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Surnames in this Bible:  Byrne, Daniel, Dibrell, Harrison, Jackson, Lawler, Maddin, Mahew, McDowell, McFearen, Mead, Money, Morring, Penny, Sawrie, Spriggs, Sullivan, Tipton, Woodward, Wortham.


This DANIEL Family Bible is taken from a transcription on the microfilm in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.


Kibble T. DANIEL
Feby 27th. 1832.

Febry 27. 1832

(No date of publication could be found anywhere in this Bible. The Old Testament page is missing and many pages are loose. - Ed.)

Of our
Lord and Savious
Translated out of
The Original Greek
And with
The former translations Diligently Compared
And Revised
Stereotyped by E. White, New York.


MARRIAGES (first column)

The right of Matrimony were solemnised by the Rev Genett MORRING
between B. F. McDOWELL and Mary L. DANIEL on Tuesday, the 4th
day of Feb 1879.

The rights of matrimony were solemnized by the Revd C. C. MAHEW
between Lemuel G. MEAD and Susan M. DANIEL on Tuesday the 8th
day of March 1853.

MARRIAGES (second column)

The rights of Matrimony were solemnised by Esqr McFEAREN near
Fayetteville Tennessee between K. T. DANIEL and Harriet JACKSON
on Monday the 2nd day of June 1834.

The rights of Matrimony was solemnized by the Revd W. D. SAWRIE
on the 2nd day of September 1855 on Their day between P. L.
HARRISON & Elizabeth C. DANIEL ("on THEIR day" was written over
by "betwn PLH" - Ed.)

The Rights of Matrimony was solemnized by the Rvd. Ric(hard?) M.
MONEY between Benjamin LAWLER Jr. & Malvina A. DANIEL on the
15th of February A D 1860.

The Rights of Matrimony were solemnized by Rev. Thos MADDIN D.
D. between James E. DANIEL Jr and Sarah J. WORTHAM on Wednesday
18th day of December A. D. 1867.

The Rights of Matrimony were solemnized by Rev Thos. WOODWARD
between Kibble T. DANIEL Jr and Marion G. SPRIGGS on Thursday
28th day November A. D. 1867.

The Kibble T. DANIEL Bible, continued


Beirn PENNY was borned July 27 1897 Monday 1896. (This entry
written above the caption "BIRTHS" and "1896" written in a
different hand. - Ed.)

*C.J. SULLIVAN was born the 24th day of March 1808 near
McMinnvill Ten.

Marion Eugenia DANIEL was born Thursday the 3rd day of September
A.D. daughter of K.T. & M.G. DANIEL A D 1868 ("daughter.....,
this last part written in a different hand. This entry was
written over an earlier entry which follows:)

*Elizabeth N.(?) DIBRELL was born the 18th (?) day of March 1815
(?) near M_____ t__? Tennessee.

*C. C. DIBRELL was born the 15th Sept. 1817. (The latter part of
this entry ahs a line drawn through it. - Ed.)

* (The three starred entries are written alike and also like the
"C. J. SULLIVAN Febry 27, 1832." written on the flyleaf and the
two death entries which were written over on the Death Record
page. - Ed.)

Kibble Jonson HARRISON was Born the 23rd of September A D 1857

Susan Jane HARRISON was Born 14th April A D 1859.

Harriet Anna HARRISON was born 14th Dec A D 1860.

BIRTHS (second column)

Kibble T. DANIEL was born the 6th day of July A D 1814.

Harriet DANIEL ("DANIEL" written over "JACKSON" - Ed.) was born
the 12th day of April A D 1815.

James E. DANIEL Sr. was born the 20th day of October A D 1780.

Susannah DANIEL was born the 26th day of April A D 1790.

James Harry LAWLER was born 1st Dec A D 1860.

Kibble Daniel LAWLER was born 11th Aug A D 1863.

BIRTHS (first column)

1. James Richard DANIEL was born the 25th day of March

2. Susanna M. DANIEL was born the 13th day of September Tuesday.

3. Elizabeth Clementine DANIEL was Born the 28th day of June A.
D. 1838 Thursday.

(The "Wednesday" in entry 1, "Tuesday" in entry 2, and
"Thursday" in entry 3 were written in a different hand from the
original entry. - Ed.)

The Kibble T. DANIEL Bible, continued.

