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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Bogart, Boyce, Buckminster, Burwell, Bush, Cady, Colby, Cook, R. S., Delano, Dick, Eastman, Estman, Flanigan, Flint, Follensby, Forbes, Griffin, Gross, Hall, Hallock, Harwood, Hayard, Hazard, Hobart, Hull, Kinsel, Kinsell, Lewis, Sallie P., Lincoln, Loggie, McCombs, McKnight, McLachlan, McLaughlin, Morse, Morris, Parker, Hazel, Pocock, Pollard, Roe, Scott, Seidel, Shaw, Spotswood, Stockton, Strudwick, Thorn, Williams, Wright

1853 Small Leatherbound Bible

This Bible was given to Papa by his mother and and carried by him through the Civil War 1860-1865.

Signed by Blanch H. LINCOLN.

Next page reads:



Preble County


June 15 1854.

1914 Active Service Bible   *POCOCK Family Name Search

Fly Leaf reads:


with his Aunt's love.  September 1914.

Back page reads:

Wounded March 20

died April 3 1915.

Photo shows serviceman and reads:

2nd Lt. Thos. Guy POCOCK 

Kings (Liverpool Regiment).

BOGART Family Bible   *BOGART Family Name Search

Abraham BOGART was born Dec 15th 1760.

Margaret BOGART his wife was born Feb. 25th 1755.


Catherine BOGART Born Dec 10th 1779.

Elisibeth BOGART Born Oct 1st 1781.

Eleaner BOGART Born Aug 7th 1783.

Mary BOGART Born Nov. 7th 1785.

William BOGART Born Nov 7th 1785.

Sarah BOGART Born June 1st 1788.

Hannah BOGART Born Jan 1st 1791.

Ruth BOGART Born Jan 7th 1793.

Isaac BOGART Born Nov 7th 1794.

Christiana BOGART Born Nov 25th 1796.


Seller states: 

Along with an extensive record of their family are many, many newspaper articles, personal letters (written in early 1900's) and even a photo of a lone seated woman.

BUCKMINSTER Family Bible   *BUCKMINSTER Family Name Search

Family Record Page reads:


Harriet N. MORSE, Wife of Salmon BUCKMINSTER.  Married March 8 1858.

Lyman FOLLENSBY and Marianne E. BUCKMINSTER Married October 4th 1882.

Herman J. BOYCE and Susan E. BUCKMINSTER Married December 21st 1886.


Seller states; "Both born Concord, VT - Family Records mostly from Victory, VT."


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Victory, Essex, Vermont, page 371C.

Solomon BUCKMINTER, age 65, born VT, farmer, parents born NH.

Mary Ann E. BUCKMINTER, dau, age 21, born VT, keeping house, parents born VT.

Austin E. BUCKMINTER, son, age 17, farm work, born VT, both parents born VT.

Susan E. BUCKMINTER, dau, age 15, born VT, at home, parents born VT.


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GROSS Family Bible   *GROSS Family Name Search

(pub. late 1800s)

Penciled in back of Bible:

Dorothy M. MORRIS - May 16 - 1883.

Eugene A. GROSS - Feb 9 - 1879.

Married June 30 - 1902.


Raymond Richard GROSS Born Aug 12 - 1903.

Arlene Gladys GROSS Born Sept. 14 - 1907.

Maurice GROSS Born Jan 6 - 1910.


A quick look at 1930 Census Records at Ancestry  shows:

Portland City, Multnomah County, Oregon, Page, ED 26-118. Sheet #1A, printed page #216.

530 Bidwell Avenue

Eugene A. GROSS, head, age 51, born IL, parents born France, Painter at Car Shops.

Dorothy M. GROSS, wife, age 46, born IL, parents born U.S.

Maurice GROSS, son, age 20, born IL, parents born IL, grocery store.

Dorothy J. GROSS, daughter, age 4, born OR, parents born IL.


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McCOMBS Family Bible   *McCOMBS Family Name Search


Ann Mariah McCOMBS was born the 21st Day of September 1805.

John Nelson McCOMBS was born the 5th Day of October 1807.


William and Sally McCOMBS Was Married the 9th Day of December 1804.

John N. McCOMBS and Jane V. or U. SCOTT was married on the 29th day of December 1835.

Ann Mariah McCOMBS was married to William FORBES on ?? day of November 1827.

Lucinda McCOMBS was married to (rest of this page cut off in photo).


James N. McCOMBS departed this life on the 6th day of September 1844 in Champion on his return from Columbus.


Seller states: "Book even has a 190 year old flower pressed in it! and also a death service handout from 1800's where a Ms. Hanna died eldest living child at only age 20. - Other names in the book are: Forbes, Hanna, MCious, McCan, Eliot, McFowlin, etc."

McKNIGHT Family Bible   *McKNIGHT Family Name Search

One page reads:

Frances Adele McKNIGHT was born in Douglas Co, Oregon March 1st 1860 A.D.  Dec. 1st 1929.

Amanda E. McKNIGHT was born in Douglas Co, Oregon Oct 6th A.D. 1861.

Annie Margaret McKNIGHT was born Nov 21st 1864 in Douglas Co.

Sarah Belle McKNIGHT was born Aug. 31st A.D. 1867 Coos River Coos Co., Ore.

Charles Frederick McKNIGHT was born in Marshfield, Or. February 23rd A.D. 1876.

Adele Lovey LOGGIE was born at Snohomish Wash. ? o'clock P.M. July 17th 1893.

???? McKNIGHT was born ???? ???? Oct 4th 1911.

Another page reads:

Wm. McKNIGHT was married to Mary E. WRIGHT May 1st 1859 Douglas Co Oregon.

Amanda Ellen McKNIGHT was married to D. J. McLACHLAN March 16th A.D. 1880 Coos River Ore.

