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Surnames in this Bible: Aikens, Bond, Cameron, Crosby, DeCosta, Dewey, Fairchild, Frisbee, Hodgson, Kellogg, Johnson, Jones, Kelothane, Lothrop, Luthrop, Spring, Talmadge, Tommers, Turnbull, Wadsworth, Wartman, Williamson, Worry, Younglove


Other surnames on this page but not included in the Bible: Bennett, Bissell, Brewster, Murray, Washburn









Samuel KELLOGG Jun - born at Hebron (con) Oct 26 1788.


Laura Pease JONES born at East Hartford (Con) Oct 20th 1798.


John KELLOGG born at East Hartford Monday march 24th 1817 @ 10 o'clock PM.


William KELLOGG born at East Hartford Friday Dec 4th 1818. 1/2 past 7 o'clock P.M.


Henry KELLOGG born at East Hartford Saturday Sept 9th 1820 5 o'clock A.M.


Leonard KELLOGG born at East Hartford Saturday Oct 12 1822 10 o'clock A.M.


Lauretta KELLOGG born at East Hartford Monday Aug 16 1824 8 o'clock A.M.


Lauretta KELLOG born at East Harford Sunday March 18th 1827 3 o'clock PM.


Maria - Antoinette KELLOGG born at E. Hartford Tuesday Nov 4th 1828 3 o'clock A.M.


Charles KELLOGG born at E. Hartford Monday Oct 25 1830 at ? o'clock A.M.


Samuel KELLOGG Jr. born at East Hartford Friday Sept. 28th 1832 at ? o'clock A.M.


Mary Bertha KELLOGG born at East Hartford November 11th 1834 (Tuesday) 12 o'clock AM.


Franklin KELLOGG born at East Hartford Sunday Oct 3rd 1836 11 o'clock 45 min A.M.


Edward KELLOGG was born at East Hartford Monday January 7th 1839 at 3 o'clock P.M.


Cornelius KELLOGG was born at East Hartford December 14th 1840 3 o'clock PM.


William Worry KELLOGG was born July 28th 1870  Son of Cornelius


Edwin Forrest KELLOGG was born March 10th 1872 Son of Cornelius.


Alice Elenor KELLOGG daughter of Cornelius was born Sep 13th 1877.





Samuel KELLOGG Senr May 7 1761.


Elizabeth his wife March 9th 1764.


Samuel KELLOGG Jun. Oct 26 1788.


Betsy KELLOGG May 2nd 1790.


Leonard KELLOGG Nov 15 1791.


William KELLOGG June 2nd 1793.


Lothrop KELLOGG Dec 20 1796.


Alice WORRY wife of Cornelius K. was born June 17th 1842.


Georgie Griswold Huntington JOHNSON was born June 30th 1853 at Hartford.


Henry Woolsey JOHNSON was born at Otsego ? New York August 9th 1821.


Georgie Griswold JOHNSON was born at East Hartford Friday May ?0 1851 at 2 PM.


Samuel KELLOGG was born in Plainfield NJ Feb 11th 1857 (son of John).


Lane KELLOGG was born in E. Hartford Christmas eve Dec. 24th 1859 (son of John).


William KELLOGG son of Cornelius KELLOGG was born in Sacramento California on the 28th of July 1870.


Edwin son of Cornelius KELLOGG was born at Sacramento California April 10th 1872.


Nellie daughter of Cornelius was born Sep. 13th 1877.


Georgie Huntington JOHNSON was born at Hartford June 30 1853.


Jese???n JOHNSON was born at New Grand E??? April 2nd 1857.


Alice daughter of Edward F. KELLOGG was born Sept 17th 1???.





Rachel CROSBY married to JONES Dec 4th 1796.


Samuel KELLOGG Junr was married to Laura T. JONES by the Rev. Loy Hamlet FAIRCHILD at East Hartford Aug 15th 1816.


Henry KELLOGG married to Caroline FRISBEE at New Haven by Rev. F. HODGSON Feb 19 1845.


