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Surnames in this Bible: Brown, Clark, Decker, Dennis, Dorrah, Garland, Gray, Harmon, Herbert, Lee, Lemming, Loring, Mann, Meseve, Reddy, Rose, Ross, Taylor, Wilson, Witherell, Wooten, Wormwood


Other surnames on this page but not included in the Bible Records: Helms, Hitchcock, Robarts, Vaughn





GARLAND in Somersworth


Nathaniel GARLAND, Somersworth Me.


James GARLAND, Waterford Apr 5, 1791.


Mary Ann GARLAND, Casco Me. Feb 18 1797.


Hannah W. GARLAND, Machey's ?? June 1, 1822.


Nathaniel GARLAND, Scarboro, June 1 1824.


Dexter D. GARLAND, Feb. 15 1827.


James GARLAND, Portland, Me. Sept 22 1831.


Mary Jane GARLAND, Portland Me May 12, 1835.


Emily Ann GARLAND, Portland Me Oct 18 1839.


The above six children of James and Mary Ann GARLAND.


Louis Joseph GRAY, son of Joseph and Mary GRAY born in New Harl?? Me Oct 16 1857.


Evelin Winnifred New Gloucester Oct 16, 1862.


Emma Alice BROWN Casco Wis March 20 1867.


Arthur Wallace BROWN Portland Me Dec. 10, 1870.


Children of Stephen D. and Mary BROWN.


Clarence Herbert LEE son of Frank H. and Eva W. LEE. Feb 12 1886.


Lawrence Garland ROSS, son of Grant S. and Emma A. ROSS Dec 19 1890 at Portland Me.


Mildred Sylvia ROSS, dau of Grant S. and Emma A. ROSS Aug 16 1896 at Portland Me.


Harold Wilson ROSS, son of Grant S. and Emma A. ROSS Feb 13 1907 at Portland Me.


William Dorrah ROSS son of Lawrence G. and Emma A. ROSS July 2 1912 at La??????? So. Carolina.


Harold Lockner ROSS son of Lawrence G. and Emma A. ROSS Jan 3 1915 at La??????? So. Carolina.


Lawrence Grant ROSS, son of Lawrence G. & Emma A. ROSS Sept 19 1919 at La??????? So. Carolina.


Lucile Shaw ROSS daughter of William D. & Jeanne W. ROSS Nov 18, 1941.


Elizabeth Allen ROSS daughter of William D. & Jeanne W. ROSS Dec 6 1942.


Sarah Roberta ROSS, daughter of William D. & Jeanne W. ROSS Nov 27, 194?.


Lawrence Grant ROSS - son of Lawrence G. and Mary E. ROSS Mar 1 1947.


William Dorrah ROSS Jr. Son of Wm. D. & Jeanne W. ROSS Sept 7 194?.


Mary Irene ROSS - dau of Lawrence G. & Mary E. ROSS May 29, 1950.


Marion Byard ROSS - dau of Wm. D. & Jeanne W. ROSS Aug 26 1951.


Harold Lawrence ROSS - son of Wm. D. & Jeanne W. ROSS April 16, 1955.


Bernard Harry Eugene TAYLOR Jr. son of Bernie and Sally Ross TAYLOR Feb 1 1971.




This is to Certify

That Grant S. ROSS of Portland Maine and Emma A. BROWN of Portland, Maine.

were by me united together in

HOLY MATRIMONY on the Tenth day of June in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-nine.

In Presence of


Thomas H. REDDY.




Nathaniel GARLAND to Hannah WITHERELL.


James GARLAND to Mary Ann DECKER March 12 1820.


Hannah GARLAND to Ezekiel WORMWOOD Oct. 8, 1846.


Dexter D. GARLAND to Julia C. DENNIS March 16, 1848.


Nathaniel GARLAND to Julia LEMMING Dec 1851.


Mary J. GARLAND to Joseph GRAY Nov. 28 1856.


Emily Ann GARLAND to Alonzo LORING Dec 1859.


Stephen D. MANN to Mary J. GRAY Nov 29 1860.


Amos MESEVE to Emily Ann LORING Feb 14 1865.


Louis J. GRAY to Catherine S. CLARK Apr 5 1881.


Frank H. LEE to Eva W. BROWN Jan 14 1884.


Louis J. GRAY to Gertrude CLARK Mar 29 1886.


Grant S. ROSS to Emma A. BROWN June 10 1889.


Lawrence G. ROSS to Emma Allen DORRAH May 24 1911 at Laurens S. Carolina.


Loren C. ROSE to Mildred S. ROSS March 10 1919 at Portland, Me.


Harold W. ROSS to Georgianna HERBERT Nov 28 1928 at Skowhegan, Me.


