER was born July 6th 1857.

Thankful BARKER was born July 16, 1862.

Lafayette BARKER died Sept. 12th, 1853

Thankful  BARKER died February 8th 1871.

Pamelia BARKER died Dec 14th 1870?.

There is another page which I can't make out entries from photo but seller said:  S. B. BARKER married Catharine SMITH March 28, 1850 by Elder Levi REXFORD.

Footnote:  This was offered as 2 old family Bible pages contained in a beautiful handmade wooden box with the name S. B. Barker inscribed on top.  1880 Federal Census records show this family in Busti, Chautaugua, NY.

BLAIR Family Bible      *BLAIR Family Name Search

(pub. 1866)

One page reads:

William BLAIR was born Nov the 18 1822 AD.  

Elizabeth J. TINEY was born Dec. the 28 1839 AD.

Joshuaway Robert

Goodlow harper Fair

Telmer Cred BLAIR was born Feb the 10 185?.

Marget Lagrand BLAIR was born June the 29 186?,

Zoe Isabelle STITH was born March 12 - 1871.

Another page reads:

J. Robert BLAIR and Zoe Isabelle STITH were married Oct 22nd 1895.

William Robert BLAIR was born Sept 29 1896.

Lady G. TEAGUE and Harry W. BILBE were married July 18 - 1897.

Virginia BLAIR was born July 21st 1898.

Jessie Lee HAGY Jr. was born Aug 1st 1908 at Glengard, Virginia.  Died Nov. 27 1942 in Nashville Tenn. of Brain operation.

William BLAIR was married to Elizabeth J. TINEY January the ?? ????.

W. W. TEAGUE was married to E. J. BLAIR April the 26th 1868.

Lady Gay TEAGUE was born May 27th 1871.

Grant Darling TEAGUE born Nov 29 1885 ??.

Another page reads: 

William BLAIR died a prisoner of war in the U.S. garrison in the state of NY Elmyra prison in the fall of 1864.

Footnotes: Elizabeth J. TINEY is listed in the TINEY Bible below as the daughter of Richard and Sarah M. TINEY.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at It shows Elizabeth J. TINEY BLAIR TEAGUE and family in 1880.


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Columbiana, Shelby Co, Alabama.

Elizabeth Y. TEAGUE, age 40, born AL.

J. Robert B. TEAGUE, age 21, born AL.  

Lady G. TEAGUE, age 8, born AL.

Maggie D. TEAGUE, age 4, born AL.


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BUCKALEW Family Bible      *BUCKALEW Family Name Search

(pub. 1871)


Evan W. BUCKALEW and Emma STAMETS was Joined in the holy Bonds of Matrimony June 21st 1871.


Charles S. BUCKALEW Was Bourn June 23rd 1872.

Jennie E. BUCKALEW Was Bourn Oct. 11th 1881.

CARPENTER Family Bible     *CARPENTER Family Name Search

(pub. 1867)


Edward A. CARPENTER and


April 11th 1868.


Edward A. CARPENTER Born July 22nd 1846.

Effie Y. BROOKS Born Jan 12th 1850.

Albert Eugene CARPENTER Born Sept 28th 1868.


Gene CARPENTER Died November 22nd 1872

Age 4 years 2 months & 24 days.

Edward A. CARPENTER died November 12, 1914

Age 68 years 3 months and 21 days.

Effie F. CARPENTER died Nov 15, 1935

Age 85 years 10 months and 3 days.

Footnote:  Edward and Effie are found in the 1880 Federal Census of Royalston, Worcester, NH.  They did not have any children on that census.  It seems they only had one child and he died at age 4.....sad.

HIGGINS Family Bible     *HIGGINS Family Name Search

Ellen HIGGINS born June 25 1836.

Ellen HIGGINS born June 4 1838.

Granvill HIGGINS born September 11 1840.

Edwin HIGGINS born Dec. 11 1842.

Charles Edwin HIGGINS born June 3 1845.

