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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Adams, Andrews, Beveridge, Blauvelt, Booblitz, Bublitz, Burdick, Charsh, Cobb, Coddington, Cole, Cook, Covey, Croonquist, Davis, Doran, Fitz Randolph, Force, Furneaux, Gordon, Green, Hamm, Hancock, Harned, Harrison, Jacobs, Jennings, Jenson, Libby, Long, Mann, McMonigle, Marlatt, Metzger, Mundy, Nabeck, Natole, Ogden, Randolph, Rider, Seymour, Stover, Summers, Thompson, Warner, Winkelblack, Wright

BUBLITZ Family Bible     *BUBLITZ Family Name Search

(German Bible pub. 1844 NY)


Louise Elizabeth BUBLITZ (a line I can't make out)

7 August 1853.

Earl Francis BUBLITZ

Monday the 12th November 1855.


Jenn BUBLITZ ????????? 1858.

Anna Margaret BOOBLITZ ?????? 18 1862 Pittsgrove Upper M?????.

Ella or Etta Linde BOOBLITZ Lunenburg, Morgan ?? 15th May 1866.

Footnotes:  There is much I can't read and I don't know how much of this data transcript is correct.  Places: Morgan?  Pittsgrove Upper.  Lonnenberg?

BURDICK Family Bible    *BURDDICK Family Name Search

Willard B. BURDICK of Syracuse and Sarah L. JOHNSON of Central Syracuse on May 229 1862 at Caughdenzey ?? by Mr. GUTCHESS, Esq.

Witnesses: James CARROLL

Mary ??????

Footnotes: Seller states: There is a section on Marriages, Births and Deaths that reference the following surnames: Burdick, Johnson, Cole, Seymour, Doran, Beveridge and Blauvelt with birth dates going back to 1840

COBB Family Bible     *COBB Family Name Search

(pub. 1845)


See the actual images from this Bible!



Harriet H. COBB born January 1st 1842.

Alice E. COBB born March 1st 1844.

Laura J. COBB born October 1st 1845.

Lemuel COBB born May 14th 1847.

John H. COBB born August 9th 1847.

Sarah F. COBB born 1851.

Henry H. COBB born 1854.

Eugene H. COBB born 1856.



Mr. John K. COBB died July 28 1858 aged 40 years.

Mrs. Harriet COBB died May 16th 1904.

Lemuel COBB died 1910.


A quick search turned up the family in the following resource:

John Kempton COBB Jr. in Ancestry World Trees Database.

Seller states:  Bible was purchased in Cambridge, MA but there is no mention of location in the records.  There are more records in the Bible.  Seller did not provide photos of all data.  Newspaper clippings included in the Bible identify the owner as John Kempton COBB born in 1818 Plymouth, MA and married Harriet RIDER of Plymouth, MA in 1845.

Purchaser of this Bible has Ebay ID of fordphun.

COOK Family Bible     *COOK Family Name Search

(pub. 1815)

Sally COOK her book.

Mabel COOK departed this life February 25th 1817.

Aged 59 years, 9 days.

Sally COOK died Thursday May 10 1855.

Polly GREEN died Sept 17 1854.

Jacob GREEN died June 18 1854 Sunday.

Samuel COOK died December 30th 1861.

Elizabeth COOK died Jan 1 1874.

Sarah CODDINGTON died June 28 1871.

Mary WARNER died Dec 1872.

Wm. CODDINGTON died Jan 4 1874.

Handwritten on last page:

Thus far the Lord God led me on

Thus for his power prolong my day

and every evening shall make known

Love fresh memorial of his grace.

Jan 6 1816.

Newspaper clipping:

William CODDINGTON, age 63 years.

Coddington-at San Francisco, Cal., on Jan. 4th, 1874.  Funeral services will be held at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Eliza STENSON, no. 170 Belleville Ave., on Friday, March 27, at 8 o'clock A. M.  The remains will be conveyed to Hanover, Morris County, N.J., for interment.


Bible is owned by Maryann COOK GUINN.

