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Family Bible Master Surname Index W-Z

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All Surnames in Bible Records onsite are included in this index.

These Bible transcriptions now contain over 2500 surnames, comprising over 22,900 individuals and it is growing weekly!

I will pay you for legible scanned images of Bible records.




Wade, Joseph B.  (Wade Images)

Wade, Lourance  (Wade Images)

Wade, Whitfield  (Wade Images)

Wadsworth, Maria L.  (Kellogg Images)

Wagner, A. Mr. & Mrs. (Thompson Images)

Wagner, Anna Maria

Wagner, Anna W.

Wagner, Ed Mr. & Mrs. (Thompson Images)

Wagner, Ferdinand L.

Wagner, Frederick R.

Wagner, Mabel  (Wheeler Images)

Wagner, Sarah

Wagner, Viola May (Thompson Images)

Wagner, Wm. Mr. & Mrs. (Thompson Images)

Wainscott, Hattie


Walck  (Walck Images)

Walden  (Walden Images)

Waldo  (Waldo Images)


Walker, Charles & Robert

Walker, Ido

Walker, Margaret  (Forbes Images)

Wall Family


Wallace, Elizabeth

Wallace, Nancy   (Aikins Images)

Walleigh, Harry B.



Walters, Catharine


Wamsley, Benjamin F.

Wamsley, Benjamin G. W.

Wamsley, Benjamin H.

Wamsley, Catharine Ann

Wamsley, Edgar Milton

Wamsley, John Thomas

Wamsley, Lydia Maria

Wamsley, Martha Louisa Naoma

Wamsley, Mary Cornelia

Wamsley, Milicent Naomi

Wamsley, Robert H.

Wamsley, Sarah

Wamsley, Susie Virginia

Wamsley, Thomas

Wamsley, Willfield Deschields


Ward, Caty  (Ward Images)

Ward, Daniel  (Ward Images)

Ward, David  (Ward Images)

Ward, Eliza  (Ward Images)

Ward, Ephraim  (Ward Images)

Ward, Grace  (Reeves Images)

Ward, Hiram  (Ward Images)

Ward, John & Caty

Ward, John A.  (Ward Images)

Ward, L. B.  (Reeves Images)

Ward, Levi  (Ward Images)

Ward, Mariah  (Ward Images)

Ward, Mary and Sarah

Ward, Sarah  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warder, Capt. Elmore (Gossom Images)


Ware, Emma  (Blanchette Images)



Warner, Mary

Warren, Amanda  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, A. J.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Electer  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Elizabeth

Warren, Elizabeth  (Warren Images)

Warren, Hiram N.  (Warren Images)

Warren, Joel Rufus  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, John Thomas  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Martha  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Mary  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Moses Maron  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Nansey Ann  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Orrindah  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Sarah F.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Warren, Sarah Francis  (Cherokee County, AL)

Wartman, Josephine  (Kellogg Images)


Washburn  (Waldo Images)

Washburn, John H.  (Kellogg Images)


Waters, E.  (Pine Images)


Watkins, Julia Ann

Watrous, Rev.  (Clark Images)



Watson, Ann Eliza

Watson, Robert Y.  (Blackburn Images)

Watt, Catherine B.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Elizabeth  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, John S.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Mary Francis  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Samuel  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Sarah  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Susan  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Susannah  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, Telitha Cuni  (Cherokee County, AL)

Watt, William B.  (Cherokee County, AL)


Wayet   (Bryan Images)


Weaver, Annie Lou (Cherokee County, AL)

Weaver, Elizabeth (Cherokee County, AL)

Weaver, Flora (Cherokee County, AL)

Weaver, William Benton (Cherokee County, AL)


Webb, E. J.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Webb, Eliza A.

Webb, Fannie (Cherokee County, AL)

Webb, Mattie



Webster, Charles Luther

Webster, Lulie Sullivan

Weed  (Miller Images)

Weed, David (Cherokee County, AL)

Weed, Julia Ann (Cherokee County, AL)

Weed, Sarah Catherine (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Allen (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Asa (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Caroline (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Charley (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Eliza (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Elizebeth (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Jacob (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Rev. Joel (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, John Redfearn (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Martha (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Mary (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Sarah Ann  (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Sarah Ann. Joel (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Susan (Cherokee County, AL)

Weems, Thomas (Cherokee County, AL)

Weidle (Weidle Images)



Welch  (Welch Images)

Weldy, Jacob  (Pine Images)

Wells, Nancy E.