4. James E. DANIEL Jr. was Born on the 15th day of June A D 1840

5. William Richard DANIEL was born on the 8th day of May 1842 A
D on Sunday.

Ben F. LAWLER was born the 27th Jany A. D. 1836

BIRTHS (second column)

6. Malvina Ann DANIEL was Born the 14th day of April A D 1844,

7. Kibble Tipton DANIEL was Born the 19th day of March A D 1846

8. Mary Lewis DANIEL was Born the 15th day of January A D 1850

9. Harriet Emily DANIEL Was Born the 6th day of June A D 1852

Leml G. MEAD was born the 17th day of Febr 1830.

P. L. HARRISON was born 28th May A D 1829.

B. J. McDOWELL was born January 12th 1846.

A. J. BYRNE was born the 1st (?) _______ 1840 (?) (This entry
written on the lower margin of the page is very dim and copy may
be incorrect. - Ed.)


Mallie A. LAWLER Departed this life March 21, 1?92 Wednesday
evening (This entry is written at the top of the column above
the DEATH heading. - Ed.)

Mrs. Susannah consort of Mr. J. E. DANIEL Sr. departed this life
the 7th day of August 1867. Aged Seventy Seven years, 3 months,
1 week & 4 days. (This entry is written over an earlier entry
making sue of some of the words which were part of the earlier
entry which follows: - Ed.)

Mrs. ______ consort of Mr. Charles SULLIVAN (?) departed this
life the __ day of April (?) ____ Aged fifty four.

Kibble T. DANIEL Sr. was murdered by the Tories on Saturday the
8th day of August A D 1863 aged 49 yrs, 1 month & 2 days. 1863
(This entry was written in its entirety over an earlier entry.
Parts of it have been retraced. The early entry, almost
obliterated, reads in part: - Ed.)

M___ Nancy _____ consort of _______ departed this life the 27th
day of Sept. 1832 _ _

Malvina TIPTON departed this life on the 30th day of March A D
1850. Age Thirty Seven years, four months & three days, wife of
Benjamin S. TIPTON.

Susan M. MEAD Departed this life 27 of March A D 1874 Friday
Night. (This entry almost obscures the following entry over
which it was written: -Ed.)

Elizabeth _ ___all departed this life on the 8 of January (?)

Lizzie C. HARRISON departed this life 4 day of Aug 1890 Monday.
(Very dim -Ed.)

DEATHS (second column)

James E. DANIEL Departed this life July the 22 / 1892 Friday
early. (This entry written above the caption "Deaths." - ED.)

James Richard DANIEL departed this life on Sunday the 23rd day
of June A D 1839. Age four years two months and twenty nine

James E. DANIEL Sr. departed this life the 17th day of June A.
D. 1840. Age 59 years 8 months & 3 days on Wednesday morning.

Harriett _____s DANIEL departed this life the 14th of June A D

Also her son a baby 4 days old, not named.

(Something has been erased at the bottom of this page. -Ed.)



Many entries in this Bible record have been retraced therefore
it is difficult to determine which entries may have been made at
the same time. The 1971 owner of the Kibble T. DANIEL Bible is
Mr. Robert B. PENNY, Maysville, Madison County, Alabama. The
copy was secured by Mrs. Richard H. GILLIAM, Jr. and transcribed
by Mrs. Roy J. COCHRAN.


This family Bible is extracted from the microfilm in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The LDS Church has photographed, transcribed and placed on microfilm many Bibles of early Cherokee County, Alabama families.  These Bibles contain a tremendous amount of rich genealogy data which will be helpful to researchers who are searching for ancestors in the area of Cherokee County, Alabama.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Township 3, Maysville, Madison County, Alabama, Page 285A

This household is white.

James E. DANIEL, age 40, born AL, US Dept Marshall, father born KY, mother born AL.

Sallie DANIEL, wife, age 36, born TN, parents born TN.

Lucie DANIEL, dau, age 12, born AL, at home, father born AL, mother born TN.

James E. DANIEL, son, age 10, born AL, at home, father born AL, mother born TN.

Robert H. DANIEL, son, age 8, born AL, father born AL, mother born TN.

Harriett E. DANIEL, dau, age 6, born AL, father born AL, mother born TN.

Sallie DANIEL, dau, age 4, born AL, father born AL, mother born TN.

Kibble T. DANIEL, son, age 2, born AL, father born AL, mother born TN.


Next Household:

This household is black.

Caleb DANIEL, head, age 42, born AL, parents born AL.

Matilde DANIEL, wife, age 36, born AL, parents born AL.

Aaron DANIEL, son, age 14, born AL, work on farm, parents born AL.

Nepolien DANIEL, nephew, age 14, born AL, parents born AL.


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