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Surnames found in Bible Records on this page: 

Albert, Baley, Barns, Bodenburg, Bullard, Bunnell, Burroughs, Carson, Collins, Davies, Desmond, Diehl, Dow, Dowling, Doyle, Eason, Foye, Furber, Geisz, Hartman, Holt, Hoyt, Huggard, Kerr, Mahr, Michell, Miller, Pitser, Prichard / Pritchard, Smith, Mary, Snell, Stewart, Weber, Whitest

1880 Bible

Written in front of Bible: 

We the undersigned present to ~~~

~~~ Miss Mary BULLARD ~~~

~~~ this small token for her faithful assistance rendered at the concert ~~~





July 1st 1889 ~~~


Family Bible                           *GEISZ Family Name Search

(pub. 1845)                             *WEBER Family Name Search

Small sheet of paper taped in front cover:

Joseph GEISZ was the step-son of Valentine WEBER.

Valentine WEBER was the father of Mary A. WEBER, Barbara WEBER and Henry P. WEBER.

Mary A. WEBER married Joseph A. ALBERT.  They were the parents of 

Mary ALBERT  - died when born

Mary A. ALBERT single.

Agnes C. ALBERT single.

Cecelia P. ALBERT who married William A. MOEKIN ??. (more small writing that I can't make out).

J. Harr ALBERT married to Margaret ???? of Lancaster - one child.

Charles B. ALBERT  - single.

James A. ALBERT married Mary COLLINS - no children.

Joseph A. ALBERT married Mary SMITH - 2 sons - one died in infancy.


Leo (middle initial?.) ALBERT married Margaret  DOYLE.

married.. Mary | Nancy | Loretta.


This is obviously a list of genealogy notes written later by someone.

BUNNELL Family Bible   *BUNNELL Family Name Search

J. B. BUNNELL of Valparaiso and S. M. LEAR of Monticello were joined together by me in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at ???? ???? in the year of our Lord 1844.


Teal BUNNELL Oct 14 1858.

Homer E. BUNNELL Aug. 8 or Aug. 9 1886

J. B. BUNNELL Aug 2 1888.

(More entries but page is cut off in photo.)


There is another loose handwritten notebook page with much genealogy on it but photo of it was too small to read.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Princeton, White Co, IN, page 287D

J. B. BUNNELL, age, 55, lawyer, born OH, father born KY, mother born NJ.

Sarah BUNNELL, wife, age 53, born VA, parents born VA.

Homer BUNNELL, son, age 15, born IN, at school, father born OH, mother born VA.


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DOWLING Family Bible   *DOWLING Family Name Search

Marriage Certificate Page:

This Certifies that Leroy DOWLING of Newton, Ala.

and Candy EASON of Ozark, Ala were united in the Bonds of Holy Matrimony at 11 P.M. on the 24th day of September in the year of our lord 1900.

In the presence of:


Georgie DOWLING.

Signed: Rev. L. B. MICHELL

Ozark Ala.


Georgie DOWLING Borned Dec 16 1881.

Leroy DOWLING Borned Mch 10 1883.

Eddie DOWLING - Mch 8 1885.

Choice DOWLING - Nov. 1 1886.

Allogry ?? DOWLING - Jan. 12, 1888.

Earley DOWLING - July 22, 1889.

Ora DOWLING - Sept. 15, 1898.

???? DOWLING - Sept. 1, 1893.

Cora DOWLING - May 27 1897.

Hobson DOWLING - Oct 20 1899.

Harvey DOWLING - July 16 1901.

Little Brother - May 24 1905.

Little Sister - June 17 1907.

Aron C. DOWLING - Aug 1908.


Georgie N. died Feb. 21, 1907.

Ora WHITEST died Aug. 1, 1913.

Ora WHITEST died Mch 2 1915.

Little Sister died June 18 1907.

Silva BARNS died Jan 1, 1906.

A. A. DOWLING died June 5 1922.

Francis DOWLING died Mch 6, 1923.

1930 Census records show:

German Twp, Fayette Co, PA, ED 26-36, Sheet 13A, line 2, Printed Page 85.

Leroy DOWLING, head, neg., age 47, married at age 18, born AL, parents born AL, Blacksmith, Coalmine.

Candy DOWLING, wife, neg., age 46, married at age 16, born AL, parents born AL.


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FURBER Family Bible   *FURBER Family Name Search



 Elizabeth S. DOW

May 7, 1837 by E. HOLT

James William HOYT


October 7, 1863 by C. BURROUGHS


Samuel FURBER July 1, 1775.

Sally MILLER his wife July 22, 1775.

Anne Maria FURBER

Sept. 18 or 15, 1800.

John Miller FURBER

June 18, 1804.

Samuel John FURBER

July 6, 1806.

Thomas G???? FURBER

Sept. 14, 1811.

Elizabeth S??y DOW

Wife of J. G. FURBER Oct. ??, ????.

Sophia FURBER August 2, 1838.

James William HOYT July (rest of page cut off in photo).


Mr. William FURBER, March 20, 1757 in the 84 year of his age.

Mrs. Sarah FURBER his wife March ?? 1762 in the 86 year of her age.

Samuel FURBER Aug 4, 1824.

Jeremiah ?? FURBER May 9, 1836 or 1856.

Sally FURBER Nov 14, 1843.

John Miller FURBER Sep 3, 1861.

Ann Maria FURBER FOYE January 3rd 1873.

Elizabeth J. FURBER Oct. 20th 1881.

Thomas G. FURBER Apr. 5, 1888.


Much of the photos of Bible pages shown on ebay are difficult to read.  This one is especially difficult so be aware some of these dates will be incorrect.  I have transcribed as best I could.  This FURBER family is found in 1880 census records in Rockingham County, NH including the James W. and Sophia HOYT family..

