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Genealogical Databases of 

Old Prison Records & Jail Records

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Some of these have prison and jail inmate records online while others tell you how to obtain inmate records and offer historical info.

Alabama Prison Records

1866 Murders in the District of Alabama


Arizona Prison Records

Arizona Historical Prison Register 1872-1972

100 years of Arizona inmate admissions.

Yuma Territorial Prison - Cochise County Prisoners

Yuma Territorial Prison - Deaths


Arkansas Prison Records

Arkansas State Penitentiary (partial list)

1820-1964 Executions in Arkansas

1918-1920 State Penitentiary Prisoners from Mississippi County

1936-1938 Penitentiary Prisoners from Jefferson Co.

1936-1938 Penitentiary Prisoners from Pulaski Co.

Fort Smith, AR Executions 1873-1896

Fort Smith - Outlaws Tried at Fort Smith


California Prison Records

1851-1890 Executions in San Francisco

1934-1963 Inmates of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Escapes

Alcatraz Inmates

Alcatraz Inmates List

Alcatraz History

Alcatraz Notorious Inmates - The Worst of the Worst

Folsom State Prison 1909 Employees

Lincoln Heights Jail, Los Angeles 1920 Census


Colorado Prison Records

Colorado Penitentiary Records Information

Colorado Reformatory Records Information


Connecticut Prison Records

Wethersfield Prison Records

Index to prisoner records 1800-1903.

Connecticut Early Records of Crime

Record of Early Crime in Windham County

Delaware Prison Records

Inmates Sentenced to Death in Delaware


Florida Prison Records

Monroe County Jail Arrest Search

Criminal Background Check (Dates back to 1940s.)


Idaho Prison Records

Old Idaho Penitentiary   1864-1975 Inmate Files Index (UPDATED)


Illinois Prison Records

Alton State Prison in Madison County, IL

List of convicts in the Illinois State Prison who were pardoned, died or escaped during the years 1855 and 1856.  Prisoners who attempted to escape.

Chicago 1870-1930 Homicide Records Index

Southern Illinois Penitentiary 1880 Census

Jefferson County Jail Inmates in the 1930 Census

Joliet, Illinois State Penitentiary Convict Register

1874-1915 Saline County, Illinois Indictments for Murder


Indiana Prison Records

Indiana Southern Prison - 1824-1896 Greene County Inhabitants

Indiana Death Row  Prisoners 1977-2002

Indiana Early Records of Crime

Court Records and Cases of Delaware County Search

Iowa Prison Records

Anamosa State Penitentiary

Iowa Early Records of Crime

Linn County Outlaws & Black-sheep

Maryland Prison Records

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

Provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary.  Cases go back as far as the 1940s.


Massachusetts Prison Records


Michigan Prison Records

1920 Federal Census of Hillsdale County Jail

1850 Wayne County Jail Inmates (Detroit)

Michigan State Prison Inmates 1847-1885


Mississippi Prison Records

Adams County (Natchez), MS Prisoners & Deponents 1780

Taken from the Archives of Seville, Spain

Alcorn Prisoners 1888-1889-1890-1892

Alcorn County 1893 Prisoners List

Alcorn County Jail Docket for 1920s

Down on Parchman Farm - The Great Prison in the Mississippi Delta (book)

Old Tishomingo County, MS 1868-1869 State Prisoners

Tishomingo County 1857 Prisoners


Missouri Prison Records

Camden County State Penitentiary Inmates 1875-1895

Feudin', Fightin', Killin', and General Misbehavin' in St. Francois, County, Missouri

Missouri Early Records of Crime

Crimes, Disasters & Accidents in Monroe County

Montana Prison Records

Montana State Penitentiary History

Montana Territorial Prison Photo and Information


Nevada Prison Records

Nevada State Prison Inmate Case Files 1863-1972

1866-1931 Nevada State Prison & Nevada State Police Reports


New Hampshire Prison Records

Department of Corrections Wardens 1812-present.