John KELLOGG was married to Maria Louisa WADSWORTH in New York by Rev. M. TOMMERS Sep 29 1848.


Antoinette KELLOGG was married to Henry Woolsey JOHNSON Nov 27 1848 by Rev. M. TURNBULL.


Lauretta KELLOGG was married to John Gay YOUNGLOVE Feb 21 1849 by Rev. M. TURNBULL.


Laura K. YOUNGLOVE was married to Daniel S. DEWEY by Rev. Dr. SPRING at E. Hartford March 28th 1864.


Samuel KELLOGG was married in Sacramento California to Miss Josephine WARTMAN Dec 26 1866.


Franklin KELLOGG was married to Miss Mary WIC??? in Brooklyn New York, Sep 1 1869.


Samuel KELLOGG Senr. to Elizabeth LUTHROP Nov 25 1787.


William KELLOGG to Sarah H. JONES Feby 10 1820.


Cornelius KELLOGG was married to Miss Alice WORRY in Sacramento CA June 6th 1869.


Samuel KELLOGG son of John was married to Ida May KELOTHANE by the Rev. Mr. BOND oct 16th 1881 at Plainfield N.J.


Franklin KELLOGG was married to Miss ???? WILLIAMSON by Rev. T. De Witt TALMADGE at 55 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn N.Y. Sep 1st 1869.


Georgie Griswold Huntington JOHNSON was married to Kenneth Frederick CAMERON in New York Dec 10 1873.


Nellie daughter of Cornelius KELLOGG was married to Joseph DeCOSTA in Sacramento Cal. Nov 17th 1897.


Edwin Forrest KELLOGG was married to Margaret AIKENS Oct 18th 1899 at Elk Grove near ?????? California.





Lauretta KELLOGG died at E. Hartford Sunday April 9th 1826 11 o'clock A.M.


William KELLOGG 2nd son of Samuel & Laura P. at Demenarta of the yellow fever Friday Feb 5 1841 at 4:30 A.M. Age 22 yr and 2 mo.


Georgie Griswold JOHNSON daughter of Henry W. JOHNSON and Maria Antoinette died at East Hartford Monday March 14 1853 at 7 A.M.


Edward KELLOGG died at sea in the Pacific Ocean on board the ship Invincible Capt N. W. JOHNSON 3 days out from San Francisco 21 Oct 1853.  He went to sleep and died sleeping.  His remains were brought home and interred in the Spring Grove Cemetary in Hartford Jany 7 1854 being his birthday.


Antoinette died at sea on board the ship Harway Capt Major from macon China bound for Havana and Philadelphia 27th of Dec 1859 at 7 A.M.


Samuel KELLOGG died at East Hartford Friday May 23rd 1862 at 10:45 P.M.


John KELLOGG died at Plainfield NJ at about 8:45 P. M. Wednesday Oct 23rd 1872.


Samuel KELLOGG son of John died in Plainfield at ???? 11th 1873.


Laura P. KELLOGG died at Hartford Ct Sunday April 16th 1882 at 12:45 P.M.


Leonard KELLOGG died at Sacramento Cal Sunday March 23rd 1884 at 2?? AM.


Betsy KELLOGG Dec 28 1791.


Leonard KELLOGG March 4 1797.


Lothrop KELLOGG march 13 1797.


Samuel KELLOGG Senr Mar 2nd 1826 Age 64 yr 10 mo.


John JONES died Aug 11th 1822 Aged 72.


Rachel his wife died Oct 18th 1831 Aged 52.


Elizabeth KELLOGG died March 8th 1844 at 10 o'clock 45 m. P. M. Aged 80 years lacking one day.


Henry KELLOGG at East Hartford Conn Jan 21st ???? at 4:30 P.M.


Lauretta formerly wife of John Gay YOUNGLOVE and after wife of Daniel L. DEWEY died at Hartford Wednesday at 8:15 July 26th 1893.


Charles KELLOGG died at the Hartford Hospital March 23rd 1894 near midnight.


