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Surnames in this Bible: Brace, Mathews, McIntyre, Moore, Pine, Redfield, Waters, Westcott, Williams


Other surnames on this page but not included in the Bible: Bradway, Cheesman, Colson, Cooper, Gooden, Ruddrow, Severns, Weldy, Woodrow





Jonathan PINE was Born in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen January the 19 - 1813.


Ketturah J. TOMLIN PINE was born in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen March 5th 1818.


Jonathan and Ketturah PINE - Was married in the year of 1836 March the 3


Benjamin PINE was Born in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Seven October 5th 1837.


Emily P. PINE Was Born in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and fourty July 15th 1840.


James T. PINE was born in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fourty two September 29th 1842.





Isaac S. PINE was Born in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourty four September 16th 1844.


George W. PINE Was born in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fourty seven March 21st 1847.


George W. PINE the Second was born in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and fourty nine May 26th 1849.


Jonathan T. PINE the son of S. K. PINE was Born in the year of our Lord September the 4 AD 1853.


Elizabeth Ann PINE the Daughter of J K PINE was Born in the year of our Lord June the 18 AD 1855.


Mary Ellen PINE the Daughter of J K PINE was borne in the year of our Lord February the 8 AD 1859.


Miles T. PINE son of Jonathan PINE and Ketturah his wife was born June 13th AD 1863.



Page says BIRTHS but lists DEATHS


Benjamin S. PINE Departed this life June 9th 1911, Age 74 buried in Presbyterian cemetery

Blackwood NJ

Our Dear Brother


Jonathan T. PINE Departed this Life Sep 23rd 1911 Age 58.

Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery. Blackwood NJ.  Gone but not forgotten.


Rev. G. W. PINE Departed this Life Jan 23rd 1916.  Services in M E Church Blackwood NJ Jan 26. 1916.  Interment in the M.E. Cemetery.  Age 66.

A patient sufferer at rest

fifteen Preachers present.


Mary Ellen wife of Edward REDFIELD died Dec 6 - 1925.

buried from J. E. MATHEWS

Chens NJ M. E. Cemetery.


Miles S. PINE died Dec 3 - 1930

Buried in Pres. cemetery Blackwood NJ.

Edward Frank PINE son of James T. PINE & Hannah PINE passed away January 1854 Buried at Baptist Cemetery Blackwood NJ.





George W. PINE Departed this life July 11th 1848.


Emly PINE Departed this life May 21st 1849.

Ketturah G. PINE wife of Jonathan PINE Sr. departed this life March 21st 1880. died of Lockjaw.

Buried March 25th

Services in the M.E. Church Blackwood.  Rev. J. B. WESTCOTT officiating.  Text Phile 1-21.  She fell asleep in Jesus.


Jonathan PINE Sr. Departed this life September 22nd 1887.  Died of Hemourhages of the Head and Stomach.

Buried Sep. 26th 1887.

Rev. D. W. C. McINTYRE officiating assisted by Revs. F. R. BRACE and E. WATERS.

Text of Bro. McINTYRE Ecclesiastes 12-14.  Died very peacefully.


Elizabeth A. WILLIAMS Daughter of the Late Jonathan & Keturrah G. PINE, and wife of Alfred H. WILLIAMS Departed this life Sep. 1st 1889.

Buried in the Presbyterian grave yard; after Services being held in the M.E. Church.

Rev. D. MOORE officiating

Text 2 Kings 20 - 1 verse.

Sep. 4h 1889. Died in Grace.


James T. PINE Son of the Late Jonathan & Ketturah PINE Departed this Life April 7th 1908.

Buried in Methodist Cemetery Blackwood NJ age 66.


Isaac S. PINE Son of Jonathan & Ketturah PINE Departed this life Dec 27th 1910 buried in Chens Cemetery

Age 66 Chens NJ.

fell asleep in his sons arms.



A small scrap of paper reads:

Received November 22th 1744 of Jonathan PINE one Dollar in full of all Demances up to this Date 

Carrie B. COOPER

Witness Present H. WOODROW.


Handwritten on note paper:

Jefferson Sep 17th 1880

Sir I understand that you have a farm to let the Proser farm, I and Jacob WELDY was up to look at it it suits me

Jacob was to see you & let me no about it the place that I am on is to be sold this fall it is to small for me I can moove this fall Please let me now about it

Yours Truly


Jefferson Gloucester Co NJ



United States of America

Dollars 207 53/100   Blackwood town NJ Jany 6. 1865

Ninety days after date I promise to pay George CHEESMAN on order with out defalcation or discount a tthe Gloucester County Bank at Woodbury two hundred and seven dollars 53/100 for value received.

Jonathan PINE



BE IT KNOWN, That on the date hereof, I ASA COLSON, Notary Public for the State of New Jersey, by lawful authority duly commissioned and affirmed, residing in the Borough of Woodbury, in the said State, at the request of "THE GLOUCESTER COUNTY BANK," exhibited the original Promissory Note, of which the above is a true copy, unto

John H. BRADWAY Car?

of the Bank where the same is made payable, and demanding payment, received for answer

no funds

I therefore duly notified the drawer and endorser of the non-payment thereof.

WHEREUPON, I the said Notary, at the request aforesaid, do hereby solemnly protest against the drawer and endorser of the said Promissory Note, and all others concerned, for all exchange, re-exchange,, costs, damages and interest, suffered and to be suffered, for want of payment thereof.

Thus done and protested at Woodbury aforesaid, the Eighth day of April 1865.

In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Notarial Seal, the day and year above written.

Signature of Asa Colson

Notary Public


Footnotes:  Submitted by John Whalen to be published by  The images have been scanned and can be viewed at Pine Bible Images.


The following census records for this family were easy to locate quickly using the Census Records at ,


1880 United States Federal Census Records show:

Gloucester, Camden County, NJ, Page 481B

Isaac S. PINE, age 35, born NJ, Farm Laborer, parents born NJ.

Mary E. PINE, wife, age 27, born PA, parents born PA.

Lidie J. PINE, dau,a ge 8, born NJ, father born NJ, mother born PA.

Albert M. PINE, son, age 6, born NJ, father born NJ, mother born PA.

Albert M. PINE, son, age 6, born NJ, father born NJ, mother born PA.

Benjamin S. PINE, son, age 5, born NJ, father born NJ, mother born PA.


Next Household:

Jonathan Pine, age 68, born NJ, Store Keeper, parents born NJ.

Mary E. PINE, age 21, born NJ, keeping house, parents born NJ.

Aletah SEVERNS, otehr, age 10, born NJ, parents born NJ.


Next Household:

George W. PINE, age 31, born NJ, Farmer, parents born NJ.

Madelene S. PINE, wife, age 26, born NJ, keeping house, parents born PA.

Milton RUDDROW, age 12, born NJ, Farm Laborer, parents born NJ.


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