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We are presenting scanned images of Bible Records on our site.   Contact Brenda

Do you have old Family Bibles with family records inside?

We will pay you for good legible copies of scanned images of Bible records.

We also can try to find a home for them.....get them in the hands of the family.

The scanned Bible records MUST be:

  • legible
  • scans of full pages
  • from old Bibles, not current families who are still living.

We will pay you:

$1.00 per scanned image will be paid upon receipt of scanned images of Bible Records as referenced above.

Contact Brenda

Do you have Old Family Bibles containing records, you don't know what to do with?

Let us know and we will post them on the site.  Perhaps they will find their way to the proper families.  This is a free service.  The only thing we would ask in exchange is to allow us to place scanned images of the records online for the benefit of all genealogists.  After all, the records in old Bibles are not really owned by anyone and they can contain so much genealogy data.

Contact Brenda


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