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Surnames in this Bible: Deeter, Kain, Mather, Pastere, Rollin.


Other surnames found on this page: Deiter, Mader.


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Francis Marion DEETER Died October 8th A.D. 1844.

Pulaski DEETER Died December 19th A.D. 1845.

Charles S. DEETER Died August 23rd A.D. 1855.

John O. DEETER died June 13 A. 1859 1860.




John Wesley DEETER - Born March 9th A.D. 1822.

Margaret KAIN born December 1st A.D. 1821.

John O. DEETER Born September 26th A.D. 1851.

Francis Marion DEETER Born October 8th A.D. 1844.

Pulaski DEETER Born December 5th A.D. 1845.

Jasper Newton DEETER Born May 25th A.D. 1847.

Jacob Musser DEETER Born May 10th A.D. 1849.

Charles S. DEETER Born February 20th A.D. 1854.

Martha Jane ROLLIN Born December 16th A.D. 1845.




Marion DEETER was Borin Oct 8 1844.

Pulisk DEETER was Born Dec 3 1845.

J. N. DEETER was

The 3 entries above have been exed through.


Edmund MATHER - father of Sarah E. MATHER DEETER born Sept 8, 1827.


Children of J. Newton and Sarah E. DEETER:

Ruth Alice born Sept 29, 1878.

Lile George born Feby 12, 1880.

Jane Parker born May 30, 1882.

Edmund Mather born Nov. 7, 1886.

Jasper Newton born July 31, 1893.




John Wesley DEETER and Margaret KAIN was Married June 11th A.D. 1844.


Jasper Newton DEETER and Sarah Emily MATHER were married Nov. 29, 1877 by Rev. John R. PASTERE (??), Pastor of Pine Street Presbyterian Church, Harrisburg, Pa.


Footnotes:  This family Bible was purchased at an auction in York County, PA in 2009 and graciously submitted for publication by Ruth Runion-Slear.  The Deeter Bible Images may be viewed on a PDF File.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA, Page 271A

J. Newton DEITER, age 33, born PA, Clerk in Office, parents born PA.

Sarah E. DEITER, wife, age 27, born NC, parents born ENG.

Ruth A. DEITER, dau, age 1, born PA, father born PA, mother born NC.

Lili DEITER, dau, age 4 months, born PA, father born PA, mother born NC.

Martha WRIGHT, other, age 22, born PA, servant, parents born PA.


AND: Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA, Page 235D

J. W. DEETER, age 58, born PA, Engineer R.R., parents born PA.

Margaret DEETER, wife, age 58, born PA, parents born PA.


AND: Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA, Page 153A

Edmund MATHER, age 52, born ENG, Millinery Merchant, parents born ENG.

Jane A. MATHER, wife, AGE 54, Born ENG, parents born ENG.

Lucy MADER, other, age 35, born PA, Servant, parents born PA.



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