Frances Adele McKNIGHT was married to Silas H. HAZARD or HAYARD Jan 1st A.D. 1883.  Marshfield Ore.

Amanda Ellen McLACHLAN was married Geo. W. LOGGIE at Empire Ore. Aug. 11th 1892.

Footnotes:  Seller did not show all pages.  Seller stated: "One entry reads, " Jessie McKnight was born in Ohio, died while crossing the plains 1847" Very interesting and informative of this family's Oregon history."


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Coos River, Coos County, Oregon, page 380A

William McKNIGHT, age 48, born VA, farmer, parents born VA.

Mary McKNIGHT, wife, age 38, born IA, parents born VA.

Fannie McKNIGHT, Dau, age 20, born OR, school teacher.

Maggie McKNIGHT, Dau, age 15, born OR.

Sarah McKNIGHT, Dau, age 12, born OR.

Charles McKNIGHT, Son, age 4, born OR.

James FLANIGAN, other, age 30, born IL, work on farm, parents born IRE.

Same county and town, page 371C.

D. J. McLAUGHLIN, age 20, born Nova Scotia, general merchant, father born Prince Edward Island, mother born Cape B.

Amanda McLAUGHLIN, wife, age 18, born OR, parents born VA.


1930 Census  records show:

Bellingham, Whatcom Co, WA, page ED 34-4, Sheet 9B:

Amanda E. LOGGIE, head, age 68, born OR, father born VA, mother born IN.

Helen A. LOGGIE, daughter, age 34, born WA, father born Canada, mother born OR.

James A. LOGGIE, brother-in-law, age 70, born Canada, parents born Canada, manufacturer of lumber.


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POLLARD Family Bible   *POLLARD Family Name Search

Marriage Certificate page reads:

This is to certify that Charles E. POLLARD of Roaring Spring, State of Penna. AND Edna Mae DICK of Roaring Spring State of Penna were by me united in Holy Matrimony According to the Ordinance of God and The Laws of the State of Pennsylvania at Altoona the Eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Five.

Witnesses: Russel DICK and Wilma BUSH.

By - Jacob KINSEL


Seller states there is a 1919 newspaper article including photo.  Headline of article reads: Four Generations of Plunkett Family at Birth Celebration.

SEIDEL Family Bible   *SEIDEL Family Name Search

Elizabeth SEIDEL born May 3rd 1785.


Harriet SIEDLE daughter of John and Elizabeth SIEDLE born Nov 28 1825, died Feb 18 1918.


L. T. KINSELL May 28 1919.

Hazel Greer PARKER July 11 1923. Born Jan. 2? 188?.

Wm. H. ROE Mar. 6 1923.

Frank W. HULL May 11 1922.

Sidney W. ROE Sept. 25 1929.

Elizabeth W. KINSELL May 31 1931.

Edwin R. GRIFFIN Aug 9 1933 (Born Apr. 8 1857.


Page is cut off in photo so not all entries are shown.  Seller states the name Wilson is also included and Bible was found in Brattleboro, VT.  Some old obituaries are glued in back of Bible.  My note:  The name Siedel was spelled in all different ways in the family record.

SHAW Family Bible   *SHAW Family Name Search

(pub. 1856)


Bradley Wm. SHAW was Married to Miss Emeline J. HOBART May 6th 1856.

William W. DELANO was married to Miss Flora E. SHAW Aug 13th 1881.

Charles Lewis HARWOOD was married to Miss Martha Judith SHAW April 21 1894.

Footnotes:  The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Waterbury, Washington Co, VT, page 254C.

Bradley W. SHAW, age 50, born VT, farmer, parents born VT.

Emeline I. SHAW, wife, age 45, born VT, parents born VT.

Flora E. SHAW, daughter, age 23, born VT, at home, parents born VT.

Walter S. SHAW, son, age 18, born VT, at home, parents born VT.

Mattie J. SHAW, daughter, age 11, born VT, at home, parents born VT.

Lee COLBY, age 23, born VT, laborer, parents born VT.


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STOCKTON Bible   *STOCKTON Family Name Search

(pub. 1739)

Inside Cover reads:

This Bible belongs to the STOCKTON generation.

A certificate found in Bible reads:

This is to certify that Rev. John STOCKTON by a contribution of Twenty Dollars by the Presbyterian Church, Cross Creek, Penn is a Member for Life of the AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY

New York, July 5, 1850.

Thomas S. WILLIAMS President




STRUDWICK Family Bible   *STRUDWICK Family Name Search

F. N. STRUDWICK Born 27 June 1833.

Mary S. BURWELL Born ????

Rosa B. SPOTSWOOD Born ??? 1836.

Robert C. STRUDWICK Born 24 Aug 1857.

Sallie P. LEWIS Born 19 May 1860.


Seller stated:  F. N. STRUDWICK married first Mary BURWELL, then married Rosa SPOTSWOOD in 1860.

Robert STRUDWICK married Sallie P. LEWIS in May 1884.  

Their children:

Fred STRUDWICK Jr. born Jan. 1885.  

Sallie  STRUDWICK born April 1886 and died in July 1887.

Mary Burwell STRUDWICK born Aug. 1887.

The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Hillsboro, Orange Co, NC, page 10D.

F. N. STRUDWICK, age 46, born NC, Lawyer, parents born NC.

Rosa STRUDWICK, wife, age 42, born VA, parents born VA.

Robert C. STRUDWICK, son, age 22, born NC, Lawyer, parents born NC.

Agnes STRUDWICK, daughter, age 5, born NC, father born NC, mother born VA.

Annie STRUDWICK, daughter, age 2, born NC, father born NC, mother born VA.

Mary HALL, other, age 18, Servant, born NC, parents born NC.


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