COVEY Family Bible    *COVEY Family Name Search



Hiram G. COVEY was born March 31st AD 1830.


Margaret MARLATT was born July 19th AD 1833.

Hiram G. COVEY and Margaret MARLATT were married November 10th 1853 or 1851 ??


Bible was found in Saginaw, Michigan area.

Seller doesn't state if there are other family record pages in Bible.

Family located in 1880 Census of Holly, Oakland Co, MI.

Hiram G. COVEY, age 50, born NY.

Margaret COVEY, age 47, born MI.

Ella COVEY, age 25, born MI.

Phillip COVEY, age 19, born MI.

*MARLATT families are also found in Oakland Co, MI 1880 census records.

CROONQUIST Family Bible    *CROONQUIST Family Name Search

One of the front pages reads: The Family Bible of Mabel HARRISON CROONQUIST and Alfred CROONQUIST

Married in Livingston, Mont. Dec 26, 1888.

Footnote: Seller mentions no other family records in this Bible.  The CROONQUIST family lived in Minnesota.

FURNEAUX Family Bible    *FURNEAUX Family Name Search

Presentation page: 

Presented to Thomas FURNEAUX

by his loving Father & Mother Douglas ????.

Baptismal Certificate: 

This Certifies that Edgar Frederick child of Thomas and Sarah J. FURNEAUX born 10th day of June 1910 in Lawrence


in the Riverside Church in the city of Lawrence, in the state of Mass. this eleventh day of September 1910.

By me, Ernest C. DAVIS,

Pastor of Riverside Cong'l Church.

JENSON Family Bible     *JENSON Family Name Search

(pub. 1891)

Henry William JENSON of Cashton, Wis.

Julie Margaret THOMPSON of Cashton, Wis.

were united in Holy Matrimony on 29th day of May, in the year 1915 at Cashton, Wis.


Blestine Rebecca

Marsin William

Forrest Levi

Alden Leo

Donald David

Walter Jerome



Lenore Cherice D???????

????? ??? CHARSH

Matilda La Von JENNINGS

Footnote:  This is very difficult to read and seller doesn't state if there are more entries.

LIBBY Family Bible    *LIBBY Family Name Search


Frank C. LIBBY and Blanche ADAMS were united in Holy Matrimony on Thursday the 27 day of July 1893 at Marion, Oregon.


Welford ? LIBBY May 17th 1894.

Harley H. LIBBY Sept 18th 1895.

Cecil H. LIBBY Dec 14th 1903.

Leslie E. LIBBY July 9th 1907.

Eleanor F. LIBBY Dec 7th 1911.

Footnotes:  This is the only page seller offered a photo of.  I am sure there are more in this Bible as seller states that dates go back to 1840.


1900 Census shows Marion Co, OR, ED 141, Sheet 11A.

Frank C. Libby, head, W, M, born July 1860, age 39, born MO, father born ME, mother born IL, farmer.

Blanche Libby, wife, F, W, born Sept. 1876, age 23, born IN, parents born OH.

Harley Libby, son, born Nov 1895, age 4, born OR, father born MO, mother born IN.

George ADAMS, boarder, M, W, born Mar 1874, age 25, born OH, father born NY, mother born MD, farm laborer.

Ruth ANDREWS, boarder, F, W, born July 1845, age 54, born OH, father born NY, mother born OH.

Frank and Blanche have been married 6 years and she is the mother of 2 children, 1 who is still living.


*Search US Census Records

LONG Family Bible    *LONG Family Name Search


James LONG born July 8 1876.

Emeline F. LONG born Jan 16 1881.

Mildred Pauline LONG born Oct 27 1886.

James William LONG born Aug 31 1908.

Gladys Irene LONG born April 9 1911.

Paula ?? Jane JACOBS born April 2? 1928.

Sandra Lee METZGER born May 9 1947.

James William LONG Jr. born February 21 1944.

Jennifer Anne LONG Jan 18 1970.

James William LONG III May 29, 1971.

Jacqueline Marie LONG June 19, 1974.

Julia Elizabeth LONG June 19, 1974.

