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Surnames in this Bible:  Bale, Cornelious, Glover, Hanks, Johnson, Little, Masters, White.

Other surnames found on this page: Robertson


This Glover Family Bible is taken from typed transcripts and actual Bible page images on the microfilm in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.

This page is transcribed from a typed transcription on microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.



James GLOVER was born in Concord County, NC on the 3rd day of February 1804.

Mary Caroline GLOVER was born on the 6th day of May 1808 in Pendleton District, S.C.


William Cornelious GLOVER was born on the 24th day of December 1825.

Sarah Elizabeth GLOVER was born on the 22nd day of May 183?.

Cain GLOVER was born January 2?th 1828.

Zillah Emeline GLOVER was born December 29th 1832.

Asa Franklin GLOVER was born August 28th 1835. Alabama.

Eina Carolina GLOVER was born April 1st 1838.

Hampton Whatley GLOVER was born February 26th 1841.

James Marion GLOVER was born September 12th 1843.

John Abraham GLOVER was born November 18th 1846.

Ellen Josephine GLOVER was born December 27th 1853.


James GLOVER and Mary C. CORNELIOUS were married i Anderson District, S.C. February 17, 1825.

William J. MASTERS and Zillah E. GLOVER were married June 20th 1850.

Jehu HANKS and Edna C. GLOVER were married January 18th 1855.

Cain GLOVER and Victoria B. BALE were married January 6th 1859/

James M. GLOVER and Nancy E. LITTLE were married August 24th 1865.

H. W. GLOVER and Laura M. LITTLE were married September 15th 1872.

J. A. GLOVER and Sarah J. JOHNSON were married Sept. 29th 1872.

Thomas N. WHITE and Ellen J. GLOVER were married April 9th 1874.

This page is transcribed from a typed transcription on microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Mary Caroline GLOVER died July 3rd 1872.

William Cornelious GLOVER died September 12th 1827.

Sarah Elizabeth GLOVER died February 19th 1833.

Asa Franklin GLOVER died at Harpersville, Shelby County, Ala., December 17th 1868.

James Marion GLOVER died at his residence in Cherokee County, Ala. March 16th 1878.

Ellen J. WHITE died at her home at Amberson, Ala., May 6th 1882.

Edna Caroline HANKS died at Rome, Ga., July 12, 1910.

John Abraham GLOVER died in Rome, Ga., July 7, 1922.

This page is transcribed from a typed transcription on microfilm at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.


James GLOVER died Aug 28th 1878.

Mary GLOVER died July 3rd 1879.

Asa F. GLOVER died Dec 17th 1865.

J. M. GLOVER died March 17th 1878.

Cain GLOVER died March 17th 1885.

Ellen WHITE died May 6th 1888.

Tilman HANKS died Apr 5 1865.

Lucinda HANKS died Sept 25th 1863.

Nancy HANKS died July 18th 1856.

Sarah HANKS died Sept. 2nd 1858.

Edna C. HANKS died July 10 1910.

J. Abe GLOVER died July 7 1922.

Sarah M. HANKS departed this life Oct the 9th 1861.

Tilman HANKS departed this life Jan the 27th 1877.

Jehu HANKS departed this life Oct the 4th 1877.

Edna C. HANKS died July 12 1910.

Minnie Long Died June 18th 1933.


New York: American Bible Society
Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI

This page is transcribed from the actual Bible image.

Handwritten on a blank Bible page:

James GLOVER was borned in Concord County North Carolina Feb the 5th 1804.

Mary Cornelius was in Pendleton District South Carolina May the 6th 1808.


Wm. C. GLOVER was born Dec the 24th 1825.

Cain GLOVER was born Jan the 20th 1828.

Sarah E. GLOVER was born May the 22nd 183?

Zillah E. GLOVER was born Dec the 29th 1832.

Asa F. GLOVER was born Aug the 28th 1835.

Hampton W. GLOVER was born Feb the 26th 1841.

James M. GLOVER was born Sep the 12th 1843.

John A. GLOVER was born Nov the 18th 1846.

Ellen J. GLOVER was born Dec the 27th 1853.

James GLOVER and Mary CORNELIUS was Married Feb the 17th 1825.

Mary GLOVER departed this life July 3rd 1872.

Wm. C. GLOVER departed this life Sept 12th 1827.

Sarah E. GLOVER departed this life Feb 19th 1833.

Asa F. GLOVER departed this life Dec the 17th 1868.

This page is transcribed from the actual Bible image.

Handwritten on a blank Bible page:

Cain GLOVER and Victoria BALE was Married Jan the 6th 1859.

Wm. J. MASTERS and Z. E. GLOVER was married June the 20th 1850.

Hampton W. GLOVER and Laura LITTLE was married Sept 15th 1872.

James M. GLOVER and N. E. LITTLE was married Aug 24th 1865.

John A. GLOVER and Sara JOHNSON was married Sept the 29th 1872.

J. N. WHITE and Ellen J. GLOVER was married Apr 9th 1874.


Footnotes:  This family Bible is extracted from the microfilm in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The LDS Church has photographed, transcribed and placed on microfilm many Bibles of early Cherokee County, Alabama families.  These Bibles contain a tremendous amount of rich genealogy data which will be helpful to researchers who are searching for ancestors in the area of Cherokee County, Alabama.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Township 12, Cherokee County, Alabama, Page 423B

Hampton GLOVER, head, age 39, born AL, farmer, father born NC, mother born SC.

Laura GLOVER, wife, age 32, born AL, parents born GA.

Joe ROBERTSON, other, age 19, born AL, laborer, parents born NC.



Emily GLOVER, age 37, born AL, keeps house, parents born GA.

Sallie GLOVER, dau, age 13, born AL, parents born AL.

Mary GLOVER, dau, age 5, born AL, parents born AL.

Willie GLOVER, son, age 3, born AL, parents born AL.


*There seem to be several other related families living near these including JOHNSON and LITTLE.


* Try's Census Images for FREE!


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