Wenham, Milo B.  (Wooster Images)

Wenham, Milo E.  (Wooster Images)

Wenham, Stephen  (Wooster Images)

Wensal, Mr. & Mrs. Harry  (Mowery Images)

Wertheimer, Rev.  (Westhoven Images)



Wessell, Clarissa A.  (Warren Images)

Wessell, Ella C.  (Warren Images)

Wessell, Lora E.  (Warren Images)

Wessell, Luvia J.  (Warren Images)


West, David & Jane

West, Frank

Westcott, Betty  (Reeves Images)

Westcott, Rev. J. B.  (Pine Images)


Westhoven, A. K.  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Alexander  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Betsy Gay  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Brice Alexander  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Howard J.  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Madge Marie  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, Odetta  (Westhoven Images)

Westhoven, T. F. or S. F.  (Westhoven Images)


Weston, Harriet Ann



Whalen, Anna Margaret  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Catherine Christina Bernardine  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Frances Joseph Edward  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Helen Maria  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, James Joseph  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, John Joseph  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Mary Agnes  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Matthew  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Matthew Joseph Lawrence  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Patrick  (Whalen Images)

Whalen, Patrick Joseph  (Whalen Images)


Wheatley  (Wheatley Images)

Wheatley, A.  (Lowerre Images)


Wheeler, Adam  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Betsy  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Catherine Marie  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Elizabeth  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Hattie May  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Jennison  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Joseph Harry  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Joseph Martin  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Mary A.  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Sewall  (Wheeler Images)

Wheeler, Susan

Wheeler, Vivian Page  (Wheatley Images)


White, Ambrose  (Clement Images)

White, D.T.R. (Cherokee County, AL)

White, Ellen   (Cherokee County, AL)

White, Essie

White, Evalyn  (Blackburn Images)

White, Ezekiel P.

White, George & Laura

White, Harriet  (Cherokee County, AL)

White, Samuel, Oscar and more.

White, Thomas N.  (Cherokee County, AL)



Whitehead, James M.

Whitehouse, Luke


Whitney, Alfred E.   (Whitney Images)

Whitney, Edward A.   (Whitney Images)

Whitney, Esther Ann  (Bailey Images)

Whitney, Ezekel S.   (Whitney Images)

Whitney, Jeremiah F.   (Whitney Images)

Whitney, Jerry A.   (Whitney Images)

Whitney, Sarah A.   (Whitney Images)

Whitson, Francis (Cherokee County, AL)

Whittaker, Omar  (Whalen Images)


Whittier, John G.  (Wooster Images)

Whittimore, Ada Elizabeth Cook

Whittington, Mrs. Ethel  (Reeves Images)

Whittington, Marcella  (Reeves Images)

Whittington, William  (Reeves Images)

Whitworth, Sarah E.  (Wm. Mitchell Images)

Whorwell, John  (Gardner Images)

Wigginton  (Lindsay Images)

Wightman, Ruby Jane  (Park Images)

Wilcox  (Harris Images)


Wilder, Aden  (Harris Images)

Wilder, Dexter

Wilder, Olive



Wiles, Magdelena  (Ottstadt Images)


Wiley, Rev. A. C.  (Taber Images)

Wiliams / Williams, Susanah  (Williams Images)


Wilkie, Annie P.  (Cherokee County, AL)


William the Conqueror


Williams, A. S.  (Walck Images)

Williams, Alfred H.  (Pine Images)

Williams, Andrew Calvin  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Anna Olen  (Williams Images)

Williams, Calvin A.  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Charles Lewis  (Williams Images)

Williams, Cora Belle  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Daniel and George

Williams, Drew  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Elmira  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Ema eta elisa  (Williams Images)

Williams, Garley

Williams, Henrietta C.  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Henry Clay  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, J.  (Parker Images)

Williams, James Larance  (Williams Images)

Williams, Jess  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, John S.  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, John Solomon  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Lewious  (Williams Images)

Williams, Lewis  (Williams Images)

Williams, Lonnie C.  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Mamie Stella  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Margaret

Williams, Marey  (Williams Images)

Williamson, Miss  (Kellogg Images)

Williams, Nannie  (Reeves Images)

Williams, Mrs. Pearl  (Reeves Images)

Williams, Ronnie Crumble  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, Rosanna

Williams, Roxie Anna  (Calvin Williams Images)

Williams, S. W. (Cherokee County, AL)

Williams / Wiliams, Susanah  (Williams Images)

Williams, Thomas

Williams, Weston  (Reeves Images)

Williams, William David  (Calvin Williams Images)



Wilmot, Dr.  (Whalen Images)

Willson, Betty

Wilson, Electa  (Peck Images)

Willson, William E.  (Cherokee County, AL)


Wilson, Dr. Samuel

Wilson, Fanny Ford  (Wooster Images)

Wilson, Fanny Maria

Wilson, Frank  (Cherokee County, AL)

Wilson, Howard, Mrs. (Thompson Images)

Wilson, Ida

Wilson, J.C.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Wilson, Jeanne Elizabeth  (Ross Images)

Wilson, Lois  (Bailey Images)

Wilson, Lydia

Wilson, Martha P.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Wilson, Mary  (Blanchette Images)

Wilson, Paul Cason

Wilson, Rev. A. L.