Julia Elizabeth LONG May 28, 1976.

Cheryl Lee HAMM born July 24, 1958.

Sharon Louise HAMM born May 25, 1962.

Melissa Ann McMONIGLE Oct 26, 1973.

Heather Marie McMONIGLE April 8, 1976.

Jessica Linn STOVER Nov 2, 1989.


James LONG Nov 20, 1926.

Henry V???? JACOBS Jr. May 21 1909.

Edna May ???? LONG June ?, 19?4.

Emelia F. LONG July 10, 1961.

Gladys Irene LONG METZGER Jan 26, 1964.

Mildred Pauline LONG JACOBS Oct 26, 1956.

James William LONG June 1, 1970.

RANDOLPH Family Bible     *RANDOLPH Family Name Search

Surname also known as FITZ RANDOLPH

(pub. 1834)


Phineas F. RANDOLPH was born Sept the 30 AD 1769.

Margaret MUNDY was born August the 6 AD 1779.

Isabella F. RANDOLPH was born Sept the 24 AD 1802.

Willson F. RANDOLPH born December the 17 AD 1804.

Simon F. RANDOLPH born (rest of this page is cut off).


Phineas F. RANDOLPH Jun. was born March 31st AD 1819.

Phebe HARNED was born March 7th AD 1819.  

Their Children

Matilda V. F. RANDOLPH was born January the 29th AD 1843.

Isaac S. F. RANDOLPH was born (rest of page cut off).

Another hand written page:

Phineas F. RANDOLPH was born Sept the 30th AD 1769.

His Wife Margaret MUNDY was born August the 6th AD 1779.

Their Children

Isabella F. RANDOLPH was born Sept the 24th AD 1802.

Willson F. RANDOLPH was born December the 17th 1804.

Simeon F. RANDOLPH was born (month and day cut off) 1806.


Seller also lists these names in the Bible but not shown in photos:


Margaret F. RANDOLPH


William H. FORCE (Mary's husband).

James H. MANN (Isabella's husband).

Sylvester RANDOLPH

Richard S. F. RANDOLPH

Jonathan H. F. RANDOLPH


Ann Amelia F. RANDOLPH.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

District 1, New Market, Middlesex, NJ, page 229B.

Phineas RANDOLPH, age 60, born NJ, both parents born NJ, works in tailor shop.

Jonathan, son, age 28, born NJ, both parents born NJ, house painter.

Mary E., D-I-L, age 28, born DE, both parents born DE, keeps house.

Ameila, GDau, age 2, born NJ, father born NJ, mother born DE.


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WINKELBLACK Family Bible    *WINKELBLACK Family Name Search

Willis WINKELBLACK was born March 15 1868.

Nellie M. WINKELBLACK was born Aug 7 1866.

Ralph WINKELBLACK was born Jan 16 1893.

Ralph WINKELBLACK died Sept 20 1918 at Great Lakes Training Station at Chicago, Illinois

Nellie M. WINKELBLACK died Sept 18 1821 at Charleston, Illinois Oakwood Hospital.

Hallie WINKELBLACK, Westfield, IL, June 7, 1898 married to Willis WINKELBLACK Dec 9 1922 at Charleston, Illinois.


Willis WINKELBLACK is found on the 1880 Federal Census in Morgan, Coles Co, IL.  He is age 12 living with parents R. and Matilda WINKLEBLACK. (sp.)  Mother-in-law in house is Francis NABECK, age 70.  His first wife's name may have been Nellie HANCOCK.

WRIGHT Pocket Bible     *WRIGHT Family Name Search

(pub. 1832)

One page reads: 

Elizabeth A. WRIGHT Born January 13, 1835.

Another page reads: 

Miss Elizabeth WRIGHT

Book Westville

Aug. 21 1835.

Another page reads: 


Williamstown, C.W.

Brother of Wright SUMMERS.

Footnotes: Seller states: Also written in it "Mother of Wright Summers." Also includes "Uncle Wright and Aunt Mina Summers."  Daniel Summers seems to have been in the Civil War from the data above.


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