William Dorrah ROSS to Jeanne Elizabeth WILSON Mar 2 1941.


Lawrence Grant ROSS to Mary Ernestine WOOTEN Feb 7 1946.




_____ GARLAND died a sea.


Nathaniel GARLAND died at Naples.


Hannah WITHERILL wife of Nathaniel GARLAND Dec 1810.


Mary Ann GARLAND Dec 11 1847.


James GARLAND Jr. Sept 15 1857.


Joseph GRAY Dec 27 1857.


James GARLAND Oct 6 1879 - P.


Stephen ?. BROWN Oct 14 1890 at Portland.


Eva W. LEE March 9 1886 - Portland.


Arthur W. BROWN Jan 3 1892 - P.


Clarence H. LEE May 12 1886 Portland.


Mary J. BROWN Dec 31 1900 Portland.


Harold G. ROSS Jan 6 1915 at Laurens S. Carolina.


Emma A. ROSS Dec 17 1918 Portland.


Grant S. ROSS Jan 3 1947 Portland.


Lawrence G. ROSS Aug 16 1956 at Laurens S.C.


Mildred S. ROSS, 74 July 14 1971 at Sarasota, Fla.


Loren C. ROSS 79 Sept 10, 1975 at Sarasota, Fla.


Catherine S. wife of Louis J. GRAY April 10, 1882 at Boston.


Frank H. LEE about 1908 at NY.


Gertrude CLARK, wife of Louis J. GRAY Sept 25 1922, Portland.


Louis J. GRAY, Aug 4 1926 No. Windham, Me.


Obituaries found inside this Bible:


Obituary #1


Loren C. ROSS, 79, 1013 Ireland Ave. Venice, died Wednesday in Venice Hospital.  Sept 10, 1975.

Born in Chelsea, Mass, he moved to Sarasota in 1956 and he lived for four years in Venice.  He was the retired credit manager of Twitchell-??amplain Co. and worked at Maas Brothers in Sarasota 10 years.

He was a U.S. army veteran of World War I.  The funeral service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at the Robarts Funeral Home with the Rev. Berkley HELMS officiating.  Burial will be in Manasota Memorial Park.  Visitation is from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday a the funeral home.


Obituary #2


Mrs. Mildred S. ROSS, 74, 2332 Tulip St., died Wednesday in Sarasota.  She came to Sarasota in 1956 form Portland, Me., where she was born.  July 14 1971.

She leaves her husband Loren C. ROSS, Sarasota, and a brother, Harold W. ROSS, Sarasota.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Robarts Funeral Home, S. Links Ave. at Ringling Blvd. with Rev. Berkley G. HELMS officiating.  Burial will be in Manasota Memorial Park.


Obituary #3

Preamble and Resolutions

Whereas, God in his Providence has seen proper to call from our midst by death, our beloved friend, and President, Mrs. D. A. DECKER, and whereas, we, the members of the "Kewaunee Ladies Benevolent Society,? from the endearing social relations that existed between her and our selves, deeply realize the loss we have sustained in her death, therefore,

RESOLVED, That we, as members of this Society, bound to our young friend by ties of friendship, do earnestly sympathize with her Husband, and friends in their deep affliction.

RESOLVED, That we entertain a high regard for the deceased, and while we remember with pleasure her noble moral and virtuous qualities, that endeared her to all as a friend, we are forcibly reminded of that injunction, "Be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh."

RESOLVED, That we tender a copy of these resolutions to the friends of the deceased, as a tribute of our respect for her memory and departed worth.

Adopted June 20th, 1861.

Mrs. L. W. VAUGHN, President.

Mrs. W. D. HITCHCOCK, Secretary.


Footnotes:  Submitted by John Whalen to be published by  The name Ross is often seen in old records as Roff.  Double s is often mistaken for double f in old records due to the old handwriting.  Even though the Bible records seem to be the surname ROFF, the obituaries included in the Bible are ROSS.  Among the artifacts inside this Bible is a letter which I have not transcribed but those who are curious may view the scan which is difficult to read.  The images from this family Bible can be viewed at Ross Bible Images.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1900 United States Federal Census shows

District 52, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, Page 10


Grant S. ROSS, head, age 32, born Feb 1868, married 11 years, born in CA, parents born ME, Pressman.


Emma A., ROSS, wife, age 33, born March 1867, married 11 years, mother of 2 children both still living, born WI, parents born ME.


Lawrence G. ROSS, son, age 9, born Dec 1890, ME, father born CA, mother born WI, at school.


Mildred S. ROSS, dau, age 3, born Aug 1896, born ME, father born CA, mother born WI.


Mary J. BROWN, MIL, age 65, born May 1835, mother of 4 children, 2 still living, born ME, parents born ME, boarder.


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