Frances Ursula HIGGINS born June 7 1847.

Mary Eliza HIGGINS born Nov. 9 1849

Samuel L. HIGGINS born Dec 27 1851.

Wm. H. HIGGINS born May 3 1854.

Fred Stone HIGGINS born Dec. 7 1856.

(more entries but photo cuts off bottom of page.)


Ellen HIGGINS Died August 25 1837.

Edwin HIGGINS Died March 26 1844.

Granvill HIGGINS Died Feb 8th 1874.

Frederick S. HIGGINS died Nov 28th 1880.

Samuel L. HIGGINS Died March 1881.

Asenath B. HIGGINS Died May 20th 1886.

William H. HIGGINS Died Sept 28th 1889.

Dennis HIGGINS (photo cuts off rest of page).

READ Family Bible      *READ Family Name Search

(pub. 1841)

Noah READ married Lucy READ April 25 1820.

Thomas READ married Eunice HALL Sept 5 1849.

Josephus READ married Ann Maria KENADY Oct. 6 1847.

Cyrus MARTIN married Caroline Bowen READ Nov 12 1824. < (unreadable notation about this date).

Josephus F. READ married Harriet E. NORIS Jan 15 1873.

Josephus F. READ (Frank READ) married Nelly Arletta CLARK August 1891.

Laurie May READ married Royal Bogle ?? TINGLY.


Thomas READ (age 58) and wife Eunice HALL (age 49) are found in the 1880 Federal census of Seekonk, Bristol Co, MA.  Living with them are Alonzo HALL (age 60), listed as brother-in-law and Miranda HALL (age 82), listed as mother-in-law.  Also in household is Reiavilla M. DAVIS (age 43).  Next household reveals Caroline MARTIN, whom I suspect is the Caroline READ above who married Cyrus MARTIN.

Another page reads:

Peter FOLGER Born October 4th 1737.

His Wife Judeth born 28th July 1739.

Judeth His Wife Died January 25th 1799.

Peter FOLGER Died 13th Sept. 1808.

Deborah FOLGER Born April 6th 1762.

Deborah FOLGER Died May 30th 1783.

She left a son six months old.

Judith FOLGER Born August 23 1763.  And Died 30th May 1802.

Susanna FOLGER Born October 7th 1765.

Peter FOLGER Born July ??, 1769.

Margaret FOLGER Born Sept 25 1770.

And Died January ?? 1825.

Elizabeth FOLGER Born Sept. 26 1772.

And Died 30th October 1774.

Zack FOLGER Born July 25th 1774.

Charles FOLGER Born October 1? 1776.

???i?h FOLGER Born ??? 8 1778.

Sally FOLGER Born ??.

Deborah FOLGER Born Aug. ?? 1787.


This page was hard to read at bottom of photo.  This page seems out of place in this Bible.  I am wondering if this page was from another Bible and part of this family or got mixed in this Bible as it is a handwritten sheet and not attached to Bible.  It might not even be part of this family.  For what is it worth, I DID locate several FOLGER families in the 1880 census of Bristol Co, MA.

SAUNDERS Family Bible    *SAUNDERS Family Name Search

(pub. 1869)

Livingston Co NY

Mr. P. R. SAUNDERS Born June 27th 1835.

His death date too faint to read.

Columbia Co NY

Miss Elizabeth BEACHER Born July ?? 1837.

Died November 9th 1897.

Joshua SAUNDERS Born Sept 10 1857.

Jerry SAUNDERS July 8th 1859.

Mary SAUNDERS April 27th 1861.

Charles SAUNDERS Dec. 24th 1862.

Laura SAUNDERS Sept 17th 1864.

Jennie SAUNDERS Oct 24th or 29th 1868.

William SAUNDERS Oct 13th 1870.

Ella SAUNDERS July 14th 1873.

Burt SAUNDERS July 22nd 1875.

Edward SAUNDERS July 22nd 1845.

