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Surnames in this Bible: Baily, Cooper, Lewis, Maule, Pusey, Sheffield


Other surnames found on this page: Chambers, Darius, Sharpless


Handwritten on Flyleaf:


This book is the property of Truman and Julie Anne Cooper ____ 7th 1836



We, Truman Cooper and Julia Anne Pusey were married the 15th day of the 10th month A.Domini 1829

Our daughter Mary Elizabeth was married to James H _____ the 24th day of 5th mo 1849

Our son Warrick M was married to Martha Ann Lewis the 18th day of 9 mo 1856

Our daughter Edith P. was married to Joseph Cooper the 2nd day of 4th mo 1856

Our son Aaron H. was married to Martha Sheffield of Delaware County the 7th day of 4th mo 1869

Our daughter Emma Louisa was married to Penrose Maule of the city of Philadelphia the 14th day of the 10mo 1869.



Truman Cooper was born on the Seventh day of the fifth month A.Domini 1809

Julia Ann Cooper was born on the fourth day of the seventh month A.D. 1809

Mary Elizabeth Cooper was born on the first day of the eighth month A.Domini 1830

Warrick M Cooper was born on the twentieth day of the 12 month A.Domini 1831

Lewis B. Cooper was born on the fifteenth of the Seventh month A. Domini 1833


Sarah Ann Cooper departed this life on 1st day of 2nd mo 1839

Aged 1 Year 3 months 4 days intered at Sadsbury burying ground.

Stillbirth Child (still born) was intered in Sadsbury burying ground.

Lewis B. Cooper departed this life on the 27day of 9 mo 1841.

Aged 8 y 2 m 12 days.

Was intered in Sadsbury burying grounds.

Sophia Ann Cooper departed this life on the 28th day of the 7th mo 1860 -- Aged 15 years and 17 days. Was intered at burying grounds at Bart.


Edith P. Cooper was born on the twelfth day of the sixth month A.Domini 1835

Sarah Ann Cooper was born on the fourth day of the eleventh month AD 1837


Our little ????? ????? daughter was still born on the 17th day of 7 mo A.Domini 1840.

Aaron Husford ? Cooper was born on the 9th day of the eighth month A.Domini 1841

Sophia Ann Cooper was born the ___ of 7th mo A.Domini 1845


Julia Ann Cooper my beloved wife departed this life on the 25th of 8th mo 1876.

aged 67 y 1 mo and 21 days.

we were married 46 y 10m 10 days.
She was intered at Bart the 28th Instant.

Leaving 5 living children

Warrick M. Cooper was struck and killed by the R. Cars at Christleana on the 21st of 6 mo 1882.

aged 50y 8mo 8days.

Intered at old Sadsbury
Leaving a wife and 3 children.

Truman Cooper departed this life on the 11th of 3rd mo 1883 in the 74th
year of his age. His remains were intered at Fallowfield on the 14th


Emma Louisa Cooper was born on the twentyfirst day of the ninth month
A.Domini 1848


The last of the fifth month Our mother remains were removed from Bart and laid at East Fallowfield by the side of Fathers. 6mo 1883.

Newspaper clipping:

my salvation

_____, at her residence in Lancaster county, Pa., on the 25th of the 8th mo. 1876, JULIANN COOPER, in the 68th year of her age, a beloved member of Sadsbury Monthly and Bart Partienter Meeting.  This dear Friend was naturally of a (type smeared) and cheerful disposition, being ever ready to help (type smeared) who were in need, in a free and loving (type smeared) much beloved.  She was an affectionate w (type smeared) mother, desirous to bring up her children (type smeared) nurture and admonition of the Lord.  She was faithful in the attendance of all our religious meetings and firmly attached to the ancient doctrines and testimonies of our religious Society.  Although it was her lot to pass through great sufferings, yet she strove to bear them with christian patience and resignation, being frequently heard while under deep suffering, supp????? her Heavenly Father, saying at one time "Dear Father, have mercy on me, and if it be thy holy will, grant that this night I may see thy face;" and again soon after, "Come, dear Lord, come quick, carry me safely over Jordan into a better world."  Leaving her bereaved relatives and numerous friends the consoling belief, that through the mercy of a compassionate Saviour, she was enabled to experience her robes to be washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb, and her spirit thus purified, to be prepared for admittance into those mansions of rest and peace prepared for the righteous from the foundation of the world.



Elizabeth Cooper his wife departed this life on the 28th of 2nd month A.Domini 1834
Aged 53 years 9 months and 15 days, they were married 34 years 4months and 6 days. She was intered in J????? burying ground at Sadsbury on the 1st of 3rd mo 1836

Leaving 10 children.

Sarah Pusey (his wife departed this life the 19th of 8th mo 1812.
Aged 30 years and 11 days; they were married 9 years 4mo 6 days; she was intered in J???? burying ground at Sadsbury on the __ Day of 8th mo 1812

Leaving 4 children.

Truman Cooper departed this life the 21st day of 6th mo 18__

Aged 75 years 4 mo and 26 days. he was intered in J???? burying ground at Sadsbury
(beside his wife) on the 23 of 6th mo 1850 Leaving 8 serviving children.

Joseph Pusey departed this life the 21st of 7mo 1858 -- he was intered in Friends burying grounds (New Yard) at East Calm?



Truman Cooper and Elizabeth Cooper was married on the 22nd day of 10th month A.Domini 1801

Joseph Pusey and Sarah Baily was married on the 13th day of 4th month A.Domini 1803

Truman Cooper was born on the 26th day of the 1st month A.Domini 1775

Elizabeth Cooper his wife was born on the 18th day of the 5th month A.Domini 1782

Joseph Pusey was born on the 22 day of 8th month A.Domini 1783

Sarah Pusey his wife was born on the 8th day of 8th month A.Domini 1782


Footnotes:  This family Bible is extracted from the microfilm in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The LDS Church has photographed, transcribed and placed on microfilm many Bibles early families in the United States.  These Bibles contain a tremendous amount of rich genealogy data which will be helpful to researchers who are searching for ancestors.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Nether Providence, Delaware County, PA, Page 227A

Aaron H. COOPER, Male, W, age 38, born PA, Farmer, parents born PA.

Martha S. COOPER, wife, age 39, born PA, parents born PA.

Leaming SHARPLESS, nephew, age 13, born PA, Works on Farm, parents born PA.

Peter DARIUS, other, male, B, age 37, born DE, Works on Farm, parents born DE.


East Fallowfield, Chester, PA, Page 36C

Joseph B. COOPER, age 53, born PA, Farmer, parents born PA.

Edith P. COOPER, wife, age 45, born PA,, parents born PA.

Brinton P. COOPER, son, age 23, born PA, Clerk in Insurance Office, , parents born PA.

Mary L. COOPER, dau, age 21, born PA, At Home, parents born PA.

Julia A. COOPER, dau, age 9, born PA, At School, parents born PA.

Charles CHAMBERS, other, age 21, born PA, Telegraphing, parents born PA.

Susan A. COOPER, other, age 50, born PA, parents born PA.


Highland, Chester County, PA, Page 16C

Penrose MAULE, age 38, born PA, Farmer, Parents born PA.

Emma Louisa MAULE, wife, age 31, born PA, Parents born PA.

May F. MAULE, dau, age 10, born PA, At School, Parents born PA.

Edgar P. MAULE, son, age 7, born PA, At School, Parents born PA.

Lizzie MAULE, dau, age 3, born PA, Parents born PA.

Hannah COOPER, other, age 70, born PA, Parents born PA.


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