New York Prison Records

1870 Census of the Kings County Jail

1880 Census of Kings County Jail

1880 Census of the Kings County Penitentiary

1920 Census of the City Prison and Kings Co. Jail

Prisoner Pardons in the State of New York (PDF File)

Steuben County Black Sheep


North Carolina Prison Records

Halifax County Prisoners - 1900


Ohio Prison Records

1829-1883 Lawrence County Inmates in the Ohio Penitentiary

1844-1898 Lawrence County Prisoners in the Ohio State Penitentiary

1834-1875 Marion County Inmates in the Ohio Penitentiary

1829-1849 Meigs County Inmates in the Ohio Penitentiary

1850 Wayne County Jail Census

1901-1908 Sheriff's Book listing prisoners in Meigs County

1901 Prisoners Released From Reformatory in Mansfield, Richland County, Ohio

1920 Census of Inmates in the Richland County Jail

Inmates of Gallia County Jail  (Includes past inmates for some years)

Junction City Prison

Muskingum County Register of Prisoners in the State Penitentiary

Ohio State Penitentiary Fire Victims List

Richland County Prisoners Paroled from Reformatory, July 1901

Richland County Prisoners Paroled from Reformatory, October 1901

Pennsylvania Early Records of Crime

Lawrence County Old Murder Stories

Oklahoma Prison Records

Oklahoma District Court Records

Oklahoma Lawmen and Outlaws

Pushmataha County Criminal Records Index 1895-1900

Pushmataha County Criminal Records Index 1900-1907

Pushmataha County Criminal Records Index 1908-1912

Pushmataha County Criminal Records Index 1939-1941

1902 Criminal Docket at Ardmore, OK


Pennsylvania Prison Records

1860 Federal Census of Prisoners in the York County Jail

Eastern State Penitentiary Genealogy

Eastern State Penitentiary Notable Inmates

Eastern State Penitentiary Prisoners, 1842-1909

Perry County Jailhouse Census Records 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 & 1900

Pennsylvania Early Records of Crime

Cumberland County Crimes & Trials

Franklin County 1828 Bank Robbery

Franklin County Crimes in the Early 1800s

The Umberger Tragedy & A Criminal History of Somerset County, PA

South Carolina Prison Records

South Carolina Black Sheep - Information about SC prisoners and executions in history.


South Dakota Prison Records

1885-Present Wardens of the State Penitentiary

Beadle County Jail 1885 Prisoner List


Tennessee Prison Records

Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1851-1870

Bedford County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Blount County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Blount County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1851-1870

Crockett County, TN Court Cases 1872-1875

Madison County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Madison County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1851-1870

McNairy County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Shelby County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Shelby County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1851-1870

Stewart County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850 & 1851-1870

Sullivan County Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Tipton County, TN Inmates of the State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Washington County, TN Inmates of the State Penitentiary 1831-1850

Wayne Co., TN Outlaws, Crooks, Criminals and Rebels


Texas Prison Records

1923-1973 Texas Inmates on Death Row

1975 to Present Day Texas Offenders on Death Row

1982-Present Texas Death Row Executions

1900 Federal Census of the Gillespie County Jail

1930 Federal Census of Cass County Jail

Hood County 1882-1908 Record of Convict Labor

McKinney - Murder and Hanging

Panola County Inquest Notes, Turn of the Century

Refugio County Criminal Docket, 1870s-1880s

Winkler County Jail Books, 1928-1940

Young County Jail Prisoners Register 1878 through the 1890s.

Fugitives From Justice (Escaped Convicts) in Texas

Bexar County, 1891 Fugitives

Comal County Fugitives, 1878

Comanche County, TX Fugitives, 1870s

Grimes County Fugitives, 1878

Guadalupe County Fugitives, 1878

Hunt County Fugitives, 1878

Johnson County Fugitives, 1878

Kimble County Fugitives, 1878

Limestone County Fugitives, 1878

Llano County Fugitives, 1878

Llano County Fugitives, 1891

Panola County Fugitives, 1878

Red River County Fugitives, 1878

Red River County Fugitives, 1891

Somervell County Fugitives, 1891

Victoria County Fugitives, 1878

Walker County Fugitives, 1878

Walker County Fugitives, 1891

Wilbarger County Fugitives, 1891

Wilson County Fugitives, 1891

Utah Prison Records

Utah County Jail Past & Present Inmates

Utah Criminal Records, Prison Records, Probate and other Historical Indexes


Virginia Prison Records

1617-1669 Transported Convicts

1633-1638 Convicts Transported to Virginia

1850 Federal Census of the Virginia Penitentiary

1871-1943 Convicted Criminals in Floyd County.

1880 Wise County Federal Census - Prisoners

1900 Clarke County Federal Census of the County Jail

1900 Wise County Federal Census - Prisoners

1920 Wise County Federal Census - Prisoners

Early Grayson County Criminals

Killings on the Pound - Wise County


Washington Prison Records

Seatco Prison Database contains the prison register of Seatco Prison.  The privately run prison operated between 1877 and 1888.

Washington State Executions since 1904.