HARTMAN Family Bible   *HARTMAN Family Name Search

Alexander HARTMAN was born June the 20 1825.

Caroline HARTMAN but birth Miss CARSON was born August the 19 1825.

Morgann HARTMAN was born December the 16 1849.

Allice HARTMAN was born January the 18th AD 1853.

John and Elizabeth

Twins was born August the 2nd 1860.

George Washington T. HARTMAN was born February the 2? 1867.


Elizabeth CARSON By Birth Miss SCHU? OR SCHEE? was born Jan 30 1803 - she died Jul 12 1888.

Granmother ????????

Lydia HARTMAN by birth Miss DIEHL was born 1808? - Died Oct 11th 1886.

Father Michael HARTMAN was born in 1798.  Died in 1873 age 85.

Alexander HARTMAN Died March 8th 1803.

Caroline HARTMAN died March 25th 1909.

Footnotes:  Seller states that Alexander and Caroline married in 1848.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Rye, Perry Co, PA, page 165C

Alex HARTMAN, age 55, farmer, born PA, parents born PA.

Caroline HARTMAN, wife, age 55, born PA, parents born PA.

John HARTMAN, son, age 18, laborer, born PA.

George HARTMAN, son, age 13, at school, born PA.

Carson HARTMAN, mother, age 77, born PA, parents born PA.


Rye, Perry Co, PA, page 167B:

Elizabeth CARSON, age 77, born PA, parents born PA.

She has several nieces and nephews with surname BALEY living with her.


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KERR Family Bible   *KERR Family Name Search

This Bible is the Property of Jacob KERR, Bought of Holmes & Stewart Merchs Newton, 25th September 1802.

Price Seven Dollars.

Family Record


Joseph KERR born 15th July 1733

Elcy KERR born 15th November 1734.


Samuel KERR Born 8th Jan 1757.

Elizabeth KERR 12th Decem. 1759.

William Hampton KERR 28th July 1761.

Catherine KERR 28th May 1763.

Gertrude KERR 28th Aug. 1765.

Lewis KERR 17th March 1768.

There are 3 entries I can't make out here.

Joseph KERR Jr. 9th May 1778.

4 more entries I can't make out.

Mary ??? KERR Wednesday 16th Jan. 1806.

George Washington KERR Thursday 18th Feby 1810.

Gertrude Elizabeth KERR on Tuesday 20th Aug. 1814.

There are many deaths and marriages listed on this page also but I can't make out most of it from the photo.  It does list under deaths:

Lyden DESMOND 10th (cut off)

Elcy KERR 18th (cut off)

William H. KERR 20 (cut off)

Joseph KERR Jr. 21 (cut off)

Joseph KERR Sen. (cut off)

age 90 years 5 months  (cut off)

Jacob KERR Jun (cut off)

Numerous obits glued in Bible.  Can only make out these from photos: 

In this village on the 16th inst., James KERR aged 67 years and 7 months.


At her residence in the town of Senecca Falls, June ??, 1836, Mrs. Mary KERR, widow of the late James KERR, in the 85th year of her age.

The deceased was for many years an exemplary member of the Presbyterian Church, and died triumphing in the cross.

"Angels beckon me away, And Jesus bides me come."

KERR - On Wednesday Oct. 21st, Mary, daughter of George W. and Margaret Ludlow KERR, aged 17 years.

Friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral at St. George's Church, on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock.

PRICHARD Family Bible   *PRICHARD Family Name Search

The Property of John PRICHARD

New Ipswich

Family Record of John and Louisa PRICHARD.


John PRICHARD was born March 8 1778.

Louisa his wife was born June 24 1779.

John ?????? born February 18 1810.

Josiah PRICHARD born Dec. 7 1811.

Stephen PRICHARD born March 17 1814.

S????? PRICHARD born May 16 1815.

Francis Parly P. born May 8 1817.

S???? 2 born July 18 1809.

William born Nov 23 1811.

Jeremiah born Feb. ? 1816.

George Washington born ???? 1816.

Nancy born June 24 1819.

Another page reads:

Family Record of John & Louisa PRICHARD


Almira born Aug 7th 1836. 

(There are some math calculations on this page as if they were trying to determine Almira's birth date, don't know what it means.)


There is also a page of deaths but is crumpled in photo and can't make out names and dates.

1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

several PRICHARD / PRITCHARD in the New Ipswich area of Hillsborough County, NH.


*Search US Census Records

STEWART Family Bible   *STEWART Family Name Search

Warren Steven STEWART Born November the 2nd 1810.

Elizabeth PITSER wife of Warren STEWART was Born January 30th 1814 ??.


Mark A. STEWART was born January 25th 1835.

Wilson S. STEWART was born March 24th 1837.

Sarah (middle initial?.) STEWART was born January 19th 1839.

Frances (middle initial?.) STEWART was born August 16th 1841.

Elizabeth J. STEWART was born June 28th 1844.

David W. STEWART was born June 21st 1847.

Mary E. STEWART was born December 27th 1857.


There must have been more family records than were shown in photos as the seller stated: Warren Stewart married Elizabeth Pitser on November 21, 1833 in Delaware County, Indiana. Their births and the births of their seven children are also listed; as well as the deaths of Elizabeth and one of their sons.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Muncie, Delaware Co, IN, page 385C.

Warren STEWART, age 69, farmer, born OH, father born unknown, mother born OH.

Elizabeth STEWART, wife, age 65, born OH, father born VA, mother born PA.

Lizzie J. STEWART, dau, age 35, born IN, parents born OH.

Page 384B:

David STEWART, age 30, clerk in store, born IN, parents born IN.

Anna STEWART, wife, age 28, born IN, parents born IN.


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