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Cherokee County, Alabama Bible Records

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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Alexander, Basford, Cooper, Cowan, Davis, Dobens / Dobbins, Eckhardt, Ferrell, Gannon, Hayes, Hedges, Hewitt, Hope, Horn, Hovey, Jones, Keene, Lewis, Little, McBroom, Moder, Pettingill, Riggs, Sanborn, Seager, Slocum, Steward, Styles, Tenpenny, Woodhull

BASFORD / SANBORN       *BASFORD Family Name Search

Family  Bible                          *SANBORN Family Name Search



Mary BASFORD died Oct 3 1883.

John C, RIGGS died Dec.

George B. SANBORN died Oct 13 1886.

Marcia B. RIGGS died Oct 7 1887.

David BASFORD died Jan 26 1891.

Elizabeth BASFORD died Nov 8 1891.

Herman L. BASFORD died June 19 1892.

Mahala T. BASFORD died June 20 1893.

Ernest D. BASFORD died Oct 1920.

Birdena L. HEWETT died Sept 25 1921.

Wallace E. SANBORN died Nov 4 1921.

George H. MODER died July 7 1913.

Albert L. BASFORD died Apr 29 1907.

James Lendall BASFORD (blank)


Seller stated there are filled in marriage and birth pages in this Bible as well although no photos were shown.

COOPER                   *COOPER Family Name Search

Family  Bible


Bible belonged to Joseph John COOPER of Connecticut.  His son Rev. Joseph John COOPER had a parish in Norwich, Connecticut and later changed to a parish in West Randolf, Vermont.


Sarah COOPER born February 25 1847.

Mary Ann COOPER born August 8 1852.

Emma Julia COOPER born February 1 1856.

Joseph John COOPER born January 2 1859.

Rose Beatrice COOPER born March 10 1863.

Eliza COOPER born March 20 1866.

Louisa COOPER born July 17 1869.

Joseph Thompson COOPER born January 31 1824.

Mary COOPER born August 20 1827.

Sarah SEAGER born November 30 1807.


Joseph Thompson COOPER died February 21 1895.

Sarah SEAGER died January 24 1871.

John SEAGER died September 27 1881.

Arthur Henry TRAVERSE died April 11 1876.


Seller stated there are more entries under deaths but she did not include these.  There is also a Marriages page which was not shown.  Also included in the Bible were various newspaper clippings and announcements.  Bible was offered on Ebay in March 2004 by an-tee-quesoldstuff


EDKHARDT                   *ECKHARDT Family Name Search

Family  Bible




Husband: Henry ECKHARDT

Born April 12th 1854.

Wife: Virginia N. KEENE

Born Nov. 4th 1856.

Married December 25th 1874.


HORN                   *HORN Family Name Search

Family  Bible


Anah M. HORN was born July 23 66.

William W. HORN was born March 27 68.

Josephine S. HORN was born Dec 2 1873.

Hety A. HORN wife of William HORN died May the 4th 1870.

Warren Andrew HORN was born September the 7th 1869, died February the 10th 1870.


Found in the Wabash, Indiana area.

LEWIS                   *LEWIS Family Name Search

Family  Bible


See the actual images from this Bible!



John LEWIS - August 4th 1858.

Emma LEWIS - April 3rd 1860.

Elsebeth LEWIS - December 24th 1862.

Alice LEWIS - January 25th 1865.

Isaac LEWIS - January 15th 1869.

Samuel LEWIS - January 2nd 1876.

Mar??? LEWIS - January 5th 1879.


Seller stated: "Bible of the Lewis family with family register. It apparently belonged to a Samuel and Amelia Lewis or perhaps to their son and his family and I'm told they at one time lived in the area of Greene (Xenia) County, Ohio. The register contains births deaths and marriages and between the pages are pressed leaves and flowers, a very old and colorful bookmark, two church membership certificates for two of the children, and other items."


LITTLE                   *LITTLE Family Name Search

Family  Bible


See the actual images from this Bible!


One handwritten page reads:

May 21 1728 Enoch LITTLE born.

Sept. 6 1731 Sarah PETTINGILL born.

Feb. 19 1755 Married.

Jan 19 1756 Friend LITTLE born.

Feb. 19 1757 Mary LITTLE born .  Died July 1807.

March 10 1758 Sarah wife of E. LITTLE died.

Feb. 27 1734 Hannah HOVEY born.

June 5 1759 married.

April 13 1760 Benjamin LITTLE born.

May 30 1761 Joseph LITTLE born.

Jan 17 1763 Enoch LITTLE born.

Sept. 3 1764 Hannah LITTLE born.  Died Oct. 17 1764.

March 15 1801 Hannah wife of E. LITTLE Died.

Oct. 21 1816 Enoch LITTLE Died.


LYNES                   *LYNES Family Name Search

Bible Page



Joseph LYNES - December the 21st 1818.

Wm. ?? LYNES - January the 2nd 1821.

Rhoda LYNES - April the 20th 1819.

David LYNES - January the 3rd 1826.

Polly LYNES - Dec the 31 1828.

Sally LYNES - January the 1st 1829.

Samuel LYNES - January the 22nd 1834.


Seller stated:



McBROOM             *McBROOM Family Name Search

Family Bible


See the actual images from this Bible!



John McBROOM was born Nov the 20th 1828.

Roxannah ALEXANDER Oct 29th 1829. (looks as though penciled in at a later date between these two entries.)

Margaret FERRELL was born Aug. the 13th 1833.


Robt McBROOM was born Aug the 19th 1864.

Martha McBROOM was born Nov the 10th 1865.

J. G. McBROOM was born Jan the 12th 1867.

Alta ???? McBROOM was born July the 31st 1869.