West Virginia Prison Records

Logan County, WV Pardon of Convicts 1882

West Virginia Penitentiary (Historical & Educational)


Wisconsin Prison Records

Wisconsin State Prison:

Prisoners discharged from Oct 1, 1869 through Oct 1, 1870

Prisoners received from Oct 1, 1869 through Oct 1, 1870

Lifers in State Prison as of Oct 1, 1870


Wyoming Prison Records

Wyoming Territorial Prison


US Federal Prison Records

BOP (Bureau of Prisons)

BOP Inmate Locator

Search Federal Prison inmates 1982 to present.

There are SOME earlier prison records in the system but they are only complete from 1982 to present.


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Just For Fun:

Dumb Laws

Locate Civil War prisoners and records with these search engines.

Alton Prison


Camp Ford

Danville Prison

Fort Delaware

Gratiot Street Prisoners

Gratiot Street Women & Children Prisoners

Libby Prison - Vermonters 


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At Ancestry:

 American Civil War Soldiers Database

 Civil War Pension Index

 Civil War Photos

 US Civil War Records

 1890 Veterans Census Records

Prisoner Executions


1927-2004 Inmates Executed in Alabama



1820-1964 Executions in Arkansas

Index of Executions at Fort Smith Arkansas, 1873-1896



 A Record of Legal Executions in California

1851-1882 San Francisco Hangings



1859-1967 Executions in Colorado



Death Row Executions in Delaware

Death Row History in Delaware



1924-1964 Executions in Florida

1976-Present Executions in Florida



Murders, Suicides and Executions in Idaho County, Idaho



Illinois Executions Before Lethal Injection



Hinds County, MS Executions 1608-1987



Girardeau County Executions

Ray County Lynchings

Saline County - Lynching in Missouri

Scott County Executions



Madison County Outlaws and Vigilantes

Montana Vigilantes

Silver Bow, MT Executions 1863-1943

Vigilantes of Montana - Secret Trials & Midnight Hangings


New Mexico

Taos County, NM 1847 Revolt

List of people who were executed by hanging in Taos, NM as a result of the 1847 Revolt.


New York

Executions in the State of New York (PDF File)

List of People Executed in New York


North Carolina

List of People Executed in North Carolina

Johnston County, NC List of Executions

Wilkes County, NC Executions



Executions in Ohio 1793-1963

Photos of Executed Ohio Prisoners 1897 to present

Pickaway County, OH Executions



Executions in Oklahoma 1841-1966



1904-1997 Executions in Oregon

Executions at Fort Klamath



Delaware County, PA Executions



Texas Executions Index 1819-1982



Federal Prisoner Executions Since 1927


General Lists of Prisoner Executions

1632-1962 Female Executions

1642-1959 Juvenile Executions

People Executed for Rape

Recently discovered Executions & Lynchings


Related Items of Interest

Female Hangings 1632-1900

Female Executions 1900-2005

Before The Needles

Prisoner Execution Methods

History of Execution Methods

Criminal Records

Texas Criminal Records of the Past

Colorado County,  Texas Criminal Records

Legendary Criminals


Al Capone

Alphonse Capone - FBI site

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Al Capone Museum

Book Pick: Capone - The life and world of Al Capone

Book Pick: The Life and Times of Al Capone


Billy The Kid

About Billy The Kid

Billy The Kid Outlaw Gang

Book Pick: West of Billy The Kid

Book Pick: The Collected Works of Billy The Kid


Bonnie & Clyde

The Final Days of Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde Genealogy

Bonnie & Clyde - Romeo & Juliet in a getaway car

Bonnie & Clyde - FBI site

Book Pick: The Family Story of Bonnie & Clyde

Book Pick: Bonnie & Clyde & ME!


Dalton Gang

The Dalton Gang Hideout

The Dalton Gang's Last Raid 1892

The Dalton Gang - Deadly Boys in Kansas

The Dalton Gang - The Robinson Library

Book Pick: The Dalton Gang Days



The Dillinger Gang

John Herbert Dillinger - FBI site

The John Dillinger Web Site


Jesse James

Jessie James Genealogy & Family Outline

Jessie James Death Hoax and Buried Treasure

The James Younger Gang

James and Youngers

Most Wanted - Frank & Jesse James

Book Pick: Outlaws- The Illustrated History of the James Gang

Book Pick: Frank & Jesse James - Story Behind the Legend

Book Pick: Jesse James - The Man & The Myth


Machine Gun Kelly

George "Machine" Gun Kelly

George Machine Gun Kelly - FBI site


Quantrill's Raiders

Quantrill's Raid

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International Blacksheep Society of Genealogists

Bad Guys - True Stories of Legendary Gunslingers

Judge Roy Bean - Notorious Judge

Oklahoma Lawmen & Outlaws

Tracking America's Outlaws







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