Wilson, Rev. A. S.

Wilson, Rev. P. S.  (Bryan Images)

Wilson, Robert  (Wooster Images)

Wilson, Russell, Mrs. (Thompson Images)

Wilson, Samuel

Wilson, Thora J.

Wilson, Rev. W. A.

Winemiller, Mrs. Lawrence  (Reeves Images)


Winston, Dr.


Winchell  (Cooke Images)




Witherell, Hannah  (Ross Images)

Witmer  (Witmer Images)



Woliver, Diantha M.  (Ward Images)

Wollander, Sophia J. (Thompson Images)

Womack, James T.  (Cherokee County, AL)

Womack, Mary Ann  (Cherokee County, AL)

Womack, William  (Cherokee County, AL)


Wood, Allen (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Andrew (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Annbury (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Eliza (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Ezekiel (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Ira P.  (Wood Images)

Wood, James Hampton (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Joseph (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Lucy (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Mary Frances (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Morris T.

Wood, Richard (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Susan E. (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Syntha (Cherokee County, AL)

Wood, Vivian

Woodhull   (Woodhull Images)

Woodhunt  (Donehower Images)

Woodhurst  (Donehower Images)

Woodrow, H.  (Pine Images)

Woods, Riley & Lydia


Woodward, Charles   (Woodward Images)

Woodward, Eliza  (Stanley Images)

Woodward, Martha

Woodward, Sarah S. 

Woodward, Rev. Thomas  (Cherokee County, AL)

Wooldredge, Emma  (Blanchette Images)

Wooldridge, Emma  (Blanchette Images)


Wooster, Clarissa A.  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, David S.  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Emmarilla E.  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Huldah  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Isaac  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Livingston  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Olive  (Wooster Images)

Wooster, Mabel  (Wooster Images)

Wooten, Louise Catherine  (Blackburn Images)

Wooten, Mary Ernestine  (Ross Images)


Wormuth  (Cullen Images)

Wormwood, Ezekiel  (Ross Images)

Wortham, Sarah J.  (Cherokee County, AL)


Worry, Alice  (Kellogg Images)

Worthington, Lydia S.



Wright, Amos Spencer  (Lowerre Images)

Phelps, Beatrice  (Lowerre Images)

Wright, Elizabeth

Phelps, Francis G.  (Lowerre Images)

Wright, Helen L.  (Lowerre Images)

Wright, Louisa

Wright, Mary

Wright, Thomas & Catharine

Wright, Thomas D.

Wyckoff, Dessie


Wygmans, Harvey (Thompson Images)

Wyman  (Harris Images)


Yale  (Waldo Images)

Yarger, F. B. Mr. & Mrs. (Thompson Images)


Yarrison, Ella M.  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, Esther  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, Guy Russell  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, James  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, John  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, Melville R.  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, Melvin  (Mowery Images)

Yarrison, Orvis  (Mowery Images)

Yates, Daniel


Yerger, Sarah A.  (Mack Bible Images)



Young, Elanor

Young, Elizabeth

Young, Thomas  (Young Images)

Young, Wilson

Younglove, John Gay  (Kellogg Images)

Younglove, Laura K.  (Kellogg Images)


Zimmerman, Edward  (Zimmerman Images)

Zimmerman, Josephine Alice  (Zimmerman Images)

Zimmerman, Magdalena Catharine Elizabeth  (Zimmerman Images)

Zimmerman, Sarah Elizabeth  (Zimmerman Images)

It should be noted:  Where possible, I have included census extracts in the notes of the families when the genealogy found in a Bible provides enough information to enable a census search.

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For search engine indexing purposes.  Surnames contained in these Bible records transcriptions for surnames W-Y:

Wachendorf, Wainscott, Wakefield, Walck, Walden, Waldo, Walker, Wallace, Walling, Walsh, Walters, Walworth, Wangh, Ward, Ware, Warman, Warner, Warren, Washburn, Wass, Watkins, Watrous, Watson, Watts, Wayet, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Webster, Weed, Weidle, Weir, Welch, Wells, Wescott, West, Westfall, Weston, Westwood, Wever, Whaley, Wheatley, Wheeler, White, Whitest, Whiting, Wilcox, Wilder, Wile, Wiley, Wilkerson, Wiley, Williams, Willis, Willit, Wilson, Winslow, Winston, Winters, Winchell, Winkelback, Wise, Witbeck, Witmer, Wolf, Woliver, Wood, Woodhull, Woodhunt, Woodhurst, Woodward, Woods, Woodward, Wooldredge, Wooldridge, Wooster, Wooten, Worman, Wormuth, Worthing, Woy, Wright, Wycoff, Wyman, Yale, Yarnell, Yates, Yelk, Yohan, Yost, Young.