T. ?. McBROOM was born Feb the 1st 1872.

Estella McBROOM was born Mar the 12th 1875.

Amanda McBROOM was born Dec ?? 1876.

F. McBROOM was born Nov 22 1878.

Handwritten on 2 blank pages and much information cut off in the photos.  

This is what I can make out of it:

Page 1

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - January 26 1826.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - March 22 1827.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - November 24 1828.

Henry McBROOM  - June 22 1830.

Abel McBROOM - June 14 1832.

Nathan McBROOM - July 25 1834.

Alexander D. McBROOM  - November 28 1838.

Elizabeth Jane McBROOM - August 25 1841.

J. Chambers McBROOM - June 10 1843.

Elizabeth McBROOM - January 17 1863.

Brothers and Sisters

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - August 23 1782.

Elizabeth McBROOM - March 1 1782.

? D. McBROOM - January 8 1786.

? McBROOM - September 28 1787.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - June 8 1789.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - April 5 1791.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - January 31 1773.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - March 13 1775.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - January 3 1842.

(cut off in photo) McBROOM - June 14 1843.

Page 2

John DOBENS - (cut off in photo)

Alexander DOBENS - November 8th 1747.

Henry DOBENS - June 11 1751.

James DOBENS - February 5 1753.

Jane DOBENS - July 17 1754.

Mary DOBENS - January 27 1756.

Hugh DOBENS - May 25 1757.

Abner ?? DOBENS - January 28 1759.

Rosannah DOBENS - October 6 1760.

Elizabeth DOBENS - July 21 1762.

Catharine DOBENS - March 18 1764. 

Margaret DOBENS - September 16 1766.

Rebecca DOBENS - October 8 1768.

*Editors note: These are probably supposed to be DOBBINS.

Jane McBROOM - July 17 17(cut off in photo)

Robert COWAN - July 17 (cut off in photo)

Alexander DOBBIN - November 30 (cut off in photo)

Clement A. DAVIS - November 12 (cut off in photo)

Elizabeth JONES - November 23 (cut off in photo)

Jonathan J. DAVIS - October 26 (cut off in photo)

William H. DAVIS - December 15 (cut off in photo)


Alexander McBROOM

Elizabeth COWAN

Married March 13th 1823.


Jonathan JONES

Elizabeth McBROOM 

Married July 24th 1828.


Clement Reed DAVIS

Elizabeth JONES

Married December 29th 1838.



Francis HAYES

Married April 4th 1841.




Married August 12 1856.


Nathan McBROOM


Married December 11th 1856.




Married November 16 1848.


Alexander McBROOM

Rachel A. HOPE

Married July 13 1864.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

District 2, Cannon County, Tennessee, Page 470

Numerous entries for these families.


* Try's Census Images for FREE!

SLOCUM             *SLOCUM Family Name Search

Family Bible


1 small snippet from one page in this Bible was shown on Ebay.


George N. SLOCUM born Dec. 30, 1815

Lucy M. SLOCUM born Mar. 3rd, 1820.

Abbie M. SLOCUM born Wednesday, Jan. 22nd, 1840.

Helen U. SLOCUM born Thursday, Aug. 28, 1841.

Franc A. SLOCUM born Jan. 24, 1845.

Page cut off here, there were more.


This came from a 2 volume set of 1827 Scott Bibles.  Bible was located in Boston.  Sold to Ebay user ID treasures_of_old on March 24, 2004.


STYLES             *STYLES Family Name Search

Bible Page


See the actual images from this Bible!


FATHER: Alan Martin STYLES Born Septemb. 10, 1888.

MOTHER: Bessie McLean STYLES Born October 21, 1890.

Married Alan Martin STYLES to Bessie McLEAN Dec. 25, 1912.



Bessie Evelyne STYLES Born November 28, 1914.

Alan Frederick STYLES Born August 17, 1916.

Elizabeth Ruth STYLES Born May 22, 1921.

George Richard STYLES Born January 31, 1925.

John Francis STYLES Born April 28, 1927.  Died May 13, 1927.


Seller stated: "The Bible belonged to the family of Alan Martin Styles and his wife Bessie McLean Styles of Kingston, Ulster County, New York and there is a family register including dates of events in the family and births of their children and one of their children's deaths"

WOODHULL             *WOODHULL Family Name Search

Family Bible


See the actual images from this Bible!


Handwritten on front endpaper:

William WOODHULL his Bible

bought December 10th 1793 - Price paid ???? in full.

In the Township of Roxbury, County of Morris and State of New Jersey - from Daniel STEWARD.

Handwritten on blank page:

William WOODHULL born December the 3rd Day A.D. 1741.

Elizabeth HEDGES his Wife born March 27th A.D. 1749.

Wee were married the 3rd Day of May A.D. 1767.

Our Son William born the 3rd Day of June in 1768.

Our Son Jeremiah born the 22nd Day of June 1770.

Our Daughter Elizabeth born the 22nd Day of February 1772.

Our Son John born the 25th Day of April 1774.

Our Daughter Hannah born the 22nd Day of August 1776.

Our Son Henry Hedges born the 11th Day of July 1779.

Our Daughter Temperance born the 22nd Day of January 1782.

Our Daughter Mary Sophia born the 24th Day of September 1784.

Our Daughter Mehitobel ?? born the 26th Day of June 1787.

Our Son Caleb Gilbert born the 30th Day of October 1792.


Our Daughter Hannah departed this life the 18th day of April 1809.

Our Son Henry Hedges departed this life the 14th day of February 1813.

Our Son Caleb Gilbert departed this life the 8th Day of August 1814.

William WOODHULL Departed this Life October 24th 1824.

Son Jeremiah WOODHULL Departed this life October 30th - 55th year of his age 1824.


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