Cornelius KELLOGG died at Sacramento California Monday Nov 15th at 1:30 P.M. 1899.




Caroline FRISBIE widow of Henry KELLOGG died at Hartford Friday Feb 9th 1900 at about 8-30 oclock P.M.


Mary Bertha KELLOGG died at Hartford January 4th 1905 aged 70 years 2 months.




Samuel KELLOGG Jr. died at Sacramento Cal. Feb 11 1901 at 8-40 A.M.  (Feb 11th).





Samuel KELLOGG to Elizabeth LOTHROP Nov 25 AD 1787.


Samuel KELLOGG Jun to Laura P. JONES August 15th 1816.


William KELLOGG to Sarah H. JONES February 10th AD 1820.



Samuel KELLOGG May 7th 1761.


Elizabeth KELLOGG March 9th 1764.


Samuel KELLOGG Junr Sunday Morning October 26th 1788.


Betsy KELLOGG Monday morning May 2nd 1790.


Leonard KELLOGG Tuesday at noon November 15th 1791.


William KELLOGG Saturday morning June 2nd 1793.


Lothrop KELLOGG Sunday Evening 8 o clock Dec 20th 1796.



Betsy KELLOGG Sep 28th 1791 17 m.


Leonard KELLOGG March 4th 1797 at 4 oclock in the morning Age 5 y 4 m.


Lothrop KELLOGG March 13 1797 3 m.


Samuel KELLOGG March 2nd 1826. Age 65.






Died at Hartford, Ct., Jan 21, 1891.


Your committee present the following minute as a memorial of Henry KELLOGG, late president of the Phoenix Insurance Company, of Hartford, who died on the 21st of January last in the 71st year of his age.

Mr. KELLOGG, while very seldom an attendant at our meetings, and not personally a member of The Union, took an active intrest in its proceedings and kept himself thoroughly informed in regard to all its work.  Indeed no organization of underwriters which promised any good to the fire insurance interest sought in vain for his support, for he was always among the foremost to cooperate in every effort for the common good.

Mr. KELLOGG was a strong many physically and mentally, and would have made his mark in any walk of life.  In the prime of his manhood, after a somewhat varied business experience, he organized the Phoenix Insurance Company to which his life has since been devoted, first as secretary and afterwards as president, and its progress and present position tell the story of his ability and integrity.

To strangers Mr. KELLOGG often seemed cold and reserved.  He was not as quick as many to form new friendships, but those once formed were apt to be lasting and warm, and those with whom he was most intimately associated loved him best, while all who knew him respected his judgment and admired his adherence to what he believed to be right.

His death adds another to the many vacancies in the circle of underwriters to whom we have looked up with esteem and respect, and reminds us that we too must soon resign our places to others and join the silent majority.

We desire to place upon our records, this testimonial of our regard for his memory and to express our heartfelt sympathy with those more closely allied to him by official and family ties, assuring them that we mourn with them in this common bereavement.


F. C. BENNETT,         }

Jno. W. MURRAY,      } Committee

G. F. BISSELL,           }

J. H. BREWSTER       }


Footnotes:  Submitted by John Whalen to be published by  The images from this family Bible can be viewed at Kellogg Bible Images.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

3rd Ward, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, Page 96D

Leonard KELLOG, age 56, born CT, Hardware dealer, parents born CT.

Charles METCALF, other, age 25, born OH, Tin Smith, parents born OH.

John H. HART, age 59, born ENG, Laborer, parents born ENG.

Anna E. HART, other, age 50, born ENG, parents born ENG.

Charles H. HART, other, age 15, born CA, parents born ENG.


2 households away on page 97A:

Cornelius V. KELLOG, age 39, born CT, Tin Smith, parents born CT.

Alice KELLOG, wife, age 38, born CT, parents born CT.

William V. KELLOG, son, age 10, born CA, At School, parents born CT.

Edwin F. KELLOG, son, age 8, born CA, parents born CT.

Alice E. KELLOG, dau, age 3, born CA, parents born CT.


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