David SAUNDERS May 6th 1880.

(more entries cut off in photo).

Another page is too blurry in photo to read but I can make out names: Gilbert Edwin MILLER, Floyd Earnest MILLER born at Bisbee, NY.  Cecil ???? MILLER born in town of Prattsburg, NY.


This family is found in 1880 Federal Census records in West Union, Steuben Co, NY.

SHIPMAN Family Bible      *SHIPMAN Family Name Search

(pub. 1854)

F. Benedict SHIPMAN Born June 15, 1826.

Mary Ann PITTS Born Oct. 19, 1827.

Ambrose C. SHIPMAN Jan. 24, 1850.

Cora Ella BOWEN Oct. 4, 1852.

May SHIPMAN June 9, 1873. 

(more entries but page is cut off in photo).

There is also a paper in the Bible with a letterhead on top.  It says:


Livery Establishment

57 Irving Place between 17th and 19 Streets.

THOMPSON Family Bible    *THOMPSON Family Name Search

First entries are so faint I can't read them very well in the photo:

Sarah ????? THOMPSON born Aug ?????.

George Andrew THOMPSON born Oct 20 or 24 1853 or 1852.

Frank Alston THOMPSON born June ?, 1855.

Francis Mary THOMPSON born ???. 28th 1857.

Annie K??? THOMPSON born Oct 1st 1859.

Lila Grace Denison THOMPSON born Nov. 7th 1862.

Nellie May THOMPSON born June 28, 1865.

Morris Alston PENDLETON born Oct 24 1880

Maud Eliza PENDLETON born Dec. 3 1882.

Richard M??? THOMPSON born April 14 1883.

Fannie Thompson PENDLETON born May 16 1884.

Sco?? Christine THOMPSON born August 2? 1884.

Nancy Quince WHEELER born Dec 1 1885.

Frank Thompson WHEELER born Feb. 6 1890.

Lucy Adams PENDLETON born May 18 1892.

Olga Marie THOMPSON born March 18 1893.

Ruth Gladys THOMPSON born July 30 1893.

Olive Christine PENDLETON June 7th 1895.(born)

Anna Amy WHEELER ??? 1st 1895.

Footnote:  This family found in 1880 Federal census of North Stonington, New London, CT.  The births listed are children and grandchildren of Samuel THOMPSON and Francis M. GREEN.

TINEY Family Bible      *TINEY Family Name Search

(pub. 1842)

Richard TINEY and Sarah M. TINEY was married of January the 27th 1839 AD.

Elizabeth Jane TINEY was borned of December 24th AD 1839.

Jonas Lefayett of April the 2 AD 1842.

William Robert TINEY was borned of January 23rd AD 1845.

mistake. James Lefayett TINEY was born of April the 2 AD 1842.

WILEY Family Bible      *WILEY Family Name Search

(pub. 1903)

William C. WILEY was born August 12 in the year of Our Lord 1914.

Elizza O. WILEY was born November 20 in the year of Our Lord 1912.

Burneda June WILEY was born April 7 in the year of Our Lord 1919.

Frances Lucetta WILEY was born Nov 9th 1922.

YELK Family Bible      *YELK Family Name Search

(pub. 1872)

John YELK was born on the 31st day of May 1839.  and was Baptized the 26th day of January 1840 In Robeson Township, Berks County ???????.

Justina TRELL was born the 17th day of February 1844 and was Baptized by Pastor GILBERT the 31st day of March 1844, was confirmed in the Evangelistical Lutheran Church of Robeson in Robeson Township, Berks County, Penn on Saturday November 12th 1844 by Benj. D. S????.

Sarah Ellen was born on the 25th day of October 1865 and was Baptized on the 15th day of August 1866.

Lillie Ida was born on the 3rd day of September 1867 and was Baptized by Pastor A. L. HARRISON on the ?? day of January 1868.

Footnote:  This family is found in the 1880 Federal census of Brecknock, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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